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13.02.2015 | 04:33
Words cannot express the magnificence & wonder of the dive experiences of the past 2 weeks - never have I started to cry underwater from being overwhelmed by the beauty of all that was around me. Wonderful, wonderful experience - what a great crew - thank you so much for helping me learn more Indonesian - your generosity of spirit and kindness will remain with me. Amazing food (too good to say no to), fantastic help and everything. Long live bebek karet or the skoci kambing. Until 2016! Komodo, February 2015.
13.02.2015 | 04:31
Such a big, big thank you again to all of the crew on the Seven Seas!! Great sites to dive, amazing topside views the entire trip ... Most importantly, super great people, Karl & Linda and all of the team, fantastic with all that you do to make it such an easy and relaxed trip :) C U soon again for sure!! Best fishes & many tanks, 'til next time! Komodo, February 2015.
Sonia Goggel
13.02.2015 | 04:29
Dear Seven Seas, Captain Wahyu and his supercalifragillistic crew, my Seven Seas Family, and unique and magnificent friends Karl & Linda :) This is my 6th Seven Seas cruise and Inshallah by NO means the last!!! See you again in November 2016 at the Forgotten Islands, YEEPEE!!! The only way I can leave my Seven Seas Family is knowing when I will be back. Everything was again TOP OF THE VERY TOPS!! You are all THE BESTEST!! Magical diving, perfect Widhi food, TOP service always with a smile, and Karl & Linda are simply the VERY BEST Cruise Directors anybody could wish for!!! Incredible assets to the Seven Seas!! THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!! TERIMAKASIH BANYAK SEKALI!! An especially fat thank you and much, much love to CANDRA for her legendary and incredible efficiency always with a smile and immense kindness!! You are the bestest office manager ever!! Komodo, February 2015.
Barbara & Russ Van Aardt
13.02.2015 | 04:27
Dear Seven Seas & Family: Thank you for another wonderful trip. An amazingly beautiful area shared with this lovely crew. A huge thank you to Karl, Linda, Captain and ALL the crew!! Hope to see you all soon!! A special thank you to Candra for being so efficient, helpful & cheerful. Thank you! Komodo, February 2015.
Carol Yin
13.02.2015 | 04:25
Lovely trip, lovely crew ... Thank you, Seven Seas, for a wonderful trip! Komodo, February 2015.
Tom Lathrop
13.02.2015 | 04:24
Thank you Karl and Linda and crew for a great trip - one of the best run boats I have been on in my 40+ years of diving - great smiles, always very helpful with anything and everything. See you soon. Komodo, February 2015.
Roland and Isaac Davis
13.02.2015 | 04:23
I can't believe how great the food is and how they have more ice cream on board than I would ever have expected! The care in food prep is amazing. We had a great time and the crew worked hard with all the professional camera equipment. My son and I appreciate everything and look forward to another trip. Komodo, February 2015.
Tom Preston
04.02.2015 | 05:51
To all Seven Seaers ? THANK YOU! It is not often that I would say this but this trip was world class in every aspect. Memorable for an entire life and top of anyone?s ?Bucket list? who hasn?t done it. WOW! Komodo, January 2015.
Barbara & Steve
04.02.2015 | 05:49
The most amazing dive trip yet! I have never seen so many fish & corals in one place. The food & crew are exemplary. I can?t wait to come back with the rest of our family. Komodo, January 2015.
Eleanor Diane Bierbower
04.02.2015 | 05:47
Far beyond my expectations! Fantastic crew, delicious meals, unbelievable dives of amazing beauty, great adventure! Thank you to Mark for a fun, smoothly run vacation of a lifetime. Komodo, January 2015.
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