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Katherine Wells 26.07.2014 | 22:33
We were treated so incredibly well by all the fabulous staff who made the trip. Without exception, everyone was smiling and charming everyday. The staff definitely are the reason a holiday on the Seven Seas is so amazing. The backdrop of Komodo is spectacular. The diving was spectacular and the amazing dive team dealt with the famous Komodo currents with an expertise that made us all feel totally safe. Karl was incredible at diving with our children, unswervingly patient and kind to them. Fabulous guests and great company too. Now we all need to seriously diet as the food was incredible and never-ending!! Already planning our next trip. Thank you Seven Seas. Komodo, July 2014.

Pete Wells 26.07.2014 | 22:32
Another fantastic trip aboard the Seven Seas. So many memorable dive experiences, but a lot of "big stuff" - my fave! However, the trip was made by the great company aboard (despite Al's jokes) and especially the crew - who are all friendly and can't do enough to make life easy for the guests. We will be back! (to paraphrase Arnie). Komodo, July 2014.

Donna Perrot 26.07.2014 | 22:30
July 25 - Komodo. The 12 days passed like a dream - sunny skies but not too hot - wonderful food, charming company, crew and friends. AMAZING diving (Batu Bolong!!!). No words to describe the crew. They were beyond perfect - so caring, so happy to help, so kind. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Komodo, July 2014.

Robert Delfs 26.07.2014 | 22:28
Great trip with a great crew and a wonderful selection of guests on a great boat in a fabulous destination and wonderful conditions for diving. What's missing? Absolutely nothing. Thanks again. Komodo, July 2014.

Lida Pet 26.07.2014 | 22:27
Thanks so much to the Seven Seas crew providing the best platform for underwater adventures, meaningful friendships, solid surprises and comfort with a smile in the most amazing place of Indonesia! Komodo National Park. Komodo, July 2014.

Andreas Merkl 26.07.2014 | 22:26
About the crew: Yaya, the most amazing cook. Pai: Captain extraordinaire. Big Jon and all the others: ocean people, knowledgeable, caring, totally competent. The cabin crew: there for you and so on. An amazing team, happy crew, and we all felt so incredibly well cared-for. Thanks all! As always, a great adventure and a wonderful time. Komodo, July 2014.

Luke Bassett 26.07.2014 | 22:25
The trip through Komodo was the highlight of my summer and quite possibly my most incredible experience of the year. The dives, crew, guests and environment all contributed to the greatest dive trip imaginable. Komodo, July 2014.

Phoebe Wells 26.07.2014 | 22:23
Komodo! Amazing as always! Once again, the Seven Seas has blown away everyone on board. Thank you so much!!! Komodo, July 2014.

Sally Galiani 26.07.2014 | 22:22
Thank you Seven Seas for providing memories above and below. Your staff spoil us with their outstanding service, genuine concern for our every need. The food is always delicious and always a surprise. How do you prepare gourmet meals, fresh fruit and salads for 13 days on a boat?? Thank you for the diving pros, who show us the tiniest to the largest fish and nudibranchs. Also, you're very aware of us during the dive - always aware of where we are, how much air we used etc. My only regret is that we have to leave. Next time - Raja Ampat 2016! Komodo, July 2014.

Al Galiani 26.07.2014 | 22:21
A terrific experience. We have travelled with Seven Seas several times, always special. The dive operators are extremely competent, knowledgeable and caring. The dive sites, the guests, the staff, the meals and the entire experience will be remembered fondly. Thank you, Seven Seas, for all you are. Best to you and your future guests! Komodo, July 2014

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