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Newsletter August 2006

Special Offers and NEW ITINERARIES in this newsletter!

The Seven Seas will be in Komodo till mid-September before crossing the Banda Sea to Ambon via Alor, Wetar and the Banda Islands. To close off the successful Komodo Season for 2006, we offer a Special Last Minute Discount cruise from September 3-10 in Komodo. Contact [email protected] and [email protected] for details. You need to be fast though!

About some of the real adventure cruises and New Itineraries...

Late September, The Seven Seas will cruise through the Banda Seas and in November Seven Seas will cruise through the Northern Malukus, via the Banda Islands, to Raja Ampat in Papua. Spring 2007 Seven Seas will offer the same cruises in reverse, from Sorong to Ambon and from Ambon to Flores. We have had a lot of inquiries for these cruises for the 2006 season and these are almost fully booked, but please check out your and our schedule at and see if you can join one the spring 2007 cruises.

And here is some even more exciting news for you that you may want to consider and get back to us on! We are now looking at offering a 2-week itinerary that includes both Raja Ampat and some of our most secret and unexplored sites at the south coast of the Papua Bird's Head, the area between Fak-Fak and Etna Bay, including Triton Bay and other magical spots that you will soon hear more about! We have some open time from early February to late March in 2007, which is PERFECT timing for that area!

And Hello adventure cruise lovers of All Ages! Special Family Cruises NOW on offer!

We have always taken our kids to our holiday live aboard cruises, and now we decided to offer special family-oriented expeditions. Please check out the details on our website where we added this specialty:

Did you really think that an adventure holiday to the last frontiers of untouched nature is impossible now that you're having kids? Are you wondering whether tropical expeditions into remote areas are a thing of the past? Is the traveling adventurer in you still alive even though you have reached the retirement age?

The Seven Seas experience is all about safety, exquisite reefs, untouched nature, in style and comfort. Throughout the year, for special group charters or just to step on with your individual family or friends, Seven Seas organize family adventure cruises in eastern Indonesia. Depending on the family composition, we can offer different cabins or cabin combinations for parents and kids. Also, depending on the number of bookings, we can give discounts for young children, provided they share a cabin with their parents.

Our most recent family cruise in Komodo National Park

On our latest cruise, we had an interesting mix of Jakarta expatriate guests and a family group with grand parents, teenagers and little kids. The combination worked really well, and it was quite possible to offer 4-5 dives a day, at least 3 amazing snorkeling experiences each day and daily relaxing beach trips and lounging. The fact that Seven Seas has 2 large dive tenders and an additional inflatable (the "rubber ducky") allows for a great variety of activities to cater the wishes for different people all at the same time. One of the guests said that they were literally exhausted from the amount of activities they took part in, they felt they had so much value for money, as if they experiences a whole month of holiday in just 1 week! Others spend more time lounging and reading, on the sundeck and the covered lounging area aft - where massages were offered.

Having been a scuba diver myself for years, I know the difference experiencing colors and fish up close and personal between diving and snorkeling. However, and this is a BIG however, there are certain sites and situations where snorkeling is MUCH better than diving. And Komodo offers several of those! Diving with manta's at Karang Makassar proved this all once again for everyone. Young and old floated down the current meeting lots of mantas face to face! Just a matter of being at the right spot at the right time...

Seven Seas crew has been trained to drop snorkelers in the water upstream of the mantas and floating, without splashing around, allows everyone to experience the mantas undisturbed natural behavior. The difficult part: resist touching! Just glide down currents, the speed boat picks you up and drops you back upcurrent to repeat the amazing experience over and over again!

Also, drift dives along Tatawa besar, yielding fantastic reef scenery with turtles and giant cuttle fish and amazing amounts and varieties of reef fish, was enjoyed just as much by the snorkelers that floated higher up on the reef. At Batu Bolong, snorkellers can always get into the water on the lee-side of the rock and enjoy at very close range the amazing feeding frenzy of large numbers of colorful wrasses crowding to feed on algae clumps and fish eggs. It is a very special experience that occurs in 1 m of water, and that scuba divers could miss entirely!

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