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Newsletter November 2008
Dear Dive buddies,

This newsletter is about some excellent last minute deals, the shooting of the material for the latest IMAX 3D movie by Howard & Michele Hall and their team, and our upcoming photo competition. Also, Stew Esposito is back for another season in eastern Indonesia - welcome back Stew!

Last minute availabilities

For December 2008 and January and February 2009 we have some last minute availability in RAJA AMPAT, you can book these for a nice discount! Note that for the 2nd cruise you need to contact the charter client:
Then for 2009 summer holidays we have spots available in Komodo. Contact Seven Seas office for these cruises:
  • Cabins available (1) Jun 4-14, (2) Jul 14-21 (family cruise), (3) Aug 6-18.
  • FULL BOAT available August 20-30.

IMAX 3D shooting by Howard & Michele Hall and their crew

The last - Indonesian - leg of an amazing journey by Howard and Michele Hall and their team to film for the newest "IMAX - Under the Sea 3D" was completed with Seven Seas.

An excerpt from their team report:

"...Our primary goal in Indonesia had been to capture the breathtaking colors of the reefs in the Coral Triangle. We did that. Seeing, in IMAX 3D, the hard and soft corals surrounded by the myriad species of fish in a format this is truly virtual reality was a stunning experience. The coral reef scenes in Under the Sea 3D will be more beautiful than any underwater image ever before captured in this format. We also captured spectacular sequences of a variety of interesting animals.

Our three days of filming garden eels resulted in the most intimate look at garden eels ever captured on film. Our underwater mangrove footage exceeded both Peter's and my most optimistic expectations. There is a shot of a school of catfish feeding in the mangroves that is simply amazing. The sea snake sequence also looked better than we had expected, and completely justified the 400 or so miles of extra travel by boat in rough ocean conditions. And there were numerous shots of individual animals, such as the carrier crab Graham Abbott found for us, which proved absolutely fascinating.

So, I think after everyone involved finally sees the finished film there will be complete agreement that our Indonesia adventure will have been worth the effort. The Indonesia footage combines with the wonderful behavioral sequences we captured in Australia and PNG to make the film not only fascinating but extraordinarily beautiful...".

We all look much forward to seeing the film in the IMAX theaters, please watch out for them near you, the launch is planned for February 2009!

Seven Seas Photo competition

In July we told you about our photo competition, a reminder here:

The winner of the Seven Seas photo competition will receive a free cruise in Komodo from August 6 to 18 in 2009. Pictures must have been taken on a Seven Seas cruise, and the date for final submissions will be April 1, 2009. Please submit files of your pictures, not larger than 1 MB in size, to [email protected] with a brief description of where you took them. There will be two categories, one underwater and the other above water, with Seven Seas in there as a theme. We have a highly respected jury lined up to evaluate your photographs. All submissions will be featured on our website in the photo gallery, but you will maintain full ownership of the photographs of course, and we can accommodate links to your website if you aim to sell your photographs. Only the winning photographs will have to be donated to Seven Seas for promotional use.
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