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Our love of trips on The Seven Seas

We enjoyed a week of the most fantastic dives, enjoying magnificent ship, the wonderful company of our bunch most of all the hospitality of the very special crew on the Seven Seas. Read More
Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat – a `sea life experience` on the Seven Seas

Our stay on the Seven Seas Liveaboard was not a diving trip, nor was it a pleasure cruise: it was a `sea life experience`. We learned to experience living at sea, and we were privileged to study and enjoy the lives of all the creatures that call the sea their natural home. Read More
Our group

Simply Snorkeling

Recently we have been getting quite a few guests who just want to snorkel. Last trip we had one tender totally dedicated to a family of very keen snorkelers. Read More

Paradise on the Edge – Raja Ampat to the Spice Islands

My wife and I were among 12 very fortunate divers on board the Seven Seas, a one hundred foot Iron wood trading Pinisi built in Makassar and tricked out for anything a diver could wish for. On our first dive an immense Ocean Manta appeared, at first like a ghost ship then floated above us, blocking out the sun. Read More
Photo by David Pincus

An Experience of a Lifetime

On December 23 I embarked on the Seven Seas, ready for an experience of a lifetime.. The luxurious boat provides spaces to read, chat, sunbathe or chill out. It is a total detox from life. The variety and high standard of food satisfied even the pickiest of eaters. Read More
The Seven Seas at Raja Ampat

Coming up Aces in Raja Ampat: Luck of the draw on a most unforgettable dive

By Tommy Schultz - What’s the difference between a scuba diver and a Vegas gambler? Might seem like an odd question, but if you look closely we’re really not so different. We all take leaps of faith, venturing into the unknown, hoping lady luck is going to smile on us this time. At least that’s how I felt on the morning of January 11th, just four days into our incredible 12-day cruise of Raja Ampat on the Seven Seas when I had the luckiest dive of my life. Read More
Coming up Aces in Raja Ampat: Luck of the draw on a most unforgettable dive

Raja Ampat – The benefits of enforcement

By John Tanzer. – The difference ‘real’ protection from fishing can make to coral reef fish life and dive experience. Marine protected areas are most valued where they pay their way. Well protected they will continue to support the resilience of the magnificent reefs of Raja Ampat as well as the wellbeing of communities into the future. Read More
Malabar grouper

Raja Ampat – A Photographer’s Dream

As I stepped off the tender boat onto the deck of the Seven Seas anchored in Sorong Harbor, I knew Wendy and I were in for a special kind of dive trip. For 12 relaxing days, this classic Buginese schooner served as home while we cruised the waters of Raja Ampat, treating the 12 divers and 1 snorkeler to the best scuba diving I’ve experienced in my 15 years of diving! Read More
Raja Ampat Diving

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