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Newsletter October 2006

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A very nice surprise: Banda Sea

Seven Seas cruised from Maumere to Ambon for a special birthday party cruise. During the crossing the group encountered everything they dreamed off, from the smallest critters to a greater hammerhead shark near Wetar, a nice yellowfin tuna for their sashimi and a couple of blue whales surfacing right next to the Seven Seas. It had been a while since cruise director Mark Heighes had been to the islands in the Banda Sea, but he remembered straight away why it was always one of his favorite areas to dive. Especially the re-growth of coral over the lava flow of the volcano in the Banda Islands was a major highlight.


The coral has grown so fast that the reef looks as if it has always been there, very developed colonies and some table corals even too large to carry their own weight, tumbling over. Fantastic photo opportunities presented themselves for under water photographers Valerie Taylor, Douglas Seifert and Robert Delfs, who enjoyed the scenery below as well as above the water surface. Spice Island backdrops included stunning volcano landscapes… Don't miss next years Banda Sea season! The next opportunities are March 27 to April 7 (including "the best of both worlds" starting around the southern Bird's Head and Triton Bay and ending at the Banda Islands!) and April 9 to 20, including the Banda Islands, all the gems of the Southern Banda Sea, Wetar, Alor and Maumere. After that the Seven Seas will start the 2007 Komodo Season.


New Crew Member

Stew Esposito has joined Seven Seas crew for a couple of months. Stew comes with lots of experience leading and captaining live aboard vessels and was looking for a special vessel to work on during his off-season back home in North Carolina, where he owns a community swimming pool. People booking with Seven Seas for a cruise between now and April 2007, will meet him onboard!

Beach Wear

Designed by Lani, Seven Seas has added some different designs to the beach-wear that is for sale onboard. All products are high quality and very comfortable and come in different sizes, check it out next time you come onboard or order a T-shirt and we'll ship it to you.

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