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Christie and Tim 18.09.2013 | 20:22
To Karl & Linda & the lovely Crew, a huge Thank You! The trip was exciting and relaxing - just what both of us needed on our vacation. A dream did come true here on the Seven Seas in Komodo National Park! Jos, thank you for talking me into this cruise! The reefs are fantastic! The mantas, MY FAVOURITE, swam with me several times! Thanks to the guides for showing me the mandarin fish and pygmies because I would have never seen them. I always felt safe in the water through currents. Captain Pai gave us many exciting boat rides to and from the sites. It was all so FUN! Yaya, thanks for dance lesson. Love you ALL, all the best to everyone. Komodo, September 2013.

Rachel Williams 18.09.2013 | 20:21
From north to south, mantas to pygmies, Komodo National Park has been fabulous. Dugongs & sharks to the little stuff you often miss, the crew of Irwan, Frengky, Karl are all great dive guides, helps to have someone find the critters for you. The food has been great as always, the crew on board are amazing & look after your every need on a daily basis, always with a smile :) This has been an incredible trip for me on many different levels & I will hold that close for a long time to come. Thank you Seven Seas - Til next time! Komodo, September 2013.

Nili Hudson 18.09.2013 | 20:19
Thank you Seven Seas for a glorious scuba journey. I had a magnificent time travelling the Komodo seas & exploring every nook & cranny with my new camera rig. Thank you everyone on board and in particular Irwan, Frengki & Karl for your incredible persistence in helping me find all the exquisite, amazing, spectacular critters to capture on film and for your remarkable patience. The boat is a pleasure & total delight. Everything was absolutely perfect and besides more pygmies :) I could not have asked for more. I will be back. Komodo, September 2013.

Benjamin Kahn & Family 05.09.2013 | 22:37
WHALES & WALLS: Thanks to everyone on the Seven Seas. We've had a fantastic time, we sure located the whales - visually and without the hydrophone - had an amazing jaw-to-jaw snorkel encounter with our "Timor Tom", the 16 meter male bull, then onwards to Frazer's, Risso, melon-headed, BLUE WHALE & more pilots, the list goes on. The diving was excellent and exciting to find new sites, high coral cover and very fishy - super!! Noah, our 2 year old, loved the scrambled eggs for breakfast, the cuddles by all the crew, the camera rinse tub as his private splash pool and of course steering the speedboats at full blast, riding centre console. The whole crew, as always, friendly, courteous, professional and always ready to help with a smile.
So, thank you so much, it was truly a great time and not often, if ever, this will be equalled. Just thinking about our "toro" sashimi and the 100 kg yellow fin tuna the guys in Alor pulled out by hand after we sighted the 1,000 spotted dolphins, stories and memories to last a long time!! East of Flores, September 2013.

Mirza Pedju 05.09.2013 | 22:34
Thank you Jos, Karl, Linda, Irwan, Frangky and all the fabulous Seven Seas crew. It was sort of a voyage of rediscovery for my passion and love of diving and inspired me to do a better job for marine conservation in Indonesia. Also, on behalf of TNC, I want to extend our appreciation to allow us to be on this trip. The sighting of cetaceans, diving at Mecca and great food, will always be remembered for sure!! You guys are really great and I look forward to working with you again for REA next year. East of Flores, September 2013.

Andreas Muljadi 05.09.2013 | 22:33
On behalf of the Coral Triangle Centre, I would like to thank the Seven Seas for this very special trip. Good, fishy dive sites, sharks, whales & fantastic food. Thanks so much to all the crew. Hopefully I will have other trips with Seven Seas. East of Flores, September 2013.

Alexis 23.08.2013 | 01:41
These last two weeks have been truly intoxicating! I haven't been so deliriously happy in a very long time. An enormous thank you to all for making every moment so special. I will be back soon! PS: and how we danced as if no one was watching - the best dance party ever! Thank you, guys. East of Flores, August 2013.

Milo 23.08.2013 | 01:40
Dear all, another beautiful trip. Thanks to Karl & Linda for taking the very best care of us. I took a course in Underwater Photography, which made me very enthusiastic. My Balinese friend, Made, did his first 10 dives, which made me very proud of him, overcoming all his fear. To be continued ... East of Flores, August 2013.

Victoria 23.08.2013 | 01:39
Honestly, I have absolutely no idea where I have been at any one point in the last 12 days - nor did I care! I slept, ate, dived, danced, sunned ..... in the most beautiful and tranquil paradise ...... surrounded by the world's best crew! All my weariness melted away in the sun and deep in the sea. So sad to leave but know this - I shall return! Thanks to all on the Seven Seas. East of Flores, August 2013.

Jacqui 23.08.2013 | 01:38
Thank you all for another amazing trip! See you next time! LOVED IT, LOVED IT! East of Flores, August 2013.

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