Sunset at Sangeang


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Tim Piozet 26.07.2013 | 08:30
Thank you to everyone who helped make this experience so unforgettable. The food was so comforting and delicious and seemed to never stop coming! Thank you Frengky and Irwan for being such good guides! You kept me from getting lost in the deep blue and not running into any blue-ringed octopus, while at the same time staying enthusiastic , crazy and FUN! Also thanks to Karl and Linda : you guys were the masterminds to keeping everything smooth-sailing and AMAZING!! Hopefully we can be back soon to see all the happy, smiling faces of you guys! (and don't see any whale sharks or hammerheads until I come back!). Komodo, July 2013.

Tom Piozet 26.07.2013 | 08:28
Dear Karl, Linda, Frengky, Irwan, John, Yaya et al. Thank you so much for making our voyage a true journey of a lifetime for Tim and I ..... what a great experience for Tim as a first time diver to get so many great tips from amazing top professionals and genuinely kind people who made all the dives incredibly fulfilling, as well as educational hilarious fun! We can't wait to come back again soon! Have a fantastic season in Komodo. We love you, so don't ever change! Komodo, July 2013.

Linda Garland 11.07.2013 | 23:28
Seven Seas is part of my life, after more than seven times, my actions speak louder than words. With great appreciation to all who make this a favourite part of my life. Komodo, July 2013.

The Gazzini Family 11.07.2013 | 23:25
As newcomers to Komodo and Seven Seas, let me say - WOW!! End-to-end beauty, comfort and exceptional staff. A must experience for all curious people who would like to see "Heaven on Earth". Big thanks for unique experience. We will be back! Komodo, July 2013.

Ross and Sharon Bovill 11.07.2013 | 23:23
Thanks for creating such an amazing platform from which to enjoy and experience this wonderful area of Indonesia. Your crew and its leadership from Karl and Linda were absolutely fantastic. Thank you all so much for a fabulous time. The Seven Seas family are incredible. Love them all. Komodo, July 2013.

Steph Bovill 11.07.2013 | 23:21
Thanks to all the amazing crew on Seven Seas for creating such an incredible trip. So much fun and good times. Cheers to opening our eyes to a wonderful world under the sea! See you next time. Komodo, July 2013.

Nadia Aly - ScubaDiverLife 20.05.2013 | 00:40
We had a fantastic time on board The Seven Seas!! Huge thanks to Mark Heighes for showing us what Komodo really has to offer! I must say that this was one of my top favorite liveaboard adventures that I have been on so far! The balance of diving and land activity really made it a special trip. Amazing trip, best liveaboard I have been on yet. I WILL BE BACK. Komodo, May 2013.

Polly 20.05.2013 | 00:36
Fabulous, just wonderful, had a great time. Would love to come back in the future, everyone was so helpful, all smiles. Thank you for everything. Komodo, May 2013.

David & Debby Beaty 20.05.2013 | 00:35
To the entire and wonderful crew. We are sad that our voyage is through but between mantas and yoga and beach trips and meals, there were always smiles and helping hands from everyone of you!!! Komodo, May 2013.

Jeffrey Howery 20.05.2013 | 00:34
Thank you for wonderful adventure! The crew, boat were the best! Komodo, May 2013.

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