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Not just a once in a lifetime experience!

For the second time we enjoyed even more our stay on this magnificent boat. Our welcome on the boat was like coming home again. Although the crew had changed completely, the quality was just as good as the first trip--maybe even better! Read More

Looking Better Than Ever (August 2017)

I am back on board The Seven Seas after dry dock and she looks better then ever. It amazes me how much is accomplished in this short time period. A lot of it you will see as soon as you come on board and some of it you won't see but it is crucial for the well running of The Seven Seas for the year to come. Read More

East of Flores, April 30 to May 10th, 2017

Standing on the upper deck of the Seven Seas at sunrise on the morning of day two. The first colors of the day are glowing in the east, but the beauty of the Indonesian daybreak is completely eclipsed by the panorama of raw geology we're all staring at. Read More

More to follow soon!

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