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Newsletter June 2006

Special offer in this first newsletter

Then last but not least for this first news letter, our cruise from Bali to Komodo of this June 24 to July 1, will be offered at special discount rate. This cruise, which will take us from Bali along the north coast of Lombok and Sumbawa passing the beautiful volcano of Sangean will be offered at a nett price of US$ 225,- per person per night, which includes dive gear but excludes harbor and park fee (US$ 100,- per person) and single return flight from Labuan Bajo to Bali (US$ 70,-).

Hello adventure and dive lovers!

First series of cruises completed successfully

The Seven Seas has completed her first series of cruises in the Bali-Komodo area. During the first 2 months of operation and without any real advertising yet, we had 6 cruises and welcomed many old and new friends on-board. Comments ranged from wonderful crew, stunning dives, diving in komodo gets better every time, luxury boat with great eye for detail, great food etc. etc. etc.

Our most recent cruise in Komodo National Park

Diving in Komodo is really something that requires some special attention now. The fish life is so abundant that on one particular dive 2 weeks ago at castle rock, it got dark underwater as if a cloud covered the sun, and the divers looked up to see a school of more than 50 giant and blue fin trevallies swirl over their heads. Besides that the "common" thousands of surgeon and unicorn fish, large schools of barracuda's and rainbow runners.

Also at Castle rock more grey reef sharks than ever, an aggregation of Malabar groupers at crystal bommie (don't tell the live reef fish traders!) AND, a 4 m Greater hammerhead at GPS point! On that same cruise, looking out for whales and dolphins from the tenders, the group came upon false killer whales and a dwarf sperm whale at Sangean vulcano. And this was all in just one cruise.

We get inquiries for many places in Indonesia, and when we offer Komodo during our season there, some people say: "yeah, we have been there last year or 2 years ago". I must say, though, I have been diving in Komodo at least during two cruises each year for the past 10 years and the area blows me away every new time I go. There is no comparison in Indonesia for the amount of large size schooling fish to Komodo. The Seven Seas will stay in Komodo until August/Mid September. Don't miss this season!

New equipment and service

This June, the Seven Seas is in dock in Banyuwanggi for a few days, as prescribed by Indonesian law and we will use that opportunity also to install Nitrox compressor equipment so we will be able to offer that as additional option to our guests later this year.

Another Seven Seas Party

Just before she returns to Komodo we will organize another of those parties onboard Seven Seas in Bali's Benoa harbor in the weekend of June 17-18. Please contact us if you want to join us for a good night of music, good snacks and wine and we will keep you updated on the exact time and date.

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