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Big John to the Rescue!

Us few snorkelers had our own reward in a bittersweet way. Seeing a small manta (1.5-2 m) with a strange series of white lines marking its back, I free dived down and noticed deep cuts in the left wing. The second dive down I found a long monofilament fishing line trailing behind it. Read More
Young manta with cuts


From laying on the ocean floor and looking up to see giant trevallies passing by at fish bowl, to snorkeling with manta rays up close, to going on my first night dive - these are memories I’ll cherish forever. Read More
Risso’s dolphins

Amazing Komodo

The diving in Komodo is beyond amazing. Each time you enter the water, it is a new experience, however my favourite underwater experience was snorkelling with the mantas. Read More
Amazing Komodo

Komodo Magic

I can't believe we are still finding new mind blowing sites in Komodo. And there is something spiritual about having a glimpse every now and then, of the many secrets that mother Komodo still holds. Read More
Deep South Komodo

A Surprise Encounter with a Heavily Pregnant Manta

Snorkeling and diving with mantas at Manta Alley are always very rewarding and I always do both. Diving gets us down to the cleaning station where, if one is careful and patient, the huge mantas will come in close and hover as they are stripped of parasites by a host of fishes. Read More
Pregnant manta with swollen back and belly

16-28 March 2020: Whale Sharks & Oceanic Mantas

Ahoy shipmates! I just wanted let you all know that after our recent success with Whale sharks and Oceanic mantas during our February and March trips to the southern Bird's Head earlier this year we are planning an expedition totally dedicated to exploring Triton Bay and the south west coast of West Papua, including Momon and the Fak Fak region. Read More
Whale shark

Fishing boats in Indonesia

Some of you may like to learn a bit more about what happens around Indonesia’s vast marine areas. Lida will share some short info stories each month, we hope you like them. This one is about Indonesian fishing boats. Read More
Purse seine fishing boats

Seven Seas Sailing Adventure from Kaimana to Sorong

I’m Tom Roberts, my dad brought me on the Seven Seas for the first time. It was my first time on a sailing boat and it was really special boat because it wasn’t any ordinary boat it was a Buginese pirate boat. Even better I had to miss two weeks of school other though dad made me do homework every day. Read More
Tom Roberts

Whalesharks of West Papua with #Legends of the Deep

On this very first voyage of the Seven Seas to the southern side of West Papua, we were accompanied by true legends of the deep, Dr Mark Erdmann and Dr Gerry Allen. These two have probably more combined experience underwater in this region than anyone on the planet. Read More
Whale Sharks

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