Seven Seas - East Indonesia Liveaboard
Newsletter December 2006

Dear Dive Buddies

For this newsletter we simply like to thank you for having joined us this year, we look very much forward to having you onboard again in 2007.

Merry Christmas and all the best and good health for 2007!

Some recent snippets from our onboard guestbook:

December: Raja Ampat

I always dreamed, as Alfred Russel Wallace did, of traveling through Raja Ampat. Alas, Wallace only got to Waigeo, and suffered many hardships in pursuit of the elusive Cendrawasih. Lucky me - I was able to experience so much of the area in the lap of luxury aboard the Seven Seas. From the most brilliantly colored nudibranch to the fighting Spanish mackerels, the bioluminescent magic at night to the mating calls of the red bird of paradise, this has been one of my life's highest adventures. Banyak terima kasih to Mark and the crew of Seven Seas. (Eat your heart our Wallace!)
Marty Fujita

I never saw a better example of the incredible diversity of life than on our dives at Raja Ampat. Its one of the great learning lessons of my life. Thanks to Stew and Tommy and my friends who were such great guides!
Yvon Chouinard

Great ship, great crew, excellent snorkeling and fishing. What else is there to say. Ofcourse a great gang of fellow "tourists". Fun to explore some untouched areas.
Gordon Moore

What can I say? This was an absolutely epic trip to a part of the world that is truly amazing. I could have only dreamed of coming to this area given the difficulty of getting around - so how wonderful to be able to see all of this from the Seven Seas. This is a fantastic boat and a super crew who all did a great job. It was a pleasure to say the least. Thank you so much for a great trip.
Anne Earhart

November: Ambon Raja Ampat

Another really great trip with Mark and crew. Good diving, good food, good accommodation.
Alf Ekstrous

The crew makes it look so easy, but work so hard! This is a happy ship and it shows. So many smiles, so much attention to detail, such care. The boat is lyrical and beautiful, cant stop taking her picture - but also thoroughly modern and comfortable. Mark is a rock in the surf. Oh year - the diving - stunning! Thanks everybody!
Andreas Merkl and Donna Perrot

October: Banda

This is my first live aboard and I am sorry to say that no other live aboard will stand up to the quality I am now accustomed to. I loved the experience and will return for another trip one day. Amazing crew and food, plus, I thought may be on a hammock but was treated to luxury. Thanks everyone! Keep me posted on trips!
Matt Hawskworth

If you don't go, you wont know. One Sea One World. Ahoy and Joy, see you all again, wouldn't sail with any other.
Davina Stephens (and she wrote much more, a whole poem about the boat and crew...)

September: Maumere Ambon

The Seven Seas is the only way to go! WOW!
Karen M'Gowan

Mark: best captain of the 7 Seas - you have a TOP ship - thanks for the remarkable explorations. In my dreams...
Francie Rehwald

Worth the 21hrs flight!
Michael West

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