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29.01.2016 | 11:05
Dear Linda & Karl & crew: this was my first time so many days on a boat. First I thought it was 8 days until I found out it was a 12 day tour. It was just great. I would love to repeat it again. Everything was just perfect. It would be nice to have more vegetarian food but all was fantastic. Hope I can enjoy it again in the future. Raja Ampat, January 2016.
29.01.2016 | 11:04
Dear Linda, Karl & team, After reading the compliments of my fellow travellers, I don't know what to say more!! It was just great. Raja Ampat, January 2016.
Joost van Grieken
29.01.2016 | 11:02
Dear Seven Seas Team: Many, many thanks for yet another unforgettable trip, your kind & warm attention! Raja Ampat, January 2016.
Rili Djohani (CTC)
29.01.2016 | 11:01
So great to be back and see the coral reef ecosystems striving! The abundance of fish seems to be even more than 10 years ago! Six days in the South and six days in the North, we covered a lot of waters on this trip and were fortunate to see so much diversity and special species! So many highlights, eg the oceanic and reef mantas at Karang Bayangan, Manta Sandy and Blue Magic, the wall dives, the close encounters with wobbegong sharks, swimming among schools of colourful fish and the coral gardens! The Raja Ampat MPA network obviously has great positive impact! We enjoyed the Tomolol cave, the Wayag hike as well as the village visits and beaches! Seeing the Bird of Paradise (Red) was another bonus! Karl's enthusiasm inspired us to explore more and Linda captured the dives in beautiful underwater photos! The whole Seven Seas crew made our trip a wonderful experience! Terima kasih banyak including the Seven Seas team in Bali. Raja Ampat, January 2016.
Hilly Djohani
29.01.2016 | 10:59
To me, it is the first time I came to Raja Ampat. It was really a wonderful experience. The professional service from the whole staff was superb. I really enjoyed dancing with the children from Arborek. It was really unforgettable. With love! Mudah-mudahan sampai jumpa! Raja Ampat, January 2016.
29.01.2016 | 10:55
Karl, Linda and all the incredible crew, Luarbiasa! Raja Ampat & the Seven Seas. Living on this boat really does feel like "Home" as the whole crew works so fluidly as a team and makes the experience so memorable. For me, the rediscovery of diving was most incredible and fantastic. Thank you, Irwan & Jeffry, for the private tour night dives. Besides falling in love with Raja Ampat, I now love night-diving more! Look forward to my next trip aboard the Seven Seas. Sampai Jumpa. Raja Ampat, January 2016.
Fica Djohani
29.01.2016 | 10:53
For me it was the first time coming on board the Seven Seas and to make this wonderful trip to Raja Ampat. Like some people said: "it will be a life-changing experience". And it definitely turned out a trip beyond that. Seen so many beautiful and amazing nature as wel in the sea as on land: experiencing sea life, seeing all those beautiful corals and so lucky "to meet" several mantas! Thank you very much, Karl & Linda for all the information you shared with us and making this an unforgettable trip. Many thanks to the entire Seven Seas crew for your hospitality, your help and all the support and delicious food you prepared for us every day. We had so much fun with you guys during the tours, especially the one in the cave, the short boat trips later in the afternoons and sharing many pictures. It all made this a wonderful vacation. Hope to come again on board for another adventurous trip. Sampai Jumpa. Raja Ampat, January 2016.
Arnoud & Marion
29.01.2016 | 10:51
This was my second trip with the Seven Seas. And from the very first moment it feels like coming home: all the kind people of the crew, Karl at the airport, Linda, the lovely Linda ... And then: all the spectacular scenes under and above the water. Raja Ampat, the most beautiful place of the Coral Triangle. Special thanks to Karl: the way he took us to all the snorkel places as if even for him it was the first time! Raja Ampat, January 2016.
29.01.2016 | 10:48
Wow! Second time around on Seven Seas and I feel as exuberant as that first time. I love the sense of adventure that I have felt over the last 12 days, discovering new places in this beautiful country. The biodiversity has been unimaginable and perhaps I have now been inspired to get my PADI license.
Thank you Linda, Karl and the whole team for creating the magic for us. Will never forget it! Raja Ampat, January 2016.
David & Pras
29.01.2016 | 10:47
Dear Linda, Karl, crew and all involved - what a fabulous trip we have just had in Raja Ampat. Everything has been perfect both underwater and above. We've had a ton of variety in sights and food and activities. The company has been great and we leave with so many memories. Can't wait to come back. Raja Ampat, January 2016.
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