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Newsletter April/May 2007

This newsletter merges April and May as we'd been on a couple of holiday ourselves over the last weeks.

Seven Seas has returned to the Komodo area for the summer season, and we've all been looking forward to that. On one of our own most recent dives at Castle Rock we saw 5 grey reef sharks and 3 fat white tip reef sharks, so even while sharks are in dire state in Indonesia, Komodo proves to have plenty as we see more each time we go!

This year is almost fully booked but, due to opening up of a charter, we now have space again in August for Komodo cruises - please check the schedule at
There are also still 2 or 3 spaces available on 5-13 September 2007 Komodo charter with Brandon Cole and we have another opening on the X-mass cruise in Raja Ampat.

Seven Seas on German TV

In our February newsletter we mentioned that Seven Seas would feature on NDR TV. The film about Raja Ampat will be broadcasted Sunday 27th May from 19.00 - 20.00 hrs. The announcement printed in TV magazines will be: Ostsee Report Spezial. There are a few films within the show and one will be about the young German Biologist Jan Henning Steffen investigating the underwater world of the Raja Ampat Archipelago on board the Seven Seas. The length of this part will be approx. 10 minutes. Whoever can get German Television and watches it, please let us know what you think.

Seven Seas supports school ferry in Banda

On the most recent Banda Sea cruise, Seven Seas and our guests joined together to support schoolchildren from poor families living on Api by paying for the ferry to transport them to and from the school on Bandaneira, the adjacent island.

Schooling is free on Banda Neira, but for the children that live on Api island, the costs of the daily ferry were too high and they had not been able to attend school for a long time. Mark Heighes organized a boat to start taking the kids to school each day and all guests from the Banda-Maumere cruise joined with the Seven Seas to donate enough money to cover ferry costs for all 6 children, 2 more children were supported by other island visitors.

The next day, all 8 children were all in class. When the Seven Seas next visits Banda Neira later this year in October, we will see how things have progressed, and we will bring new paint for the school ferry.

Seven Seas party

On Sunday June 3, Seven Seas returns to Bali for the obligatory docking. On that evening, at Benoa harbor, Seven Seas holds another boat party starting at 18.00 hrs. Please contact us, if you're around and like to join us to celebrate a year of successful operations!


After just over a full year of operations, we are glad to report that we estimate at least 10% less fuel use than expected due to our installed Fitch system. This system reduced CO2 emissions to close to zero and also enhances the performance of the engine, and particularly the fuel efficiency. The Fitch system can be installed in cars, motorbikes, boats, water heaters, pretty much anything that uses fossil fuel to run. The Fitch system is available in many countries throughout this part of the world, but also in the USA. We would strongly recommend people to consider getting information about installing Fitch systems in their vehicles or other equipment as well, please watch the movie Unconvenient Truth of Al Gore and you'll understand why!

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