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The Seven Seas News - May 2012

Coral Triangle Day, 9th June 2012

WWF and its partners are launching the first Coral Triangle Day on 9 June 2012. An interpretation of World Oceans Day in this part of the world, the Coral Triangle Day is happening in the weekend, on a Saturday, right after World Oceans Day, to enable more families and children to participate.

This event is the first-ever regional marine celebration of its kind, which will be held simultaneously on different locations around the Coral Triangle region including Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and other countries in the Pacific. It aims to put the spotlight on ocean conservation and put much needed focus on the Coral Triangle as a globally-significant eco-region and modern-day icon of the natural world.

This event is open-sourced, meaning, anyone can do something on their own on this day and let the world know about it by posting videos and photos of their activities. Find more information and downloadable Coral Triangle Day materials at:


LOTS of events are planned in Indonesia, by dive operators, NGOs and individuals. Beach and reef clean ups, sustainable seafood dinners, film festivals, TV shows, seminars, exhibitions, traditional boat races, dance and music parties, and more! All are carrying the message of ocean conservation under the overall banner of the Coral Triangle Day. And you can participate as well from where-ever you are! Become part of a truly regional family of supporters by doing one or all of these 3 things:

  1. Go to www.thecoraltriangle.com, sign-up for email updates (at the bottom of the page) and get a free wallpaper.
  2. Share these web links with your own network of friends and colleagues and ask them to sign-up as well
  3. Organize something, ANYTHING, on June 9 to celebrate the Coral Triangle Day. Then post any of your videos/photos on this day at www.thecoraltriangle.com/day/

Write Lida an email via [email protected] if you want to know more or become a sponsor for one or more of the activities.

Lida Pet Soede,
WWF Coral Triangle Program Leader

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