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Newsletter June 2013

Komodo still Favorite!

Komodo, by Foued Kaddachi

It was great to be back onboard the Seven Seas in Komodo for our last few trips before docking. Without a doubt Komodo still remains my favorite dive destination in Indonesia . We found 3 new impressive sites just on the last trip alone. One in the north and two in the southern region.

The mantas were putting up a great show for us down in Manta Alley on our last couple of trips, and we had Mantas both in the north and the south with great visibility also both in the northern and southern sites right up to the end of May this year.

Manta Manta

Crystal rock was outdoing Castle in terms of abundance of fish life this month. It's amazing how these sites can change during the year as schools of various species move through. Seems most of the big Giant Trevallies were all hanging around Crystal this month, chasing after huge schools of fusiliers there. We also had some very close encounters with a good sized school of big rainbow runners too, something I have not seen for a couple of years.

Record numbers of Hawksbill and Green turtles were sighted during the dives and two large Greens mating in south Rinca. Another highlight was a close encounter with a Pigmy Bryde’s whale in the South.

Giant Trevallies Fusiliers

The dragons were all over us at some of the beaches where we also had several eagles coming in close to check for left-overs.

If you've been to Komodo before, do come back some day as we've got a lot more to show you! And if you haven’t been there yet…. What are you waiting for?

Mark Heighes

Komodo Komodo

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