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We Will Never Forget These Islands

A full month aboard the Seven Seas. The crew and all travelers were double checked and found healthy and the seas promised to be calm and the weather would be sunny.

Sperm whale

Seven Seas Solitude

Over 1300 nautical miles during a 19 day expedition that skirted the Southern rim before crossing the deepest sea in relation to is size on the planet…the Banda Sea.

Forgotten Islands

Diving in the Time of Pandemic

This trip from Ambon to Sorong was very special. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, resort and liveaboard-based diving at this time is essentially limited to Indonesian citizens and expatriate residents.

Common lionfish

UPDATE: Temporary Covid Terms

As there is still no information regarding the Indonesian Government’s plans for the reopening of the country to International tourism, we have decided to further extend our “Covid Terms” to June of 2021.

Covid Terms

Komodo Discount Trips in October

If you are fortunate enough to be in Indonesia right now (Indonesian or expat on residence visa), you don’t have lots of money to spend, but you’re a keen diver…


July Update from Captain Mark

No doubt you are all wondering what is going on regarding the plan for international travel to Indonesia. Once again it is very difficult to be accurate but I can tell you the plan.

Mark Heighes

Seven Seas Update

Just thought we should let you know that all is well on board the Seven Seas. She has just completed her annual dry dock and looking better than ever as she makes her way back from Surabaya to our home port of Labuan Bajo.

Seven Seas in dock

Land of the Giants

Every once in a while Seven Seas is contracted by a film production company. This time the shoot will take place in West Papua, formally known to me and many of you as Irian Jaya.

Whale sharks


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