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East of Flores

Unspoiled & remote, yet bewitchingly accessible aboard The Seven Seas
Recognized as one of Asia’s ‘Top 10 dive destinations’, the archipelago east of Flores is one of our favorite areas to explore on our liveaboard dive adventures. With an endless horizon punctuated with the peaks of rugged volcanoes, an invitation to visit ancient animist villages, dive sites ranging from macro / muck diving all the way up to the chance to glimpse the world’s largest mammal – the Seven Seas East of Flores voyage offers our guests one of the most unique scuba diving / adventure travel experiences available anywhere on earth.

The Islands

Adunara, Solor, Lembata, Pantar, to the Island of Alor in the East of the Nusa Tenggara – the islands east of Flores and Komodo are some of the least explored in the entire Indonesian archipelago. The relative difficulty in reaching these enchanted islands by land means the chance to experience some of the world’s top dive sites in relative solitude. The Seven Seas liveaboard offers the ultimate platform for getting the most out of your time here – you’ll wake up in a new, jaw-dropping destination every morning, spend the day diving, visiting villages, sea kayaking, or just taking in each new panorama from the comfort of our upper lounge before sunset drinks and dinner under the stars.

“Something I will never forget. Thoroughly loved the mode of exploration on the trip coupled with long full day journeys through native villages and locations. Massive thanks and praise to all the staff and crew. Ten out of ten trip!”
Richard Simpson

East of Flores

The archipelago East of Flores home to some of the most stunning landscapes to be found on any liveaboard dive trip, with ancient volcanoes towering above villages inhabited by tribal cultures living here since the earliest days of recorded history.

Our core itinerary usually requires the full twelve nights of cruising, however at certain times (weather permitting), our itinerary has ventured as far as Wetar – the next island to the East of Alor. Located even further beyond the beaten track of a typical live aboard dive trip – where the legendary “Forgotten Islands” begin.

The Seven Seas East of Flores cruise offers divers and adventure travelers the most complete, all-round adventure cruise experience that Indonesia has to offer.

The Diving

With new dives discovered on nearly every one of our voyages here, your divemasters aboard the Seven Seas invite you to experience an unparalleled diversity of dive sites on our East of Flores cruise.

From classic wall dives and panoramic gardens of hard and soft corals to newly-discovered muck dives in Lembata and Pantar, the incredible range of dives we offer our guests has earned enthusiastic reviews from even the most well-traveled underwater explorers.

Experienced divers thrill at the opportunity to drift rocky corners, islets and pinnacles along the Southern shores and in the straits between these islands – adrenaline diving at its most exciting, offering the chance to see large pelagic species and schools of tuna.


Underwater naturalists can explore a stunning array of diverse habitats, with hard coral reefs, pinnacles and walls covered in combinations of hard and soft corals and other invertebrates. Other sites offer sandy habitats (volcanic black, reef white), sea grass beds and even a few blue water mangrove forests.

In Lembata we have a fantastic new site believed to be one of the region’s best new muck dives. At this site we have found the ‘Holy Grail of underwater photography’, the rare Rhinopias or “weedy” scorpionfish on every visit to date.

Numerous other rare and unusual forms of marine life are found here, such as frog fish and various species of octopus. Combined with existing critter sites at Maumere, the Brewery at Lembata, Beang Abeng in Pantar, Clownfish Alley at Pura and Ghost Town in Alor we can offer a wide range of sites to build the ultimate dive itinerary.

East of Flores Videos

The Wildlife

An incredible diversity of habitats means an amazing variety of wildlife can be found across the islands East of Flores.

Deep channels between these islands are believed to play an essential role in the exchange of marine life between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Traversing these underwater superhighways, whales and dolphins follow their annual migration from the Pacific to the Indian Oceans, threading the deep but narrow straits of the Nusa Tenggara island chain. Scientists have identified this area as an important migration route for numerous species of cetaceans, as well as enormous schools of tuna.

Seven Seas guests often opt to spend a day watching whales and dolphins – one of the best opportunities to see rare species such as the blue whale, the largest animal on the planet. Sperm whales are also sighted, with past guests having the opportunity to paddle a sea kayak near enough to capture the stunning underwater video sequences of the whales we have here on this page. Enormous pods of playful dolphins are also regularly spotted here.

Away from the blue water and close to shore, we’ve also glimpsed the fearsome saltwater crocodile.

