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Newsletter March 2009
Hello dive & adventure buddies!

Finally another Seven Seas newsletter has dropped in your inbox.
We have just finished what we think was the best Raja Ampat season to date, have a look for example at this trip report.

This newsletter has a mix of info on great Bali accommodation that we can organize before or after your cruise, the new IMAX Under the Sea movie that was partly shot from Seven Seas, and the Freund Factory Coral Triangle Photographic Expedition in Komodo.

But first of all: an update on availability (not much left open for the next year or so!).
  • June 4-14: 2 cabins (4 people) Komodo to Bali
  • August 20-30: 7 cabins (14pax) Komodo National Park
  • December 3-17: 4 cabins (8pax) Banda Sea and Raja Ampat
  • January 2010, 17-29: 4 cabins (8pax) Raja Ampat
Full charters are available for 2010:
  • March 18-30 Raja Ampat
  • April 18-30 Banda Sea
More availability in 2010 from May onwards, please keep checking our schedule via and contact us soon for bookings at [email protected] with cc to [email protected].

Bali accommodation

To provide a larger range of accommodation options, we have secured a relationship with some exclusive villas and hotels in Bali. Especially the villa's would be something for you to consider next time you book for a Seven Seas cruise, with 2, 3, or 4 bedrooms, these fully staffed beautifully designed villas right all around Bali, are a great alternative to a hotel. Especially when you are with a few couples or a family, the level of privacy and comfort exceeds any hotel, at a much more reasonable price! Most villas do require at least 2-3 nights stay, but as we are working to upgrade our websites with some insider tips on what to do and see when in Bali before or after your cruise with Seven Seas, that should not be a problem! Just ask for this when you make your cruise bookings.

More on the IMAX movie

Howard and Michele Hall with their IMAX team shot Indonesia onboard Seven Seas and check out their blog via Also, check out the IMAX "webisode" by clicking this link and then click on Webisode #5 which covers the Indonesia part filmed from Seven Seas.

In February the movie was launched in the US and first comments are fantastic. Go see it in an IMAX 3D theatre near you! This is what Wall Street Journal says:

"Every time I see an underwater IMAX film in 3D, I'm astounded -- a big word, but the only right word -- by the intimacy of the experience. With the Polaroid glasses off, the screen is huge, far away and all aswirl with fuzzy pictures. With them on, brilliantly sharp images sit inches from your face, and the oyster is your world. "Under the Sea 3D" is one of the best of the genre. If it doesn't serve oysters, per se, this submarine wonder offers marvels in abundance. A swarm of catfish rolls to and fro in unison, like a liquid tumbleweed. A formation of eels, standing upright in a sandy bottom, waves in unison like pencil-slender sirens. Giant cuttlefish change color as readily as politicians. Jellyfish pulsate erotically, reef squid roam translucently, great white sharks drift ominously and a huge potato cod barely misses bumping into my nose.

Something is different, however, and it takes a while to realize what it is. 'Under the Sea 3D' doesn't exult in the ocean's extraplanetary extravagance as previous films have. Plenty of fish are in evidence, no worry about that, and not just fish but baby sea lions and leafy sea dragons, plus intermittent showers of plankton. But there's a tincture of solemnity to the narration, delivered by Jim Carrey, a bringing of news about how global warming may be raising the oceans' acidity, and thereby threatening such undersea life as the Great Barrier Reef, the largest living structure on earth. This is a 4D film, really, the fourth dimension being education. It targets young audiences, in particular, with the message that our planet is in trouble from top to bottom."


Seven Seas will sponsor the Freund Factory Coral Triangle Photographic Expedition - an 18 month journey into the far corners of the Coral Triangle. Our Seven Seas photo-competition did not receive sufficient appropriate entries, and we decided to give the prize, a free dive cruise in Komodo, to Stella Chiu & Jürgen Freund.

The Freunds will take a journey into the Coral Triangle to discover the wildlife and the people, how they are connected, and what threats and challenges face them and how they can be overcome. The expedition will document WWF's and other conservation organisations work on the ground through stories and pictures. The aim of the expedition is to put the Coral Triangle on the map and into people's hearts and minds. Through the photographs, interviews and testimony from people, the expedition will investigate and show the 'connectivity' between people and wildlife in the Coral Triangle, presenting it is an organic, dynamic entity where livelihoods, wildlife and survival are interdependent across the region and beyond.


The Coral Triangle is the world's centre of marine life - a vast, majestic and colourful coral nursery covering the seas of Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Solomon Islands, and Timor-Leste - a home sheltering and sustaining thousands of whales, dolphins, tuna, reef fish, rays, sharks and turtles - the true Eden of the seas. The richness does not only lie in the underwater world, but in the world of people; of cultures and traditions that make the diversity reflected back from nature to humans. We felt strongly that Komodo should be at the heart of this story!

The expedition will establish and profile the Coral Triangle in international and regional feature media and online and with our donation of the Komodo cruise to this project we have ensured that our own favourite destination will be shine in the media coverage. A network of dive resorts and dive boat operators will sponsor expedition dive trips within Coral Triangle territories. Seven Seas will sponsor the Komodo leg of the expedition in August this year. The entire expedition will have three major outputs:
  • photo essays
  • feature articles
  • online expedition coverage (photo/story blog)
Look out for our next newsletters, we will provide you with web-links to follow progress on the expedition!

And hope to welcome you on board (again) soon!
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