Sunset at Sangeang


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Gesa 21.08.2015 | 02:56
I greatly appreciated the staff's detailed attention to safety while affording us the opportunity for ourselves to explore the unique environment in an intimate way. Karl and Linda do a wonderful job of managing the boat and they set a warm and inviting tone. Thank you for a great holiday with lovely people, delicious food (especially Indonesian food) and a great team! Komodo National Park, August 2015.

Eric Hanauer 21.08.2015 | 02:52
Finally made it to Komodo. The Seven Seas was all I expected and more. Thanks Karl, Linda and the crew for making the trip easy and memorable. Komodo National Park, August 2015.

David Norton 21.08.2015 | 02:51
A huge thanks to Linda and Karl and their great team. As usual, everything was relaxed, well-organised and great fun. The only drawback of coming on a trip like this is that the time goes far too fast! It was great to be back, I look forward to the next trip. Komodo National Park, August 2015.

Liz Cunningham 21.08.2015 | 02:50
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for a beautiful journey - the opportunity to encounter the life of the sea. My gratitude to all the wonderful, skillful, diligent, kind and warm-hearted staff. Komodo National Park, August 2015

Ralph and Kit 21.08.2015 | 02:49
We had such a nice trip - the diving was awesome - every dive had something new and different. We loved the manta dancing over us - and under us when we snorkeled. We love Seven Seas because it is not only diving. We'll never forget our picnics on the islands - the pink beach, the sand island ...... And the food was excellent, especially the indonesian lunch. We appreciated the professionalism of the whole crew. They all made us feel welcome. We'll come again. Thank you! Komodo National Park, August 2015.

Claudia-Kevin-Andrea-Heidi 08.08.2015 | 23:11
This holiday was beyond our expectations and more than perfect: starting from Jos' prompt and informative replies to my email, Candra's efficiency in booking, the most beautiful, thoughtfully designed boat, to all the experiences on our trip, Seven Seas is THE BEST. There was no favourite. How can one choose? Snorkelling and diving the most colourful, coral-packed reefs, kayaking, walks on the beach, scurfing for the kids ..... even the perfect weather and jaw-dropping sunsets seemed made to order. Karl - we so appreciated your informative briefings, your willingness to accommodate our choice of activities, and the pressure-free running from activity to activity. Linda - thanks for introducing kids to diving, your friendly conversation - I hope the trip report captures our enjoyment. Irwan - you have an eye for spotting interesting/unusual sea life. Jefri - thanks for being attentive to your divers and climbing the first hike with us! Ilham - always smiling! Bado & Ardi - you're not related? I finally figured out who's who and appreciate your chauffeuring us everywhere - and thanks for participating in all the scurfing. The kids appreciated it! Vicky - glad you could climb that crazy grass hike! I hope you get over your cold soon. Big John - you climb bravely like a monkey up all those ladders! Little John & Nico - thank you for your exceptional attentive service to our meals and looking after our room. Koro & Josef - I hardly saw you but I know the ship always ran smoothly because you were "behind the scenes". Widhi & Hera - we were blown away by the quantity and variety of food. You put all our mothers' cooking to shame. Delicious! Marwan - thanks for all your prep in making our snorkelling/diving run smoothly. Wahyu - "Father figure" to the kids, scurfer-extraordinaire, hiking barefoot!, always a big smile, no better person to captain the boat. Thank you for an amazing holiday. You're all great! Komodo National Park, August 2015.

TimGillianGregorCharlieFinn 08.08.2015 | 23:07
Dear Seven Seas Crew, thank you all for a fantastic family trip. We have all been made so welcome and each of our individual needs and desires have been catered for - from Tim & Gregor's dives and night dives to Charlie's fantastic introductory dives with Linda to Finn's happy snorkelling and duck diving! We have all had a ball, and ALL jumped off the boat!! Kids best bits - diving, snorkelling, jumping, scurfing and Hermit Crab Island! Parents' best bits - relaxing, chatting, eating and drinking, snorkelling and diving - not all in that order! Thanks especially to Karl and Linda for all their efforts and also to Widhi for all her careful considerations with the kids' menus. Jeffrey and Irwan were excellent dive masters and everyone else was also fantastic and made our trip so memorable. Terimah Kasih, sampai jumpah! Komodo National Park, August 2015.

Kevin Tate 08.08.2015 | 23:03
What a trip! Definite highlight was swimming with mantas, but the reefs were fantastic too, the people on board so friendly, it is impossible to NOT enjoy this trip. We will have fond memories forever. Really well done, thank you! Komodo National Park, August 2015

Paul Fortin 08.08.2015 | 23:01
Thank you Karl, Linda and the whole Seven Seas staff. We expected an adventure but were not prepared for so much to discover, experience, feel, see and it is hard to take it all in. What about the "Blue Moon" appear on an isolated island/sand spit in the middle of the ocean .... or discovering a billions stars in the sky just after lifting our head from night snorkeling and seeing the bioluminescence. We feel like we have been the lucky ones. Five enormous manta rays swimming alongside us and coming back for more. Incredible vistas of an un-spoiled coral reef and underwater world. Mandarinfish - a jewel of the sea - miniscule, nervous, a flashing passage in front of our eyes but an everlasting memory. So much to say. The vistas from Padar are unsurpassed! The Discovery Dive for Aude and me. The discovery of Rinca's ecosystem and the strange world of Komodo dragons. Finally, thank you to Widhi in the kitchen, who spoiled us with her gastronomic cuisine. Everyone has been superb, professional and extremely friendly to us all. In January 2016, on a cold night, when the days are short and the snow storm will be blowing outside our window, we will close our eyes and think of the warm evenings, having dinner with friends forever and we will be smiling. Thank you all from the Benk-Fortin-Wenham family! Komodo National Park, August 2015

Elize 30.07.2015 | 07:18
Family trip on the Seven Seas, who would have thought a week on a boat with your family could be so much fun?! It was nice to spend so much time together after not seeing each other for 2 years or so and share so many beautiful experiences. Really got to know each other again. Komodo is a really beautiful area, above and under. I discovered a whole new world for myself. Never seen so many fish and so colourful, and so many different ones. It was like swimming in an aquarium! The crew and the boat were also amazing! Everything was "spick and span", always good food and really friendly people and the music :) Thank you all so much!! Komodo National Park, July 2015.

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