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The Story About Snappers

If we loose the deepwater snappers, because of need, greed, or carelessness, we'll find ourselves impoverished in more ways than we can anticipate.

Banda fishers at Manuk

Reef Conservation Agreements – Serua

The mission for the three conservation trips in 2020 and 2021 was the establishment and evaluation of a conservation agreement in one of the villages along the route of Seven Seas. We ended up working with Serua in the Centreal Moluccas.

Approaching Jerili village

Reef Conservation Agreements – Dawera

During the conservation trips with Seven Seas in November 2020, April 2021, and November 2021, we visited various villages to see if the village administrations would be interested to engage in a conservation agreement with Yayasan Konservasi Alam Nusantara (YKAN), an Indonesia non-governmental organization.

Signing of a letter-of-intent

Banda Blue

A Seven Seas Voyage for the purposes of fish Conservation studies, mapping new dive sights and a team of explorers capturing Psycho-Anthropologist, Dr. Lawrence Blair in his element in the archipelago of Indonesia.


Seven Seas Conservation Efforts in the Banda Sea

Last year midway through 2020 while sitting around with Seven Seas crippled by Covid, I had an idea! What if I could use the resources available to do something good for the ocean that has given us all so much over the years?

Serua Island

Seven Seas Update – August 2021

You are probably wondering what the status of our operations are over here in Indonesia. I’m happy to report we are all well despite the current spike in Covid cases.

Our Journey on Leg 2 of Epic Trip 2

From exploring the turquoise lagoons, drifting along deep walls, watching the sun set over an empty oceanic horizon, this trip was a platform for reflection, exploration and discovery. A journey that took us past countless remote atolls, deep walls and beautiful reefscapes.

Banda Sea

The Chase for Light

When Mark called me last year and told me his vision to help local communities to protect the "pristine" environment they call home, by creating “No Take Zone” aka Marine Protected Areas, and give back to the same ocean that gave him a life, a great family and so much, I was in!

Foued & sea snake

Triton Bay Cinematic

Triton Bay is far away and quite isolated. This makes it one of the few gems left in the underwater world and has become one of the favorite spots for many underwater photographers/videographers.

Triton Bay


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