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Archers clan
04.02.2015 | 05:45
Simply awesome trip!! Feeling very ... about heading back to Australia...Great diving, amazing food (thank you Yaya and Widi) Great crew. Loved the family trip setup and will highly recommend it to all. Komodo, December 2014.
The Baillies
04.02.2015 | 05:43
Thank you amazing Seven Seas crew for making this a trip of a life time with the most incredible diving & magical places visited! Komodo, December 2014.
Danika Archer
04.02.2015 | 05:41
Thank you for a wonderful trip! The diving was exotic, the snorkeling fascinating and
all the crew did their part. It was a GREAT TRIP! Komodo, December 2014.

Justine and Oscar
04.02.2015 | 05:39
Thank you to all the fantastic crew aboard the ?Seven Seas?. Without you all, this trip wouldn?t be the wonderful experience that it was. Truly brilliant memories made. Special thanks to Hayley for putting it all together. Thank you to Mark and Tuti and Ben and Dan, great to meet you Tuti and boys! Lovely to spend time with you Mark and what AMAZING DIVING! Thanks to Jeffrey and Irwan, love you? Pink Beach, Dragons, Sunsets, Cocktails, Love your food, Yaya and Widi! Komodo, December 2014.
Richard Ironside
21.12.2014 | 03:49
Once again, a massive thank you to the Captains, the Crew and our Guardian Angels: Karl & Linda. From scaling heights to find a lost tribe to diving deep to enjoy and appreciate the world beneath the waves. We, as always, have spent fourteen wonderful days being pampered and spoilt beyond belief. Thanks to all of you for another wonderful trip! Forgotten Islands, December 2014.
Boat 2 Divers
01.12.2014 | 03:02
Don't despair as the Captains navigate around Nil Desperandum. Better enjoy the Bikinis and Atolls as we enjoyed the atolls and the light swimwear instead of warm duffle and raincoats. We love this hot region (the Ring of Fire), the hot weather, the hot meals and the hot music. And, of course, the hot crew from Little John to Big John!!! All the little fish and the big fish! We took thousands of beautiful photos, remembering rule number one: always use your MACRO! There aren't just pilotfish for airplane pilots or doctorfish for doctors, Goliathfish around the big rocks, bumphead parrotfish, butterflyfish and angelfish but beautiful nudibranchs and critters of all sizes and colours. That we didn't take a picture of the dead water buffalo floating by was a huge mistake but for compensation we got huge mammals in the blue water: melon-headed whales, sperm whales and blue whales! Every morning at around 6 o'clock we got up with a smile on our faces spotting dolphins leaping. But there were also fish jumping: big tunas - not all of them landed back in the water :) SASHIMI! 1 bell, 2 bell, 3 bell ... the forth means we have to go home ... Many thanks for a wonderful and unforgettable trip! It is with a heavy heart that Boat 2 says Goodbye! CAROLINE, RICHARD, GERHARD, ANKE, CARSTEN, SUSAN, ELAINE, Forgotten Islands, November 2014.
Maggie and Christian
01.12.2014 | 03:00
I don't know where to start ... this has been such a magical experience, being pretty new to diving, the underwater world ... fish, coral, creatures and the excellent help and assistance of the dive guides: Jefri, Irwan & Karl! The entire crew has been sooo friendly and welcoming, taking care of all our needs! They're fantastic! Thank you for a wonderful time :) Forgotten Islands, November 2014.
Michael and Daniella
01.12.2014 | 02:58
Thanks for a great time ... and at last I fall in love with a batfish ... even Karl could not prevent it :) Forgotten Islands, November 2014.
Christine B. & Volker S.
01.12.2014 | 02:56
Dear crew of the Seven Seas: After diving many different oceans and seas around the globe through the last years, and sailing on the same amount of different liveaboards, THIS was a new highlight! Thanks for being around at all times and making everything perfect already before we've asked for it. Awesome dive sites, great crew, fabulous ship (I love the water pressure in your showers!!). And, of course, new NUTELLA every time we needed it :) Forgotten Islands, November 2014.
Maurice Knight
11.10.2014 | 11:14
My wife and I have been on many dive liveaboard trips. We are not beginners in this experience, having been on perhaps 7-8 different boats with a range of groups, Cruise Directors, Dive Guides and in addition we've had many shore-based dive resort experiences. Against all of this, the Seven Seas team is the most professional , most enjoyable, most relaxed, most varied and, importantly, safest trip we've been on. First, starting from the top, Karl and Linda are the most professional team we've experienced. Their combined approach to guests' needs ensures that even the smallest need is met. Individual needs that are "out of the ordinary" receive "out of the ordinary" attention, removing any and all cares to ensure a special and personalised experience. Second, Seven Seas dive guides are incredibly well-trained, at once giving each diver the freedom to explore and experience the underwater world while ensuring that the group is constantly under their watchful eyes. Tender steermen are trained to track divers from above so that tenders are never far from a just surfaced diver. We just completed a 3 week trip, which is highly challenging in terms of kitchen support and variety of food to keep passengers satisfied. It is unbelievable that after 3 weeks on board the Seven Seas that on my last night I am looking forward to dinner again. Service is great! One thing that is not often seen is the back of the boat support that often goes unseen. Our rooms were cleaned, H2O provided, other needs met, laundry done on time - everything to make our trip enjoyable was accomplished almost invisibly. It is this invisible service, effortless service, that has made our Seven Seas trip stand out from all other liveaboard experiences. This is on top of being on board a beautifully laid-out boat with careful attention to details of comfort. Finally, the quality of the dive sites themselves exceeds all expectations. Sites which NO ONE ELSE knows about are the bread and butter sites of Seven Seas. This is just one more reason why the Seven Seas is the only choice for liveaboard boats in Indonesia for my wife and me. MANY THANKS!!! Komodo and East of Flores, October 2014.
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