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Todd Bridges
25.10.2015 | 05:36
My 3rd trip on Seven Seas, as always better than the last. The dive guides are the best, the crew are always there, the food is great, this must be heaven. Can't wait for the 4th tip. What wonders there will be! East of Flores, October 2015.
Steve Thorne
25.10.2015 | 05:35
My second trip on Seven Seas. Spectacular as was the first. A beautiful boat , great crew and always spectacular marine life big and small. Mola mola. Will certainly return! East of Flores, October 2015.
David Joycelyn:
25.10.2015 | 05:34
As my first liveaboard I have fallen in love with the idea of doing more liveaboard. I will always have this trip with which I can compare them. Thank you for your care and guidance. East of Flores, October 2015.
Amy Parker
25.10.2015 | 05:33
Two flooded cameras, a 10 mm fisheye and a 60 mm micro lens could not make me sad for anything on this trip. The skill-full hands of Ardi rebuilding the Fisheye lens proves this is a class-act crew. Best service with Little John and food prepared by Nico and Hera leave me fat and happy. Mark was a great host and the dive guides and boatmen were fantastic. Can't wait to book another trip. Will miss you all. East of Flores, October 2015.
Nancy McGee
25.10.2015 | 04:35
Hi Jos: We have just disembarked from 15 incredible days aboard Seven Seas. All our guests are thrilled with the experience. Thank you for all your fine arrangements! I am looking at another full boat charter 2017 December 09-22 Banda Sea and Raja Ampat. I look forward to another trip aboard Seven Seas soon!
Mark: What an awesome trip report! You write so well. Your essay makes me want to do the trip all over again! Yes, we are in for 09-22 Dec. 2017. Is there a way to change your usual itinerary that might make this more into an exploratory and known quality tour?
Candra: Thank you, again, for the wonderful experience. Your land arrangements were impeccable, as always! Cheers!
East of Flores, October 2015.
Peter Mous
21.09.2015 | 03:42
Pygmy seahorses, blue whales and everything in between! Thanks for an amazing trip and for showing me the seas East of Flores. It was a great mix of diving, shore excursions (for me the highlight was the hot springs on East Pantar) and off-shore adventures with the whales, sperm whales and yes, orcas!! Bring it on! September 2015.
Phil Burghard
21.09.2015 | 03:39
What an amazing trip!!! Thank you so much to all the crew who catered to our every need and made this an unforgettable journey! You've exceeded our expectations and we can't wait for another trip! We've totally been spoiled, keep up the great work! East of Flores, September 2015.
Dana Cook
21.09.2015 | 03:38
As always, thank you to the best crew for providing safety, smiles and great times aboard the Seven Seas! This area of Indo is new to me and thanks to everyone working so hard. I had the best experience & connection to East of Flores. Looking forward to the next time! Sampai jumpa! East of Flores, September 2015.
Terry Potter
21.09.2015 | 03:38
As a Seven Seas virgin, I was very impressed with the entire trip - the crew, the diving experiences and the whole group of passengers were a great bunch. This is a beautiful part of the world and I feel privileged to have seen it. Thank you all and see you on a Komodo trip in the future. East of Flores, September 2015.
Chuck Cook
21.09.2015 | 03:37
As usual, the trip aboard the Seven Seas was another remarkable journey and adventure at sea. Fourth trip for me and hoping for another four trips in the future. There is no better feeling than hanging out on the bow of the Seven Seas, watching Komba explode, eating dogtooth tuna sashimi and having Little John serve up the cocktails. And oh yeah, the diving!! Fabulous dives with more sharks than I have seen in Indonesia in many years - and doggies, GT, Napoleans, bumpheads. What a treat! Thank you so much Jos and Lida, Karl & Linda, for hosting Dana and I - a trip of a lifetime - cheers. On to Komodo!! East of Flores, September 2015.
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