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Newsletter July 2011

Docking Done!

The Seven Seas

All done in June. This was the fastest and smoothest docking in the history of The Seven Seas. We expected to do a little extra work here and there, we expected delays getting into the dock with all those new boats floating around, we expected the unexpected and were ready for Murphy's Law. Scheduled our docking time a little longer than normal to make sure we would not end up in any stress to get ready for the first charter of the new season.

And that is when it happens of course. First into the dock, everything's easy, out of there in no time, back to Bali with plenty time for finishing and STILL time to spare for an un-scheduled and private owners-cruise in early July. So Komodo here we come!! After our own splash next week it's full on again with a VIP charter to Alor in July and a family cruise right after that in Komodo - and yes, we're on that one too of course!

If you want to be as lucky as we are and get onto a cruise before this year is over, then you better be quick, we just have the following spaces left for 2011:

  1. September 19 to October 4, 1 cabin left for 2 pax. All of Komodo. Special Offer of US$ 5,000 per person for this extra long (15 night) cruise.
  2. October 16 to 26, 1 cabin left for 2 persons with optional Point and Shoot workshop at no extra cost on this cruise in Alor area.
  3. November 14 to 26, also 1 cabin left for 2 persons on our first Raja Ampat cruise for the coming season there.
And then it's 2012 before we have another trip with availability. Join Howard and Michele Hall in Raja Ampat January 24 to February 7, or hop on with Les Argonauts on a shorter cruise with Point and Shoot workshop February 9-17. We have full charter options left for the coming Raja Ampat season ONLY in March next year and after that it's back down to Ambon on one of those great Sorong to Ambon cruises via the Banda Islands. A few places left on that as well. After that just 2 more charter options in Alor in April and Komodo-Bali in May-June. And that's all we have for the entire 2011-2012 season. Back in dock again June 2012 - hopefully as uneventful as the last one was!

Talking about docking, here's what we are going to do in 2013. You're the first to hear this. Will be a big job this one! We are going to change all the cabins below deck - well, not all of them, as we are going to lose two of them! Yes, from July 2013 onwards we will be cruising with only 6 guest cabins total instead of the current 8. And this means that we will be cruising with only 12 guests as a maximum on each cruise, instead of the current maximum of 16. The 6 cabins below deck will be converted into just 4 cabins during the docking period of 2013. There will be 2 even larger double cabins with king size beds down below, as well as two large twin cabins with large single beds - all at floor level. No more "upper bunks" after that! So 4 cabins on the lower deck, 2 twin and 2 double, plus the 2 doubles on the top deck which will remain the same. Not more than 6 guests in each speedboat and the zodiac to spare! But what about the prices you will ask… well we will try to keep them the same on an individual basis. Need to work on that a bit more…. First cruise in new configuration starts July 14, 2013! What does it mean for those already booked in the 2013-2014 season? Nothing, you'll just have bigger cabins and more space on deck!

Seven Seas Tenders Blue-ring

The Deep South

What else is new? The Deep South is new! Following the discovery of some spectacular new sites we have been exploring the options for a new Deep South itinerary and we like it more the longer we work on it. More work to be done, on our own little reckon trips as well as on some partly exploratory charters. After the grand success of the back-to-back Forgotten Islands charters in 2010, we will be working again with Nancy McGee and her Island Times Scuba Divers in October of 2012 on some fantastic discovery cruises in the Deep South of the Lesser Sundas Island chain. That is just before we do 2 more cruises in the Forgotten Islands of course, in November of 2012, one already sold as a private charter, one still available!

Blue Whale, Komodo Komodo

A little more about those Deep South cruises that are coming up in 2012 and 2013. Of course the main culprit behind these itineraries is "Murky" Mark Heighes, the founder of all our successful itineraries to date. It is about another perfect combination of place and time. And it is about being there when everyone else will be somewhere else! And here's what Mark has to say about it:

"Dear fellow divers,

It gives me great pleasure to announce a new program that promises to be one of the most unusual and exciting new destinations Indonesia has to offer. After recently discovering some new exciting sites in the Savu Sea and further out in the Forgotten Islands, we have now put together some new itineraries that will focus on the exploration of South Komodo, South Rinca, South Flores, Solor, Lembata, Pantar and Alor. Those of you who have experienced sites such as Manta Alley, Canibal Rock, Torpedo Point, Suangi, The Brewery, and Beang Abeng, will know what we are talking about. Without a doubt some of the world's most unusual tropical diving.

Unusual upwelling of both crystal clear cool water and more turbid nutrient rich water create a unique marine environment only found in these regions. And we'll be working here in the period between November and May, when the wind is from the North West, with the Southern shores of these islands protected during that time. During the Southeast season, the "tradional Komodo season" from June through October, we have always focused on the great coral reefs and fish sites of the northern shores of the island chain, with some quick runs down to dive Lof Dasami and Manta Alley, and then back up north quickly to warm up again!

The cold and turbid upwelling waters typical for the Deep South in the Southeast season (June-October), kept some incredible underwater scenery hidden for many of us. Swell and Southeasterly winds made it hard to go South and stay there, while the cold kept us out of the water and the bad visibility made us turn back north again and again. During the Northwest season (November through May), however, that all gets turned around and upside down! The waters in the South are clear and warm, a new underwater world opens up with many of our favorite sites now accessible, in the right conditions and new sites waiting to be explored!

The right conditions await us on our new itineraries Down South. This is where we have filmed everything from the largest living animal in the world, the elusive Blue Whale, all the way down the food chain, via great fish life and vibrant reefs created by orange and green cup corals, to soft coral heavens and microscopic critters hidden in the black sand of volcanic islands that continue to re-create Indonesia's Ring of fire. The extensive coral reefs more frequently visited in the north give way to a wealth of heavily encrusted black rocky boulders and canyons that harbors marine life that has to be seen to be believed. Even whale sharks, Mola Mola, and sperm whales frequent these waters...

During these voyages we will be visiting all our currently known high class sites in the southern chain of islands that form Nusa Tenggara. But on top of that you're invited to join in the further exploration of new and promising areas that have already produced mind blowing dives for us over recent years. We will not be surrounded by many other boats on these cruises, and that is something which is as important to us as it will be to many of you! We hope you will take the time to explore where no man has gone before and let the friendly crew of the Seven Seas take you there.


Mark Heighes."

Kei Besar Islands Carving of boat with ancestral crew, possibly from Tanimbar Islands

Best Fishes.

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