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March 2010

Imagine a cluster of tropical islands so remote, so pristine, that the only other footprints on its powdery white beaches are those of nesting sea turtles. The rocky islands are swathed in dense equatorial forest, patrolled by majestic sea eagles and cockatoos. Imagine reefs so astoundingly lush and colourful and pulsing with life that you believe you may have tumbled into a living kaleidoscope. This is Daram.

Daram is a spectacularly beautiful group of islands, located at the very epicentre of marine biodiversity in South Eastern Raja Ampat, Indonesia. The islands are at the far eastern frontier of an archipelago of uninhabited islands, and hence are free from local fishing pressure. Daram is situated within the South East Misool Marine Protected Area which The Nature Conservancy helped create in December 2006. And it's just outside the border of the 425 sq km (164 sq mi) No-Take Zone which Misool Eco Resort established together with the local villages in 2006.

Because of its distance from the villages which have the lawful rights to this area, Daram is the perfect entry point for illegal fisherman. Once their itinerant camps are set up, they make nightly raids upon the marine life in Daram and also encroach upon Misool Eco Resort's adjacent No-Take Zone. Illegal long-liners and shark finners ply these waters, using endangered sea turtles as bait and systematically stripping the area of its riches.

Daram needs immediate protection. It's not too late to reverse the tide and preserve this ecosystem for generations to come; even in the face of illegal fishing, Daram remains a wonder to behold. But we need to mobilise now if we hope to keep it this way. We need your help to expand our No-Take Zone to include Daram. This will bring the total protected area to over 1200 sq km (468 sq mi), more than twice the size of Singapore.


On offer is a special combination trip through Daram and Misool, with 7 nights onboard The Seven Seas followed by 7 nights at Misool Eco Resort. Your group of up to 14 persons will be joined by 2 special guests, renowned Conservation International marine scientists Drs. Gerry Allen and Mark Erdmann. Starting bid is 96,500 USD, and auction ends 31 May 2010. Profit to benefit the Daram Marine Area.

Price includes full board accommodation for up to 14 guests with unlimited Nitrox diving. Accommodation is on board The Seven Seas from February 4-11th and then on land with Misool Eco Resort from February 11-18th, 2011.
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