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George & Terri McNee 03.02.2014 | 22:32
Fantastic experience – New friends become old friends. Karl is fantastic and very attentive to our every wish. This was our second trip and we hope to come back again.
Thanks! Deep South Komodo, January 2014.

Alessandra and Richard 03.02.2014 | 22:29
This was our first trip with Seven Seas and we are very impressed – The Staff is very friendly and accommodating. The boat is beautiful by design and very comfortable for a 13 days stay. The Dive Guides were extremely helpful to us as we are novice divers. Many thanks to Tom and Beth, Karl and the rest of the Staff! Deep South Komodo, January 2014.

Sonia Goggel 03.02.2014 | 22:26
This South Komodo month has gone by way too fast!!
Thank you ever so very very much for another magnificent trip on Seven Seas!
The diving again was magical: mantas, lush soft corals, critters, tons of fish and all!! We were in the best, kindest, most professional hands possible, taken care of by the awesome Seven Seas Crew and Cruise Director Karl. Over the years they have truly become our dear Family at Sea and the gorgeous Seven Seas our Home. It just cannot get any better than this!! Thank you so very much!! Deep South Komodo, January 2014.

The Barker Family 03.02.2014 | 22:08
Our 4th trip on Seven Seas and just as good as ever. What a difference to dive Cannibal Rock in warm and clear water – what a beautiful dive!! My best dive ever was on ‘The Alley’ in very good viz with Mantas, GTs and Humpheads in the shallows.
As always the Crew on Seven Seas are the best!! Diving with old friends and making new friends is even better!! Deep South Komodo, January 2014.

Tom Campbell & Beth Davidow 19.01.2014 | 09:22
The Seven Seas and her crew more than fulfilled our expectations for an incredible experience in South Komodo. Tom and I have travelled much of the world and have spent lots of time on liveaboards and Seven Seas is top notch! From Karl and Linda who managed everything with grace, humor and professionalism, to the entire crew who work so hard to see to our every need, we appreciated the attention to all our needs! Irwan and Frengky were great at pointing out things for us to film - and Karl found some very cool stuff too! Thanks to the crew who carried our heavy cameras back and forth and up and down with such care. And to the staff who kept us well-fed - thanks! It's a solid team here on the Seven Seas and the two fantastic weeks of diving were enhanced by a terrific group of travelers and friends! South Komodo, January 2014.

Barb and Russ 19.01.2014 | 09:20
Dear Seven Seas and her fabulous crew: thank you for an amazing diving experience. We have truly been pampered with yummy food, exceptional diving and warm, friendly, helpful staff. It's gonna take a lot to beat this lovely experience. Many thanks!! South Komodo, January 2014.

Charlie Bloomer 19.01.2014 | 09:19
Dear Seven Seas: what a wonderful trip! Thank you so much for making me so comfortable and for tending to my every need. We photo/videographers with big cameras can be a handful, but you did a brilliant job of making us feel well taken care of and supported. And the guides ..... oh, my - Irwan, Frengky and Karl did an excellent job pointing out amazing critters, which would only be possible with a comprehensive knowledge of the flora and fauna of this fruitful area. Accommodations are very comfortable, food was delicious and every service was delivered by friendly, smiling crew. Now am thinking about bringing the family out for a "Family Cruise" on the Seven Seas. South Komodo, January 2014.

Pat 19.01.2014 | 09:18
Karl, Linda, Tom & Beth and the entire Seven Seas crew: as for sure you all know, I am an amateur along for the ride with all the pros but you have made me feel welcome and it was a trip of a lifetime for me. Everyone was very helpful and professional and I had a fabulous time. I can't wait to get home and tell everyone of my grand adventure. I will remember it always. South Komodo, January 2014.

Andrea Marshall 19.01.2014 | 09:17
To the crew and the guides of the Seven Seas ... thank you for so many memories, especially some of the best manta activity I have ever seen, particularly in Indonesia. My first trip to Komodo will always be so special. Thank you for first rate service and lovely conversations, I will be back. South Komodo, January 2014.

Jerry Wyss 19.01.2014 | 09:15
Karl and Linda and the entire crew - thanks!!! This has been one of the best dive trips I have been on in the last 20 years. The dive guides, crew, cooks, all have provided excellent service, making this a very pleasant and productive trip! South Komodo, January 2014.

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