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Newsletter May 2011

Seven Seas Website Overhaul

As some of you would have noticed already, the Seven Seas team found it was time to overhaul our website, and although easier said than done, with the help of Peter Blumtritt (pbi design), our never resting webmaster, and with great input from Robert Delfs, our long-time friend and return diver on Seven Seas, we have the new site up! Please take a look around and see what works for you and what does not. Inputs will be HIGHLY appreciated!

Note the link to a great slide show right under the top photos on the main page. Then check out the rest of the main page and go to the drop-down menus at the top, where you put your cursor to see the menu of pages under each major category. Under the tap for "The Boat" you will find a description of the Seven Seas, its specifications and also information on our on-board shop and prices for on-board sales. On the page with "The Team" we still need an updated photo with the whole team on board - so anyone who recently got a good shot with the whole crew in it, please let us know!

Harlequin shrimp by Eva Pet Harlequin shrimp by Eva Pet

Note under the destinations that we have added the Forgotten Islands (November is the time there!) and we are still developing one more new destination page on the "Wild South" which will also be up there soon. Take a look also at the destination overview page where a nice map shows you where it is all happening! Information on the seasons is in the destination pages.

All the 566 guest testimonials that have been posted on our website since start of operation can be found under the "About Seven Seas" tab on the top of each page. This is also where you can find our Newsletter Archive which you should take another look at, in case you missed some or just to be reminded of some information that may help you in planning your next adventure with us! Also on the "About us" tab, take a look at some excellent photo galleries by some of our guests (like this one for example made by Foued Khaddachi in Komodo) and note that you can have your own slide show up there as well! Videos can be found at various places on the website but you can also find them all together at one dedicated video page under "About".

Rhinophias, by Eva Pet

Photos in this newsletter are Rhinophias scorpion fish and Harlequin shrimp by Eva Pet (just turned 13 last week), photographed yesterday with her birthday present (Point and Shoot camera and housing) on her very first day of diving with that. With thanks to Michael Wijaya of Les Argonauts for guiding her. Eva has her own photo gallery also up and running with pictures from last year in Komodo.

For anyone interested in a Point and Shoot workshop with Michael and Helene (Les Argonauts) please note that we still have ONE cabin available on our upcoming cruise East of Flores (October 16-26) and that's our best itinerary for finding subjects like the portrayed Rhinophias, in various colors and shapes! Let us know also if you would be interested in a Point and Shoot workshop in Raja Ampat next February 9-17 as we still have a nice 8-night cruise available there to do that!

OK, enough of a tour I guess, let us know your thoughts! Time to plan your next trip, and NOTE on our schedule page that August 22 to September 3 is still an OPEN cruise. Then we have that one cabin (2 spots) in October and still 8 places available November 14 to 26 in Raja Ampat. That's it for this year! Start checking our 2012 schedule for what is still available next year, and do join us on Facebook to stay in touch in between our newsletters!

Best Fishes.


Rhinophias eye, by Eva Pet
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