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Doug Spencer 02.03.2013 | 20:41
I had a bad ass mo' fo' time. The dive guides rock! The crew was awesome! Thank you so much for the opportunity to use your wonderful boat in a magnificent environment. Raja Ampat, March 2013.

Maureen Wendle 02.03.2013 | 20:40
The diversity of fish life is beyond compare. If you want to see big, there is big. If you want to see new, amazing small creatures and fish - bring your magnifying glass! Every day a new adventure under the care of the best dive guides to be found. The rest of the crew follow suit. The crew all make a point to know your name and take the utmost care to ensure each guest's needs are met with smiling faces. I hope to be back again soon! Raja Ampat, March 2013.

Mary Carney 02.03.2013 | 20:38
Another great trip on Seven Seas. Excellent service and crew, always taking care and looking after each guest with a smile on their face. Diving was the best, with perfect visibility and plenty of tiny and enormous creatures and everything in between. Weather and sea conditions could not have been better. Perfect trip, many thanks. Raja Ampat, March 2013.

KLaus Leber 02.03.2013 | 20:36
Having been on some liveaboards already, this one was one one of the most memorable. Just like the wildlife, the service, food and friendliness of the whole crew is diverse, as never seen before. Thanks for all the consideration taken during the trip. Raja Ampat, March 2013.

Katja, Carl and Maja 02.03.2013 | 20:34
Magic dives, excellent food, watchful crew in rain and sunshine, being taken care of wonderfully at all times = extraordinary experience = a trip beyond words. Many thanks to Karl and Linda, terimakasih to all the crew. Raja Ampat, March 2013.

Rick and Jenny 13.02.2013 | 05:08
We dive 3 times a year for 1-2 weeks at a time. Seven Seas came to us by accident and how fortunate this has been. Superb crew , very good organisation and diving to die for!! Seven Seas must rank among the top three liveaboards we have experienced world-wide. Thank you all!! Raja Ampat, February 2013.

Sue Stacey 13.02.2013 | 05:06
This is my second trip on the Seven Seas and what an adventure this was. The staff are simply the best! I know coming on this boat I'll be treated with the utmost regard. Thank you one and all! Raja Ampat, February 2013.

Anne and Erwin 13.02.2013 | 05:05
Thank you for your wonderful hospitality. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, was kind and accommodating. We'll be back. Raja Ampat, February 2013.

Sabrina and Salm Lo 13.02.2013 | 05:04
Wonderful cruise, friendly, helpful crew, great guests, superb diversity and sea life, lots of fishes, corals. Added to all the above, we managed to finished the "unending" supply of Coronas, as well as the wine cellar! Just to show what a great group and crew we had on this trip. Raja Ampat, February 2013.

Pat Oertel 13.02.2013 | 05:02
All the guys constantly pointed out things we wouldn't have seen by ourselves. As snorkellers, we saw exciting things like wobbegong, walking shark, white and black tip sharks. We saw dolphins, turtles, crocodilefish, frogfish and sea snakes. Thank you to all for a wonderful time. You all were great to us. Raja Ampat, February 2013.

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