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Franciose and Tina
14.03.2015 | 07:41
We spend an amazing time on the Seven Seas, we have done beautiful dives with macro creatures and critters. We should not forget to mention the dives with the mantas. The soft and hard coral gardens and the colours were awesome. The crew worked very hard. Food was excellent, even for vegans. A special thank-you for Karl and Linda, who took care of us all. We had unforgettable moments on this trip. South Komodo, March 2015.
27.02.2015 | 09:04
This was my seventh time in Indonesia diving and without comparison the best trip ever. The crew was attentive to the extreme and absolutely wonderful. Love to come back soon to enjoy the great dive sites of South Komodo. A huge thank you to everybody: Karl, Linda, Jefri, Irwan, Big & Little John and the gang and wonderful Yoventa. South Komodo, February 2015.
Jean Reilly
27.02.2015 | 09:03
Great diving, best crew ever!!! Awesome Cruise Directors. Loved rocking with the mantas in the pumping current. I'll be back! ... and the Southern Cross. Many thanks. South Komodo, February 2015.
Barb and Stan Lochrie
27.02.2015 | 09:02
Very best crew!! Loved spending the last 12 days with the whole crew. Thank you so much for the great critter spotting down below and the hospitality above! Thank you, thank you. South Komodo, February 2015.
Michael Molloy
27.02.2015 | 09:00
Great trip, great crew. Awesome dive guides. Thanks! South Komodo, February 2015.
Jason and Pepi
27.02.2015 | 08:59
Thanks to everyone for fantastic diving and beautiful, relaxing cruise. We've done Komodo in August (2009) and now in February. Next time, East of Flores! (Sooner than 2019, I hope!). Until then, take care of each other! South Komodo, February 2015.
Dave & John
13.02.2015 | 04:44
Even better than the last time!! Many, many thanks to Karl, Linda and the whole crew for making this such a special trip. The best liveaboard in the world, the best diving and some wonderful friends to share it with. Thanks to Tom & Beth for "twisting my arm" (not) to convince me to return, and of course to the very special Sonia, my best friend and favourite dive buddy :) The mantas were stunning, so beautiful and topped off an amazing diversity of sea life. Komodo is such a special place, but I can't wait to explore the Forgotten Islands and East of Flores in 2016 & 2017. Until then, Thanks Seven Seas! Komodo, February 2015.

Tom Campbell & Beth Davidow
13.02.2015 | 04:42
What a pleasure to return to the Seven Seas family!! An absolute joy the share a fantastic voyage with the most friendly, professional and affable cruise directors - Karl & Linda - and the most enthusiastic, helpful and cheerful crew! That over half our group are veteran divers says a lot for how much we enjoy not just the magic of Komodo but also the phenomenal service of the Seven Seas crew. From Candra's amazing efficiency during the preparation and boarding to the final moments of hugs and far-too-efficient goodbyes, the entire trip ran very smoothly. The hard-working crew - galley, housekeeping, deck, ship, dive - are outstanding!! Thank you again for a magical, fantastic and first class Seven Seas expedition!! Look forward to seeing everyone again!! Komodo, February 2015.
Charlie Bloomer
13.02.2015 | 04:40
From the moment I boarded the Seven Seas, throughout the entire trip, I have had the unshakeable sensation that I was home with family. To see familiar faces (Karl, Linda, Widhi, Irwan, Bakar, Bali, Big John, Little John, Yosef, Wahyu, Bayu) as well as all the return guests from our trip one year ago, who like me came back to experience the Seven Seas again, was such a treat. I'm enormously grateful for the consistent way the entire crew brings enthusiasm and smiles to the task of providing the absolute best care and pampering of any dive operation I've experienced. Thank you so much! Look for one or more of my family accompanying me on the next trip. Komodo, February 2015.
13.02.2015 | 04:33
Words cannot express the magnificence & wonder of the dive experiences of the past 2 weeks - never have I started to cry underwater from being overwhelmed by the beauty of all that was around me. Wonderful, wonderful experience - what a great crew - thank you so much for helping me learn more Indonesian - your generosity of spirit and kindness will remain with me. Amazing food (too good to say no to), fantastic help and everything. Long live bebek karet or the skoci kambing. Until 2016! Komodo, February 2015.
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