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Alicia Smith
29.08.2016 | 12:48
Dear Seven Seas Crew: Where to start? Karl, Linda, and the rest of the crew, you’re simply the best! From the moment I first stepped on to the boat, everything was wonderful. The diving was spectacular and the service (all-around!) was out of this world! Thanks to all of you, I had one of the best birthdays ever – I’ll never forget it! And I can’t thank you all enough for going the extra mile (or twenty) to help retrieve our “lost” luggage. This was not expected but appreciated more than you’ll ever know. I will miss each and every one of you – guests and staff alike. But I can’t wait to start planning our next visit! Komodo National Park, August 2016.
Philip Haddad
29.08.2016 | 12:41
Dear 7 Seas crew, Thanks for a memorable dive vacation. Dive sites, divers, food, service and company were great. Komodo National Park, August 2016.
Sylvain and Fabien
29.08.2016 | 12:28
Remarkable cruise with dives at dream sites, perfectly illustrating the biodiversity in this part of the planet. Life on board is extraordinary, made even more so by excellent food every day. The crew are unbelievably kind. Thank you to all the crew of the Seven Seas for this extraordinary trip. Komodo National Park, August 2016.
29.08.2016 | 12:23
Diving: Wow!! Linda, Karl, Jefri & Irwan – thank you all for a fantastic diving experience, I will never forget Manta Alley for as long as I live, as well as every other dive experienced on tour.
Chef: Wow!! Terimakasih to Chef, Cris & Nico & all kitchen staff, the food on tour was well above expectations. You all are exceptionally polite & professional at your job. Keep up the good work and good food.
Crew: Wow!! Terimakasih to you all, I appreciate the hard work you all put in to making our diving/holiday experience a perfect day, every day. Keep smiling.
“The Team”: Wow!! I am impressed how you all work so well together. Keep up the great work, I will be back.
Komodo National Park, August 2016.
Mike Scotland
29.08.2016 | 12:17
Many thanks for an excellent dive trip. We had excellent diving, wonderful service from Karl, Linda and the crew and great friendship on board. It is close to the best of my 60+ liveaboard dive trips. Terimakasih banyak. Komodo National Park, August 2016.
Sylvia Johnson
09.08.2016 | 08:08
Thank you to the Seven Seas crew that looked after us. Had a fabulous time. The crew were all very happy and couldn’t do enough. Karl did a fantastic job organizing all the dives and excursions. Really enjoyed seeing the dragons. Ticked one off my bucket list snorkeling with Linda and the mantas. Swam with about 10 mantas and they really performed for us. The food on board was great. Totok is a gem! Our room was really comfortable. Really enjoyed everything. Can’t wait to come back! Komodo National Park, August 2016.
Steph and Chris
09.08.2016 | 07:52
Karl, Linda & the Seven Seas crew: thank you for allowing us to have such a wonderful experience of Komodo Island! We thoroughly enjoyed the dive sites and of course the entire boat trip! We are definitely looking forward to coming back on board the Seven Seas in the near future! The dive guides have taught us a lot and we are leaving as better divers than when we arrived! One thing we definitely will be missing is the amazing food prepared by Chef Totok and the smiling faces of crew greeting us each morning… Until next time!! Komodo National Park, August 2016.
Eugene Ang
09.08.2016 | 07:48
Thank you to Karl, Linda and the wonderful crew of Seven Seas for making this trip safe and comfortable for us. We enjoyed entirely and will make a trip in the future on one of your voyages. Thank you Norbie of for chartering the boat. Komodo National Park, August 2016.
Juston and Marie
09.08.2016 | 07:35
Thank you to the Seven Seas crew for a wonderful job. Yummy food every day, awesome diving and great hospitality. Thank you for taking the right charter!! Komodo National Park, August 2016.
Peter Mous
29.07.2016 | 11:55
Again a great time onboard Seven Seas, and Komodo National Park remains a top destination for enjoying nature! As a long-time resident of Indonesia, I know what it takes to keep an operation like this going: Dedication, knowledge, and love for Indonesia's reefs, landscape, and people. Seven Seas did an excellent job of showing the best places and dive sites in Komodo National Park, keeping in mind the interests of the group. We had close manta ray encounters, and we saw dragons on the beach, cuttlefish laying eggs, giant trevallies hunting, and lots of turtle and shark. The new cook, Pak Toto, and his team did a great job, and all crew were very friendly and helpful. Looking forward to the next trip! Komodo, July 2016.
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