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Andrea Marshall 19.01.2014 | 09:17
To the crew and the guides of the Seven Seas ... thank you for so many memories, especially some of the best manta activity I have ever seen, particularly in Indonesia. My first trip to Komodo will always be so special. Thank you for first rate service and lovely conversations, I will be back. South Komodo, January 2014.

Jerry Wyss 19.01.2014 | 09:15
Karl and Linda and the entire crew - thanks!!! This has been one of the best dive trips I have been on in the last 20 years. The dive guides, crew, cooks, all have provided excellent service, making this a very pleasant and productive trip! South Komodo, January 2014.

Masha 19.01.2014 | 09:14
The adventure was beyond expectation! From giant mantas to pygmy cuttlefish, magical boat, spectacular crew - an experience that I shall ever remember! Hail the Seven Seas and its stellar crew! South Komodo, January 2014.

Maya 19.01.2014 | 09:14
The wonderful crew of the Seven Seas: thank you so, so much for some of the best weeks I have ever experienced travelling! I can honestly say without a doubt that this was some of the best diving I have ever done and everyone on the ship made this expedition so incredibly special. May you all stay healthy, continue to have sunny days, and have many more manta encounters. South Komodo, January 2014.

Charlie Shaffer 19.01.2014 | 09:13
The last 13 days on Seven Seas were simply fantastic. Great diving, great crew, wonderful meals. I will never forget this trip - thank you! South Komodo, January 2014.

Sonia Goggel 19.01.2014 | 09:11
My dear Seven Seas family !!! Again, it has been a HUGE privilege to be back HOME on Seven Seas with Captain Pai and his AWESOME crew and of course Karl and Linda, without whom our diving experience would never have been of the same STUNNING quality !!!! Komodo is absolutely beautiful diving and Karl's management is simply the best!! The value of a committed, enthusiastic, experienced and long-term Cruise Director cannot be underestimated!! Diving in the wonderful company of dear friends Tom & Beth, Dave & John and Wayne & Christine was a priceless treasure. Thank you so much for being in my life. We can't wait to be back on our Indonesian floating home, Seven Seas, Forgotten Islands 2016, Inshallah! We can't wait to see you all again, dear friends!! Thank you!! Terima kasih! South Komodo, January 2014.

Christina 19.01.2014 | 09:10
It's been wonderful, gorgeous, great - by far my most beautiful liveaboard ever!!! You are a wonderful crew, excellent dive guides, super chefs and Karl and Linda very good hosts, and ..... last but not least, the Seven Seas a very nice home during my stay. I spent many magic moments together with my friends, Sonia, Dave and John and with you all! Thank you soooo much for all you did, you are all wonderful! (Thank you, Linda, for your wonderful movie - the best movie ever!!). South Komodo, January 2014.

Dave and John 19.01.2014 | 09:09
What a fantastic trip we had!! Thanks entirely to the fabulous crew on the Seven Seas (and not forgetting the wonderful Ayu & Candra in Bali!). Karl and Linda made us feel special, safe and ensured that we had the best time diving possible. Exceptional diving and what a privilege to share the boat with such wonderful, talented and welcoming people. Special thanks to Tom & Beth, and of course the wonderful Sonia for introducing us to Seven Seas. See you again for the Forgotten Islands in 2016 - can't wait! South Komodo, January 2014.

Dieter and Rita 04.01.2014 | 01:03
Again we must say goodbye - just finished 40 days of diving on our favourite boat, the Seven Seas. Our three trips to the Forgotten Islands, East of Flores and last, South Komodo, were fabulous. The weather was lots of sun and only a few days with rain. The water was warm and especially in South Komodo it was warmer and with excellent visibility, the best we had ever experienced on previous trips. Definitely a good time of the year to dive South Komodo. All our dives were exciting, the reefs are covered with hard and soft corals, sea fans and sponges, all with brilliant colours. We saw big fish, little fish and everything in between. Too many to write about. From topside the view of the islands of Indonesia with its volcanoes, sheer cliffs and green vegetation are breath-taking. Incredible sunrises and sunsets. We were able to watch Mount Komba erupting with a lightening storm in the background as a bonus. But as always, it was the crew of the Seven Seas that made our trip so special and unforgettable. They are the best of the best. They work together as a team, everyone helps each other with their respective tasks, regardless of the individual's position. They are always eager to help, the big smiles and laughter are like sunshine. We will miss the diving, the sun and the scenery but what we will miss the most is everyone of you. But we will be back and spend time together again. Thank you, thank you all for making our time with you so special! We love you. Deep South Komodo, January 2014.

Sheri (and Ray) 04.01.2014 | 01:01
I was supposed to be on board for 4 weeks but it became 2 weeks but the fun I had in these 2 weeks was unbelievable! The guests we met were fantastic and the crew were (as always) the best ever!!! It had been almost 3 years since I was on board the Seven Seas ..... much too long!! I could write until the last page but I will let Rita do that!! Celebrating Rita's 70th was planned in 2011 and it was simply unforgettable!! We love you all, thank you and see you on my "make-up cruise" in the future. Deep South Komodo, January 2014.

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