The People

Coastal communities living along eastern Indonesia’s marine migratory routes have been hunting whales for centuries. Especially in the villages of Lamalera and Lamakera they use handmade spears to take only what their village needs to eat and barter in return for vegetables and rice.

The island of Alor is home to one of Indonesia’s indigenous animist tribes – offering you the experience of joining in their ancient ceremonial dance and watching traditional weavers create their iconic ‘ikat’ sarongs and fabrics.

Climate information

Dry season:May - November
Rainy season:December - April
Air temperature:27 - 32°C
Water temperature:27°C on average but often colder in the south
Best time to dive:All year round, site selection based on seasons


  • Spectacular diving especially for experienced divers
  • Beachcombing and Snorkeling
  • Exploration by Kayak to small islands with pristine beaches and coastlines
  • Fishing for pelagic fish like Spanish mackerel, dogtooth and yellowfin tuna
  • Whale & large marine life watching
  • A visit to the traditional whaling village of Lamalera in Lembata
  • Visit local markets, always an interesting and colorful experience (see below)
  • Visiting isolated villages with some of the friendliest people in Indonesia (see below)
  • Traditional performances by the indigenous inhabitants of the islands (see below)
  • Overland excursion to Kelimutu Lakes National Park in Flores (see below)
  • Visits to traditional weaving villages and admire / buy local textiles (see below)

Land Tours

Land Tours are optional on various itineraries and charged extra.

Watubelapi ikat weaving processIkat Weaving Watubelapi, Flores

Flores is known for its unique traditional cloth. Some of the island’s best textiles come from Watubelapi, a traditional ikat-weaving village. Not only will we be able to witness the traditional weaving process, we will have an opportunity to purchase some of these unique items during the visit. You will also enjoy some local entertainment from your hosts, including cultural performances.

You will be accompanied throughout by a knowledgeable English-speaking guide, who will explain to you the traditions and beliefs of the people of Watubelapi.

Kelimutu, by Robert WilpernigKelimutu, Flores

Experience a bus trip through the spectacular scenery of Flores island as you climb to the Kelimutu National Park, where you will hike around the famous three-coloured crater lakes of this volcanic region. A delicious lunch and visit to a traditional market are also included in this day tour.

You will be accompanied throughout by a knowledgeable English-speaking guide.

Aboi tribeTakpala/Latefui Aboi Tribe, Alor

A rare opportunity to visit the Aboi hill-tribe from the island of Alor, still actively practicing their traditional culture and beliefs. You will watch cultural performances and learn about the value of the “Moko” drum from your knowledgeable English-speaking guide. Afterwards, you will visit a traditional market and the Museum of a Thousand Mokos in Kalabahi town.

How to get there

Flights: From Bali to Maumere
Flights also available to Kalabahi via Kupang but less frequent.

For further reading about Flores and the islands further east please see:

Scheduled Trips

May 2023 Trip length Route Dep from Arrive at Spaces Price (USD) Remark
12/05 - 26/05 14 nights East of Flores Maumere Maumere 0 0 Contact us
28/05 - 09/06 12 nights East of Flores and Komodo Maumere Labuan Bajo 0 0 SNORKELING TRIP Contact us
Aug 2023 Trip length Route Dep from Arrive at Spaces Price (USD) Remark
01/08 - 08/08 7 nights Komodo-Sumba-Flores-Komodo Labuan Bajo Labuan Bajo 0 Please email Contact us
Sep 2023 Trip length Route Dep from Arrive at Spaces Price (USD) Remark
05/09 - 19/09 14 nights Komodo and East of Flores Labuan Bajo Maumere 16 9310 OPEN/FLEXIBLE Contact us
21/09 - 05/10 14 nights Komodo and East of Flores Maumere Labuan Bajo 14 9310 OPEN/FLEXIBLE Contact us
Oct 2023 Trip length Route Dep from Arrive at Spaces Price (USD) Remark
07/10 - 21/10 14 nights Komodo and East of Flores Labuan Bajo Maumere 14 9310 OPEN Contact us
May 2024 Trip length Route Dep from Arrive at Spaces Price (USD) Remark
07/05 - 21/05 14 nights Komodo and East of Flores Labuan Bajo Maumere 16 9310 OPEN/FLEXIBLE Contact us
23/05 - 04/06 12 nights East of Flores and Komodo Maumere Labuan Bajo 16 7980 OPEN/FLEXIBLE Contact us

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