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Newsletter August 2012

Fruit de Mer: Komodo Trip Report August 2012

We just finished our third Komodo trip of the season with 3 French families on board, each with their own interests and goals to achieve during the trip. The challenge was to offer something for everyone - beginner divers, divers continuing their education, advanced divers, as well as photographers & videographers who have already dived some of the best dive sites on the planet. The diversity of Komodo and surroundings, combined with some good planning from our Cruise Directors and a multi-talented crew ensured that a fun time was had by all.

Gili Lawa Darat Hike

Gili Lawa Laut, Batu Monco, Banta & Sangeang islands offered calm and protected bays with shallow water for completing Open Water Diver training with our PADI instructors Linda & Karl, as well as some world-class advanced diving on the sea mounts and points outside of the bays for our experienced divers and PADI Advanced Diver students.


Update Banda Education Project: Fajarria Doing Well

Fajarria Sabban

Mr Bahri and Agnes, who coordinate the Seven Seas education project in the Banda Islands, recently sent us an update on the progress of student Fajarria with her studies at the university in Makassar. She has just completed her first year (2 semesters) and is on holiday in Banda in August, until after Idul Fitri, when she will return to start her second year. Her university test results are looking very good. She also will soon improve her swimming so that she could learn to scuba dive later, and is now spending much of her free time in the pool. She has completed one basic level of dive instruction within the Indonesian system. She seems very positive about her stay in Makassar and has a lot of friends staying in the same lodgings in the city, there are several other students from Banda. Two of the earlier students that have been supported by Agnes and Bahri who started years ago graduated cum laude which shows how wonderful the opportunity is that Agnes and Bahri provide to these young people.

Our Komodo family trip July 2012

Just back from a great Komodo trip with family and new friends, the company was fantastic, one other Dutch family, the Huismans, and a group put together by Sonia Goggel. Ken and Olga, Mary, Veronika and Susan. All very relaxed divers with a great positive attitude to everything that was offered. Willem and Lia Huisman brought their two lovely kids, John and Marcha, and they fit right in the daily routine of French toast or one of the other 10 options for breakfast (!), snorkeling, drawing fishes and dragons, lunch, snorkel, beach play, snorkel, dinner, games or movie, sleep and do it all again at yet another beautiful part of Komodo. Karly got a last minute to fill a single remaining bunk and this completed a pretty perfect group for this journey. Most importantly, the diving at some of the sites actually exceeded my expectation and memory. Specifically the dives at Tatawa Kecil, Banta and Pengah kecil. On top of that we had a BIG surprise at manta alley!


Seven Seas' Office Moving

Please be advised that effective 1st September 2012, our office will be moved to the following address:

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