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Lisa, Matthew, Lisette, Rex
16.01.2017 | 10:01
Big warm heartfelt thank you to all of the fantastic Seven Seas Crew! Wow!!! Such a special trip in such a special part of the world. We have loved every moment and so very grateful for the thoughtful care of every crew member. Our food has been delicious, and diving so much fun, loved our beach visits and sunset drinks. Raja Ampat, January 2017.
Phillip & Nadine
16.01.2017 | 09:59
Thank you so much for this amazing trip! It was the best snorkelling ever!!! You are such a wonderful, attentive and warm-hearted crew, who made these past days very special! Raja Ampat, January 2017.
16.01.2017 | 09:55
We went to the Raja Ampat isles.
Now, after thousands of smiles,
We’re back in Sorong, time to say “so long”...
Everyone in a super mood, and such excellent food!
A fantastic crew, the best you could do,
So put “see a manta” on your next list for Santa,
And choose Seven Seas if you please!

Raja Ampat, January 2017.
Johnny & Luana
16.01.2017 | 09:53
Aah, where to begin? Alright, let’s begin with spectacular, fabulous, wonderful, delightful, magnificent, majestic … did I miss out a particular adjective? I don’t think so! Probably the best food we had in Indonesia and this our sixth time already. The Cruise Director, Karl, was absolutely hilarious, a bit too funny for a Yank if you ask me! :) Mostly they don’t make too many of them in the States. Aah well, time’s up & Karl is not letting us finish! Raja Ampat, January 2017.
Alex Glascock
10.01.2017 | 09:45
This trip went by too fast! Raja Ampat, the Seven Seas and her crew made this an unforgettable journey. My expectations were high before arriving in Sorong and I’m pretty sure they were surpassed in every way. Wish I didn’t have to leave already and best wishes to all in 2017 and beyond. Raja Ampat, January 2017.
Barbara van Beuren
10.01.2017 | 09:41
I feel so fortunate to have a round two on Seven Seas, Komodo was great, this was equally amazing. Great crew, exceptional knowledge of the waters and sea life with friends and family. I couldn’t ask for a better 60th birthday. (Along with Aaron & Jim – ’56 rocks). Raja Ampat, January 2017.
Adrianne Glascock
10.01.2017 | 09:34
An amazing way to spend the holiday! The people, the crew, the waters, the land, all were phenomenal! I hope that I get the chance to visit you all again. I can only hope we were as pleasant and entertaining as you were to us. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Raja Ampat, January 2017.
Sam Schwarz
10.01.2017 | 09:29
This place is amazing. Shouts out to the Seven Seas crew for making life goood. Raja Ampat, January 2017.
Susan Hapgood
10.01.2017 | 09:26
Wow! Wow! Wow! A trip that is unsurpassable if you like the water, like aquamarine life, like being pampered, well-fed, given perfect schedules tailored to your every whim. Thank you to the crew, to Karl, to the many life forms that made our adventure simply heaven for two weeks. Raja Ampat, January 2017.
Peg Spanfeller
10.01.2017 | 09:09
Amazing, amazing trip – thank you Seven Seas!! You made every day an unforgettable and very enjoyable adventure – can’t wait until we find ourselves back in this beautiful country and these beautiful waters again. We will be telling your stories and thinking of you often. Thank you, thank you, thank you for a fabulous trip. WE LOVE SEVEN SEAS!! Raja Ampat, January 2017.
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