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Newsletter October 2010

Les Argonauts' Point and Shoot Workshops on Seven Seas

Nowadays many recreational divers own compact point-and-shoot (P&S) cameras that can produce video and still images of startlingly high quality, easily comparable to the results from semi-professional housed SLR still cameras and videorecorders.

This is a great way for lovers of marine life to share their passion and their experiences with friends and families. But some P&S users may be disappointed at times that the results of their efforts are not as impressive or satisfying as they would like them to be.

Helene and Michael, creators of Les Argonauts Point & Shoot Workshops, know how to help beginners as well as more experienced users get the best possible video and still images from their P&S cameras. With Helene and Michael's professional guidance, you will be able to fully explore the possibilities of your own camera and learn how to create your own stunning videos and slideshows using images and footage that you have taken yourself.

To see what is possible, take a look at Sailing On The Seven Seas. This spectacular video was completely produced using a compact P&S camera by Les Argonauts on our most recent trip to the Alor Archipelago.

Helene and Michael will be organizing special "Point & Shoot Workshop" charters on Seven Seas starting next year. The first workshop is planned for 16-26 October 2011 in Alor, and the second workshop is tentatively scheduled for March-April 2012 in the Banda Islands (Ambon to Ambon).

Join a Les Argonauts charter and take home an amazing trip video or slide show better than you ever imagined making yourself. Helene and Michael are also available to join you on your private charter or, depending on cabin space, can be available to work with individual clients on shared cruises with other divers.

Please email us for more information about Les Argonauts Workshops on Seven Seas, and keep an eye out for our first "Point & Shoot Workshop" with Les Argonauts on Seven Seas!

Crinoid clingfish (Discotrema crinophila),
Komodo National Park

(The image of a clingfish in a crinoid (above) was taken by Eva Pet, age 12, using the boat's Olympus Point & Shoot camera. To see more of Eva's exciting Point & Shoot photographs, please visit her new guest gallery on this website.)

Availability for upcoming Raja Ampat and Banda Sea season

With the end of October, the Seven Seas Komodo season also comes to an end as we shift our operations eastwards to Raja Ampat and the Banda Sea for the next six months.

The coming season is nearly fully booked, but there are still empty berths available on two Raja Ampat cruises...
  • 17-31 December 2010 (4 available)
  • 4-12 February 2011 (8 available)
Recently discovered dive sites including exciting new macro sites developed since 2009 has made the diving in the world's most extreme hot spot for marine biodiversity better than ever.

If you would like to join us in Raja Ampat this coming season, now is the time to grab one of the last few remaining cabins. After this, we have availability in Komodo and Alor from May 2011 through September and in Alor and Raja Ampat after the next Banda Sea/Raja Ampat season begins in October 2011.

Frogfish (Antennarius maculatus), Alor

Rhinopias scorpionfish (Rhinopias frondosa), Alor

Tank problem a reminder on safety

Early this month, underwater photographer Douglas Seifert, experienced an out-of-air (OOA) situation when his regulator malfunctioned on a drift dive at Golden Passage in Komodo. Fortunately, Douglas quickly caught the attention of Cruise Director Karl Klingeler who provided his octopus. Douglas' extensive experience and Karl's quick action averted what could have been a serious accident or even a tragedy.

The malfunction was caused by aluminum oxide corrosion inside the tank, resulting from a malfunction in the compressor filtration system that allowed moisture to enter tanks during filling.

Following the incident, the automatic drains fitted to the filtration system last year have been disconnected and we have returned to our previous manual system. We have also initiated a new system of carrying out a visual inspection of all tanks on board every three months.

This has been a reminder for all of us of the importance of redundancy and safe diving practices, including the buddy system. Solo divers and underwater photographers (and their buddies) should consider using a bailout or pony bottle as a redundant air source, particularly on deeper dives.

The reason we do not allow decompression diving on the Seven Seas is to ensure that divers can safely perform a free ascent if a loss of breathing gas occurs at any time during the dive.

Komodo Dragon (Varianus komodoensis), Rinca, Komodo National Park
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