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The Groupers of Sermata

This report covers just two days out of a 25-day conservation trip with Seven Seas to Komodo, the Forgotten Islands, Banda, and Seram. The groupers and snappers of Sermata were special.

Coral Trout (groupers) in a holding pen in Sermata

Counting Myself Lucky

How excited I was when during the EPIC trip with the Seven Seas Live aboard in the Forgotten Islands, I was able to witness something extraordinary.

Schooling of Sailfin Snappers

All Hands on Deck

We have made a few changes to our office team recently and I would like to inform you of these as they are coming into effect this month.

Seven Seas Office Team

Birostris Ballet in the Four Kings

I have never seen the Misool marine protected area completely deserted by the growing liveaboard industry, but there we were, on day 6 of the trip, without any other boat around us…

Mobula birostris

We Will Never Forget These Islands

A full month aboard the Seven Seas. The crew and all travelers were double checked and found healthy and the seas promised to be calm and the weather would be sunny.

Sperm whale

Seven Seas Solitude

Over 1300 nautical miles during a 19 day expedition that skirted the Southern rim before crossing the deepest sea in relation to is size on the planet…the Banda Sea.

Forgotten Islands

Diving in the Time of Pandemic

This trip from Ambon to Sorong was very special. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, resort and liveaboard-based diving at this time is essentially limited to Indonesian citizens and expatriate residents.

Common lionfish


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