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Angus and Karen Napier
27.03.2015 | 09:24
Overall the best dive trip in the 20 years we have been diving. Great boat, crew weather and company. Look forward to diving with the Seven Seas again in the future. Thanks to all the crew for taking such great care of us all above and below the water!! South Komodo, March 2015.
Melissa Cole
27.03.2015 | 09:22
Thank you for more things than I can mention!! Loved the trip, the diving, the boat and especially the crew. They are GOLDEN and we'll be back!! South Komodo, March 2015.
Hedrick Rivero
27.03.2015 | 09:21
First trip to Indonesia. Boat: ***, Crew: *** (incredibly nice and helpful), Food: ***, Diving: ***. A definite five star trip. Would be hard to dive Indonesia any other way! South Komodo, March 2015.
Sabine and Volkmar
14.03.2015 | 07:43
Even on our third trip with this vessel and crew, we were so happy with you all. We had a more than pleasant trip, excellent food (thanks to Yaya & Widhi!!). The whole crew do a very good job, the dive planning is excellent, all guides are so busy to show all the magnificent underwater world! We will come back!! South Komodo, March 2015.
Franciose and Tina
14.03.2015 | 07:41
We spend an amazing time on the Seven Seas, we have done beautiful dives with macro creatures and critters. We should not forget to mention the dives with the mantas. The soft and hard coral gardens and the colours were awesome. The crew worked very hard. Food was excellent, even for vegans. A special thank-you for Karl and Linda, who took care of us all. We had unforgettable moments on this trip. South Komodo, March 2015.
27.02.2015 | 09:04
This was my seventh time in Indonesia diving and without comparison the best trip ever. The crew was attentive to the extreme and absolutely wonderful. Love to come back soon to enjoy the great dive sites of South Komodo. A huge thank you to everybody: Karl, Linda, Jefri, Irwan, Big & Little John and the gang and wonderful Yoventa. South Komodo, February 2015.
Jean Reilly
27.02.2015 | 09:03
Great diving, best crew ever!!! Awesome Cruise Directors. Loved rocking with the mantas in the pumping current. I'll be back! ... and the Southern Cross. Many thanks. South Komodo, February 2015.
Barb and Stan Lochrie
27.02.2015 | 09:02
Very best crew!! Loved spending the last 12 days with the whole crew. Thank you so much for the great critter spotting down below and the hospitality above! Thank you, thank you. South Komodo, February 2015.
Michael Molloy
27.02.2015 | 09:00
Great trip, great crew. Awesome dive guides. Thanks! South Komodo, February 2015.
Jason and Pepi
27.02.2015 | 08:59
Thanks to everyone for fantastic diving and beautiful, relaxing cruise. We've done Komodo in August (2009) and now in February. Next time, East of Flores! (Sooner than 2019, I hope!). Until then, take care of each other! South Komodo, February 2015.
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