Sunset at Sangeang


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Patty and David 14.03.2014 | 00:47
The dive trip has been wonderful with Mark and Jason’s coordination of a challenging schedule. The professional grade photographers were not just awesome photographers but handled their “rigs” underwater with tenacity, vision, creativity and expertise. Moderations by Jason were insightful, compassionate and helpful. Mark and Seven Seas also did a great job of everything. Thank you, Mark, for the dinners under the stars on the top deck, not to mention barbeques, bonfire & music on the beach, the great food and consistency of schedule; your staff was helpful to the smallest detail. A memorable trip! South Komodo, February 2014.

Yeang Chng & Sarah Twombly 14.03.2014 | 00:44
Best liveaboard that we’ve ever been on. South Komodo, February 2014.

Ron Lucas 14.03.2014 | 00:43
Great Sites, great crew, great guests! I finally got my dwarf sea horse pics and lovely manta ray shots, so I can now work on my wide angles... Lovely boat too! South Komodo, February 2014.

Glen Wagner 14.03.2014 | 00:42
Wow! What a terrific adventure!! Komodo dragons, mantas swirling, Canibal Rock, Macro Mania, Midnight Alley… Just great diving all around & incredible service by the Seven Seas Dive Team. The whole staff from crew to Captain to Crew were spectacular. Thank you all for making the journey so incredibly easy & fun. Thanks to Jason & Wetpixel for photo contest & organizing & great trip! I feel blessed! South Komodo, February 2014.

Andy Wallace 14.03.2014 | 00:40
Thanks so much to Mark and his great crew – excellent service, great food, terrific diving. Cannot ask for anything more! South Komodo, February 2014.

Jason Bradley 14.03.2014 | 00:39
A great crew, a great boat, and a great diving, more than being just attended to, we were cared for. Wetpixel will be back,
with many thanks! South Komodo, February 2014.

John Wills 14.03.2014 | 00:38
This was a magic trip for me. The Seven Seas ushered me gently into my first liveaboard experience, first time diving outside the Caribbean. Too many firsts to list but all to treasure. Manta magic and Mobula overload. Wrestling an octopus with my “go pro” and patience and guidance from Jason and all guests as I took my first baby steps with video. I will be back…, Thanks! South Komodo, February 2014.

Eric Cheng 17.02.2014 | 00:41
Our second charter aboard The Seven Seas has been wonderful! We appreciated the jovial, professional, hard working crew very much. Having a bunch of photographers onboard can be difficult, but the crew attention to detail and care in handling all of our equipment made the trip thoroughly enjoyable & productive. Thanks again for having us onboard. We look forward to the next charter! Deep South Komodo, February 2014.

Adam Hanlon 17.02.2014 | 00:39
To the crew: Thank you for your hard work keeping us happy and comfortable, we must have been quite a challenge, and yet you always were able to make things happen and perhaps most importantly did so with a smile! Many, many thanks. Deep South Komodo, February 2014.

Sue Chen 17.02.2014 | 00:37
What a wonderful and memorable 11 days! Thank you for taking such good care of us and sharing beautiful Komodo with us. Everything was excellent (5-stars).
I will cherish these very special 11 days. Deep South Komodo, February 2014.

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