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The Seven Seas News - May 2012

Cruising The Seven Seas with Kids

It is not only hard core expedition work or underwater photography or diving and cruising for the experienced travelers that we focus on with Seven Seas, although we have a passion for all the above. We also love the adventure of cruising and diving with families, beginners and kids! We have taken our own children around the Indonesian Archipelago with live aboard vessels (mostly with Captain Mark at the wheel, of course) since they were babies, and we designed the Seven Seas with all those different types of expeditions as well as comfortable family trips in mind.

In the early days, before the Seven Seas, the kids would sit in the rinse buckets waiting for divers to come back from their dives, after a great few hours playing on deserted beaches. Now that they are growing up, they join us on dives, or go snorkeling, and get to do hikes each year a bit more challenging as they grow more confident. At 9 and 14 years old, standing on the top of a big hill in Komodo and looking down at the snorkel site where they just saw 26 manta rays at close range, Laura and Eva know exactly why they keep coming back. Sharing experiences in unspoiled nature while travelling to the remotest areas, safe and comfortable onboard the Seven Seas, is something that will stay with the kids for the rest of their lives.

Diving with the kids
Diving with the kids

Diving with the kids
Diving with the kids

I was given a chance to look at such an experience through Laura's eyes when I opened my barely used Ipad upon returning in the small town of Labuan Bajo, after another great trip in Komodo, waiting for the 1 hr flight back to Bali. Clearly our 9 year old is practicing her newly learned adjectives, but reading through her log of one of the many greats days filled with activities in Komodo, I realized how special it is to 'see" the underwater world through her young inexperienced eyes:

"... I saw so many interesting things, I saw a cunning crocodile fish that really blended into the sand, we saw a short sea cucumber that I stroked, we also saw a gigantic blue clam, we saw a big bump head wrasse, we also saw 2 calm hawks bill turtles, mmm, how cute they were… Next we saw 2 marvelous mantis shrimps, those two were very shy, we saw glorious garden eels, we saw a brilliant blue star fish and on that brilliant blue star fish I found a bashful brittle star and after that I found a fantastic fat star fish, this dive must have been one of my best dives ever, I saw so many things, but my favorite dive was when I made friends with a turtle, my best friend!!!!!!"

Lida Pet Soede,
April 2012

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