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Please note: Seven Seas does not pre-set any itineraries as this is probably the single worst practice in adventure cruising, leading potentially only to misunderstandings, discomfort and even dangerous situations. Seven Seas indicates the destinations and ports of departure and disembarkation, and provides detailed information on the destination including numerous trip reports from previous voyages. Other than that, the itinerary for every single cruise is decided by the Cruise Director and the Captain based on the weather and ocean conditions at the time of the trip, the particular wishes and skills levels of the guests, recent experiences at particular sites, and any other factors that need to be taken into account to guarantee a comfortable, safe and enjoyable experience.


With dragons on land and a utopia underwater, you’ll find an array of dive sites to suit every level of experience. Great landscapes, superb hikes, exotic wildlife and stunning views and beaches complete the picture. Hardly surprising then that this is one of our favorite choices. » More…


Komodo – Deep South

Diving the Southern sites of Komodo National Park, and surrounding islands, has always been very exciting and unusual. Rocky canyons and pinnacles are heavily encrusted with marine invertebrate life, with lots of color and plenty of fish. Night diving without a doubt is one of the highlights here, lots of critters and far superior to any of the sites in the north. » More…


Raja Ampat and Triton Bay (Papua)

The legendary Raja Ampat archipelago to the northwest, Cenderawasih Bay to the north, and Triton Bay to the south, the variety of experiences available in West Papua range from unforgettable scuba dives, sea kayaking / SUP paddling across a constellation of beautiful islands, world-class hiking and bird-watching opportunities, and so much more. A must for seasoned divers. » More…


Banda Sea and Halmahera

Once sought by Columbus and Marco Polo, the Spice Islands in the Banda Sea have long been the most coveted destination on earth. Now coveted for their spectacular diving and snorkelling on some of the world’s richest reefs – steep drop offs, impressive hard coral and great fish life make this area simply breathtaking. » More…


East of Flores

Recognized as one of Asia’s ‘Top 10 dive destinations’, the archipelago east of Flores is one of our favorite areas to explore on our liveaboard dive adventures. With an endless horizon punctuated with the peaks of rugged volcanoes, an invitation to visit ancient animist villages, dive sites ranging from macro / muck diving all the way up to the chance to glimpse the world’s largest mammal – the Seven Seas East of Flores voyage offers our guests one of the most unique scuba diving / adventure travel experiences available anywhere on earth. » More…


The Forgotten Islands

Also known as the Southeast Moluccas, the “Forgotten Islands” are not a single destination, but rather a 1,000 km long chain of archipelagos stretching from Timor to West Papua on the island of New Guinea. Undeveloped, distant from population centers and far off any beaten path, these islands have been largely isolated from the rest of Indonesia and the world. » More…



Fast attracting a reputation as one of the top dive spots in the world, you will enjoy some of the healthiest coral reefs you are ever likely to dive. Especially the small outer Islands, with their colonies of nesting seabirds and steep drop-offs, which bring you eye to eye with some impressive schools of fish and some massive dogtooth tuna. » More…


Want to boldly go where no man has gone before?

Choose your own itinerary! There are countless islands in Indonesia’s Eastern region, so feel free to chart your own course. The Seven Seas team will then help you to achieve your personal adventure under the safe guidance of our expert crew and dive guides.

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“What a trip!! The diving was absolutely fantastic. So many fish, perfect clarity, entire staff was charming & competent in every respect. A well oiled machine the Seven Seas is. Thanks so much for the experience of a lifetime!”
Talitha & Brad

Raja Ampat, March 2017

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