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Painting Komodo with Valerie Taylor

Dive legend Valerie Taylor talks painting and diving during a Komodo trip on the Seven Seas. Valerie and her husband, Ron Taylor, pioneered underwater photography and filmmaking in Australia and around the world. Read More
Valerie Taylor

Seven Seas East of Flores Cruise Report

Our stay at the Seven Seas Cruises was exceptional. We were blown away by how spacious and beautiful the boat was. Our cabin was gorgeous, super comfortable and the shower was awesome! Read More
East of Flores reef

Seven Seas opens the storybook on coral reef survival

This past trip to the best dive sites west and east of Flores met all expectations and exceeded others. Corals apart, the snorkeling with six mantas was unforgettable. While we worked hard to keep position in the current, they glided effortlessly right up to and past us, including a newborn with the fold marks on its back still visible. Read More
Boulder Porites coral

Snapshots of Explorations – Sumbawa and beyond

A jolly group of travelers got together for a trip on the Seven Seas this past month of July, planning to explore and dive some new locations, off the beaten track, around Sumbawa, Sangeang Api, Gili Banta and the North West coast of Flores. Read More
On the beach

Komodo and East of Flores Trip Report

The experience of being closely checked out by a group of manta rays and their ancillary followers was a highlight for us all. They showed no fear, only apparent curiosity. This despite the fact that many continue to be hunted for their gills so valued in Chinese medicine. Read More
Turtle and fish

Seven Seas Donation to Manta Conservation East of Flores

Earlier this month, Indonesian non-profit, Misool Foundation, welcomed guests from the Seven Seas as they passed through on a 2-week liveaboard trip. The group of 14 visited the Foundation's programme office in East Flores to learn more about its with the manta hunting community of Lamakera. Read More
Seven Seas' donation

Two Weeks in Komodo – Bringing out the Best

Any guy who owns a luxury liveaboard in Indonesia and is interested in a science teacher at a small school in southwestern Virginia must run a remarkable operation. I finally had the chance to observe this remarkable dive operation during the first two weeks of June, 2018. Read More
Pygmy seahorse

Bon Voyage Karl and Linda, Welcome Alex!

It is hard to imagine, but after 10 years of some of the most amazing Seven Seas cruises, Karl will soon be leaving us to take a well-deserved break. Karl’s professionalism, calmness and ever-ready attitude have been pivotal in giving our Seven Seas guests such special experiences. Read More
Karl and Linda - Wedding Day

French Toast in Flores

This was an epic Indonesian liveaboard adventure, cruising from Maumere to Alor in the East and back around Flores to Komodo in the West. A long way away from our home in France, but it was worth every nautical mile of it. Read More

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