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Newsletter September 2009
Dear Dive Buddies

Breaking news! Karl Klingeler and Linda Johnston will join the Seven Seas team starting October. Karl and Linda have 10 years' experience in the diving industry, 7 of them in Indonesia alone. After 3 years working in the Bahamas, they settled in Bali in 2002. As well as teaching new divers to dive, they have introduced older ones to the magic of underwater Indonesia, having worked with a number of luxury liveaboards and having managed a world-renowned dive resort. With around 7,000 total dives under their belts, half of them throughout the Indonesian archipelago, they are the perfect hosts to lead you and the Seven Seas through this wonderland.

Karl will lead many of our cruises starting in April 2010 and for those who have dived with him, you know that is fantastic news. Linda will strengthen the office team but is also going to develop some new products on board starting in 2010. She will offer a variety of courses, including an intro to digital photography, as well as producing trip videos. And there will be more, keep an eye out for these newsletters.


Also in this newsletter, we like to share some testimonials about recent cruises in Komodo. We have said it before: if you think you have "done" Komodo already, think again! Our own Heighes and Pet families keep going back at least once every year and each time we find new things and experience more amazing adventures. Check out these pictures from Burt Jones who was our special guest cruise director for some amazing trips in August.

For the rest of the Komodo season Seven Seas is full, so be quick and book your spot for next year, here are the availabilities:

Dates (2010) Route Dep from Arrive at Spaces Remark
11/05 - 21/05 Komodo National Park Labuan Bajo Labuan Bajo OPEN guaranteed
23/05 - 02/06 Komodo National Park Labuan Bajo Labuan Bajo 13 available guaranteed
04/06 - 14/06 Komodo to Bali Labuan Bajo Benoa-Bali OPEN guaranteed
18/07 - 29/07 Komodo National Park Labuan Bajo Labuan Bajo 6 available family cruise
31/07 - 11/08 Komodo National Park Labuan Bajo Labuan Bajo OPEN guaranteed
13/08 - 24/08 Komodo National Park Labuan Bajo Labuan Bajo 8 available guaranteed

What others say about Komodo

Jurgen and Stella Freund joined Seven Seas as part of their Coral triangle photo-expedition and if you check their report on our cruise you will find some great pictures. Many friends saw a first selection of the first 5 months of their expedition two weeks ago at Jos and Lida's house. The Freunds describe their experience in Komodo with a great report about the different habitats to be found:

"It is very interesting that mangroves and seagrass beds do not hold as much tourist attraction as flamboyant coral reefs. Fair enough as coral reefs are magical and full of variety of shapes and animals. But there is beauty in each ecosystem - so much so that we have this blog entry as a short showcase of each habitat.."

And on the underwater wilderness:

"It was both our first time to see the underwater world of the World Heritage Site Komodo National Park. About 15 years ago Yogi spent time here on land photographing komodo dragons. Not much was known about underwater Komodo and there were few dive operators then as is the case now. But over the past decade, we heard and read much about this place - the mad currents, the amount of fish, the pristine underwater wilderness that it was - and still we never managed to get here, until now. Komodo is special. Its geological location and exchange of tide currents from the Indian Ocean and the Pacific has made it so. It now ranks as one of our top and favourite tropical dive destinations."

Hani Almaliki writes:

"Greetings from the SevenSeas currently in Komodo. This is only our second day and already I can tell you that this morning we did a dive which we all agreed was the best dive any of us had ever done. We have been all over the world and have done some fantastic dives but none were anything like CastleRock this morning. There were 2 firsts for me. It was the first time that I have ever seen dolphins while diving (mother and calf) and, for the first time I saw sharks actually eating other fish!! Mark and the crew are awesome. Komodo, September 3, 2009."

Orhan Koc who was onboard with Hani writes:

"Having just returned from the two most incredible weeks on board the SevenSeas in Komodo it is hard to summarize in words how utterly amazing the trip has been.

It is not often in life that everything falls into place in such a manner and one is in such a sense of awe that memories fight for that place in your mind where one outdoes the other. Someone wiser once said that it is in memories that eternity exists, and I for one feel incredibly privileged that I am now amongst a select few that can say that they understand that.

The overall experience the crew of the SevenSeas delivers is unquestionably and without any sense of misappropriation sublime.

You are treated like royalty in a most genuine and heartfelt manner. Everything, really everything is amazing. Mark and his crew are phenomenal and the dives by far the best I have ever been blessed to partake in. Komodo is a place unlike any other, alien like almost, Jurassic in a sense. Yet, no matter how much in awe you will end up being by the scenery, you do not want to be anywhere else then on the SevenSeas. Do not settle for anything less if you can have the best someone else wiser once said. And the SevenSeas, by far, is the absolute best you can do.

Mark, Jos, and everyone that made this possible, from the bottom of my heart, my sincere and humbled gratitude. I will never ever forget."
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