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Trevor Enberg
11.06.2016 | 06:14
This was my first liveaboard but I am sure it will not be my last. EVERYTHING - from the hospitality, food, fantastic service to dive sites and weather were above and beyond anything that I could have imagined. I will never forget this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Karl and Linda, the entire crew and Seven Seas for making this a trip of a lifetime. Komodo, May 2016.
Anna Rockman
13.05.2016 | 09:30
The best dive trip and liveaboard boat I have ever been on! All the crew are simply delightful! Thank you to all of you for a wonderful holiday, one of the best I have ever been on and one I will remember forever! Banda Sea to Flores, May 2016.
13.05.2016 | 09:29
Amazing trip – the itinerary, the crew, the dive sites. Well fed with super tasty Indonesian breakfasts a highlight! Brilliant under and above water in this very special place where two oceans meet. Thanks to every single person on board Seven Seas and to our natural world! Banda Sea to Flores, May 2016.
Hayley Baillie
13.05.2016 | 09:28
What a trip! Returning to the Banda Sea after 20 years with Valerie Taylor. The Banda Blue I remember, the relative of honey eel to greet us at Karaka. Seven Seas crew make the experience, amazing diving, great food, sunset drinks with old and new friends. Can’t wait to do it again next year. Indonesia has it all for the underwater lover. The diversity experienced on such a long passage was something I will never forget. Thank you Karl and Linda. Banda Sea to Flores, May 2016.
13.05.2016 | 09:27
To all crew & Karl & Linda from Seven Seas, thank you for making us feel at home, away from home. You are all stellar human beings, with so much knowledge, spirit and care. It is a challenge that I know very well to keep all happy, well fed, dive nurtured and safe to say the least! I have learned so much from your guides, enjoyed every single dive and felt inspired to continue working for the conservation of this amazing planet big blue! Go reefs! With the warmest regards. Banda Sea to Flores, May 2016.
Peter Taylor
13.05.2016 | 09:25
Thank you Karl, Linda and all the crew for the adventure of a lifetime, above and below the water. Banda Sea to Flores, May 2016.
Christopher Atkins
13.05.2016 | 09:24
It was the trip of a lifetime, UNBELIEVABLE!! The Seven Seas sets the bar as far as service and care for the passengers. Smiling friendly faces always ready to greet you with a smile and help in any way possible. Can’t wait to come back and share this experience with family and friends. Was so wonderful to share the trip with Valerie. 34 years ago, I hand fed eels with Ron and Valerie and relived it on this trip. Only difference is I was bit by an eel 34 years ago and she got bit this trip! Documented the entire trip with Peter Taylor, a super friend and excited to share this adventure. Karl and Linda could not have done a better job in my opinion with their incredible hospitality and gracious help. They made my trip an extraordinary memory I will never forget. Thank you to all onboard who work so hard and proficiently to see to it that our experience is new, fresh, exciting and high class. Thank you for your smiles and laughter and high class. You are the best!! Banda Sea to Flores, May 2016.
13.05.2016 | 09:22
A huge thank you to all the staff on the Seven Seas. You have all made this a very memorable trip of a lifetime. I will live on the memories forever and hope to live the dream again soon! Banda Sea to Flores, May 2016.
Sunniva Sorheim
13.05.2016 | 09:21
I could write a novel about this trip. Not only about our trips underwater and on land. If I wrote a novel, much of the book would be about the amazing crew. Without them this wonderful journey wouldn’t be the same at all! I will be back! Banda Sea to Flores, May 2016.
Tove Petterson
13.05.2016 | 09:19
To all the crew on board, the staff in the Bali and everyone else who is responsible for putting this all together, thank you from the bottom of my heart – it has been absolutely fantastic and I knew it would be. No words can describe the total experience – it is all so positive, would love to come back. Banda Sea to Flores, May 2016.
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