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Joost Van Grieken
12.05.2017 | 06:28
Back in Maumere now, where we started eleven days ago on this fantastic trip, and this was my fourth time sailing with the Seven Seas. Most relaxing it was, passing all these wonderful islands, beautiful nature, land & seas, the coral and the fishes. All so enjoyable because of the most amazing care of Captain Wahyu, Director Karl and all the crew of the Seven Seas. Many thanks and possibly see you again soon! East of Flores, May 2017.
Tommy Schultz
12.05.2017 | 06:27
Every day on this trip was a new adventure, from volcanic islands to whaling villages, to beautiful coral reefs. My expectations were high for this first trip on the Seven Seas but the crew and team totally surpassed them. Trip of a lifetime is the only description that adequately describes how amazing the past ten days have been. Everyone on the boat is at the top of their profession and truly committed to making the Seven Seas the best liveaboard in the world. Thanks so much to Karl also for always putting us in exactly the right spot at exactly the right time to experience the best of Eastern Indonesia and thanks so much to Jos & Lida for giving me the chance to experience the magic of a Seven Seas trip!!! East of Flores, May 2017.
Corey Ridings
12.05.2017 | 06:26
Totally wonderful! Thank you Seven Seas for the trip of a lifetime, eleven days could not have gone by faster. Stunning landscapes, perfect dining, welcoming crew … I shall return!
East of Flores, May 2017.
Indra Raharjo
12.05.2017 | 06:24
Ini pengalaman pertama ikut naik kapal laut dan berlayar selama lebih dari seminggu. “The Seven Seas”, baik dari kru awak kapal, tujuan destinasi baik destinasi untuk diving atau pun destinasi budaya, semuanya sangat menarik dan luar biasa. Kombinasi keramahan semua kru, makanan yang enak, cuaca selama perjalanan, kabin yang nyaman dan pengalaman yang benar-benar tidak akan dilupakan. Semoga bisa ikut lagi di perjalanan wisata “The Seven Seas” yang lain. Terima kasih semua. East of Flores, May 2017.
Tomasz Szefler
12.05.2017 | 06:23
My second trip with Seven Seas this year, I really enjoyed it. Karl – thanks for the trip to the whaling village on Lembata and for fixing for me postcards on Alor. All the best to the crew. East of Flores, May 2017.
Renee Capozzola
12.05.2017 | 06:21
WOW! What a trip! This has been such an adventure and more than I ever expected! The diving was amazing, especially at Watu Balu! It was so fantastic to spend some extra time there too. Everyone on the Seven Seas is so personable and helpful and I really enjoyed every single member of the crew! This was by far the best liveaboard trip and best trip to Asia thus far. I hope to come back soon with my two boys and husband. All the best to the crew and to Karl, who made this trip so much fun and helped me get “my shot”! East of Flores, May 2017.
Tomasz Szefler
28.04.2017 | 18:23
My second trip with Seven Seas, previous one was to Forgotten Islands a few years ago. As always, everything was perfect. All the best to the crew.
Raja Ampat & Banda Sea, April 2017
Susan Pigott
28.04.2017 | 18:22
This is also my second trip with Seven Seas: travelled Flores in 2015. Once again, this has been an absolutely outstanding holiday. Accommodation and crew service just excellent. Karl is a wonderful Cruise Director. The diving, kayaking & snorkelling were great – so too were the shore trips. Certainly hope to be travelling with Seven Seas again.
Raja Ampat & Banda Sea, April 2017
Linda & Kent
28.04.2017 | 18:17
My sixth trip & wonderful as expected. Loved the diving & the crew. Totok, Chef, is wonderful as our Nico & Little John. Everyone treated us like royalty. Great mandarinfish dive – never saw so many. Can’t wait to come back.
Raja Ampat & Banda Sea, April 2017
Armand & Tamara
28.04.2017 | 18:14
Thank you for the fantastic trip, we really enjoyed the diving & service on board & on the dive boats. The crew is great and the food excellent. Karl was entertaining as always :) & we loved the great dives with Irwan. Thanks for everything and we will be back again.
Raja Ampat & Banda Sea, April 2017
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