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Joe Harvey
06.06.2015 | 07:25
Awesome! This was a trip never to forget. Mark and his crew lead an amazing experience to discover the Komodo Islands.
See you all next year!! Komodo, May 2015.
Justin Marshall
06.06.2015 | 07:23
A wonderful experience with fantastic people. The best crew on a boat I have ever been on. The dive sites ? best ever. In fact I have run out of words to express all the good things about this trip. Never have I seen such beauty underwater and above the surface. And to find all this together with relaxed and happy people... Keep going guys and keep looking at and after the reef for our children so they can see it too!! Komodo, May 2015.

Gary M. Huntsman
06.06.2015 | 07:21
One of my favorite bucket list items completed. All the crew where the very best, so Happy! And so Friendly. 16 days seems like one week now, with great experiences, the care that was shown to me ? was a 10, Thank you!! Komodo, May 2015.
06.06.2015 | 07:19
All I can say is this was incredible! Thanks to the whole crew. I had such a good diving experience, really good food, a clean cabin and I could relax so well. So nice to see you guys again ? Keep your smile! And to all the people I spend the time with: you are awesome! Hope to see everyone again soon on the Seven Seas! Komodo, May 2015.
Robin and Bojan
27.04.2015 | 03:04
WOW!! Honestly, when I signed up for this trip, I really didn't know what I was getting involved in. What I found though, is a slice of paradise. Thank you for showing us remote Indonesia, which is beyond beautiful. Robin and I intended this trip to be a kind of "Goodbye Indonesia" trip, for in less than a week we move to New York. Seeing the astounding nature will make me miss the diversity of this country. But I have a strong feeling that we will be back. Also because you have an amazing staff on board. From Linda & Karl to all the other local staff, you kept us entertained, educated us about all the millions of fish and coral species that I will never remember, served us wonderful food (I may get used to having two breakfasts a day!!) and kept us comfortable ... do I dare say spoiled us. Thank you all for the beautiful memories and be sure that we will spread the word. East of Flores, April 2015.
Sou Ping
27.04.2015 | 03:03
Many thanks to a wonderful crew, your care, hospitality and attention was tops! I will certainly recommend discovery of Indonesia on Seven Seas. East of Flores, April 2015.
Arnoud and Marion
27.04.2015 | 03:02
This was a holiday I never could imagine before. The views, the corals, the fishes, the calmness. So relaxing, so beautiful ... the hospitality, the kindness of the crew and of Linda and Karl make it all complete. I look forward to another trip: hope to see you in January 2016 in Raja Ampat. Thank you, thank you, thank you. East of Flores, April 2015.
27.04.2015 | 03:01
First of all, I'd like to express my deepest gratitude to all the crew and Karl & Linda to give me such a special experience for 14 days. This holiday was much more beautiful than I expected, it was beyond. I found the different side of Indonesia ... I love it more. Thank you and looking forward to exploring other islands in the near future with Seven Seas. East of Flores, April 2015.
Ninky Oyevaar
27.04.2015 | 03:00
The best trip I made in many years. Diving, snorkeling, relaxing! A wonderful crew, always smiling, laughing and very helpful. Special thanks to Linda and Karl who made this trip a real experience. Somebody else to thank is Joost (Van Grieken), who organised a wonderful group around him (together with Rili, who could not come because of the sickness of her mother). So, thanks all, and hopefully see you all next time! East of Flores, April 2015.
Joost van Grieken
27.04.2015 | 02:58
Again a fantastic trip with "The Seven Seas". This time along so many eastern islands of Flores. What a beauty these seas, corals, fishes, islands. The beautiful pristine beaches, their local villages, friendly villagers, their interesting cultures and often authentic weavings. Back on the boat, the relaxing times with such good care of all the fantastic crew. Many, many thanks. East of Flores, April 2015.
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