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Sheri (and Ray) 04.01.2014 | 01:01
I was supposed to be on board for 4 weeks but it became 2 weeks but the fun I had in these 2 weeks was unbelievable! The guests we met were fantastic and the crew were (as always) the best ever!!! It had been almost 3 years since I was on board the Seven Seas ..... much too long!! I could write until the last page but I will let Rita do that!! Celebrating Rita's 70th was planned in 2011 and it was simply unforgettable!! We love you all, thank you and see you on my "make-up cruise" in the future. Deep South Komodo, January 2014.

Kitty and Lorcan 04.01.2014 | 01:00
What more can I add that hasn't been said already? We came to Seven Seas through a recommendation from a previous guest. Having only dipped our toes previously into the Komodo waters, we knew we needed to come back to do it properly. And this trip certainly didn't disappoint! Many thanks to Linda and Karl for looking after us and getting us around difficult weather. And big shout to the Captain and his fantastic crew for all their hard work to make the living and diving as carefree as a holiday should be!! Deep South Komodo, January 2014.

Peng and Sakura 04.01.2014 | 00:58
Oh, it's sentimental to open this page and be the first one to comment ...... because this means we are the first ones to leave ..... all the trip was fantastic, the diving sites, all staff of Seven Seas, all the company on board. Thank you all for your kindness, especially helping me through some physical problems. It was memorable to spend Christmas of 2013 and New
Year of 2014 together with you. Deep South Komodo, January 2014.

Anders 04.01.2014 | 00:57
As Hulk Hogan says: "There can only be one" or Tina Turner: "Simply the best"!! To make it short, no liveaboard in Indonesia makes you feel more treated than Seven Seas. Dive crew, kitchen crew, all just seems to work perfectly smooth to comfort you. We will be back! Deep South Komodo, January 2014.

Emma 04.01.2014 | 00:55
Seven Seas was my very first liveaboard and it was awesome! I especially liked how everything was nice and calm and organised. Karl did a great job at cruise directing and dive guiding and so did Irwan. And all the crew were great and funny. I sure do hope me and my daddy could come back, I loved it! I also got my 50th dive! Deep South Komodo, January 2014.

Wayne and Rita Duchenne 28.12.2013 | 01:18
As we pursue our mantra "memories, magic and moments", we thank the Seven Seas for providing many of the above. The unforgettable dive guide that Irwan was and the hospitality of all the staff, ensured a relaxing, delicious (food) and awesome underwater life experience that we look forward to repeating in the future. Thanks for everything. East of Flores, December 2013.

Rabea and Nicholas 28.12.2013 | 01:17
Dear Seven Seas: this trip was East of Eden! That will be the title for the article. Thank you very much for the magic of Indian Ocean you shared with us! East of Flores, December 2013.

Felix and Irene 28.12.2013 | 01:16
This lucky ship! She rightly carries the prestige of a marvelous divers' ship. Karl and Linda have much of the credit. We enjoyed our stay very much and will recommend the Seven Seas. East of Flores, December 2013.

Phil 28.12.2013 | 01:15
To the Crew of the Seven Seas: Everything was amazing - food, people, excursions and especially the diving. Looking forward to the next trip and seeing you all again. Thanks! East of Flores, December 2013.

Jason 28.12.2013 | 01:14
Great boat, great locations, great diving and most importantly amazing people to take care of us and create a fantastic holiday!! Big thanks to all the crew and looking forward to making more great times in the future in Indonesia. Many thanks and best fishes. East of Flores, December 2013.

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