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Newsletter January 2014

Komodo - Deep South (1)

Trip Report by Linda Johnston & Karl Klingeler

People keep asking: "What is South Komodo?" South Komodo is jumping in at Cannibal Rock and seeing the whole rock! Or jumping in at Yellow Wall and seeing all the way to the bottom! Amazing, clear, warm 84F degree water and some of the healthiest reefs you have ever seen, reefs inundated with crinoids and soft corals. On a "normal" 12 day Komodo trip we would spend 2-3 days in "South Komodo" and the rest of the time in the north. South Komodo trips are the opposite - we will spend most of our trip in the south.

Cannibal Rock Yellow Wall

The last time we dived the southern dive sites of the Komodo National Park at this time of year was 9 years ago and we were excited to be returning to begin the Seven Seas' newest itinerary: Deep South. Unlike during the "traditional" Komodo season of June-October, where the waters are cold and murky with nutrient-rich food, December-March brings warmer, clearer water, and the vibrant colours of southern Komodo's reefs are revealed. The reef is literally bursting with colour & life: feather stars of every shade of green, yellow & orange cling to corals and sponges, bright yellow tiny sea cucumbers litter the reef and, with a little current, the orange & green tubastrea cup corals bloom.

And it's not just underwater that the change of season is apparent - topside we see lush, green hills, looking almost like manicured lawns, the arid brown of Komodo has been rejuvenated by the first rains of the season. White-bellied sea eagles & brahminy kites cruise the skies with an eye on the water, looking for a meal.


Deep South Komodo - New Destination Video

Deep South Komodo


As Hulk Hogan says: "There can only be one" or Tina Turner: "Simply the best"!! To make it short, no liveaboard in Indonesia makes you feel more treated than Seven Seas. Dive crew, kitchen crew, all just seems to work perfectly smooth to comfort you. We will be back!

Anders Osterballe, January 2014

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Komodo - Deep South (2)

Trip Report

(...) I had previously only experienced this fantastic location during the months of July to September. To an experienced diver of 25 years, this region continued to amaze me with its abundance of healthy reefs. I didn't mind donning a 5mm wetsuit. I thought that it could not get any better than this!!

Three years ago, a close friend asked me to spend a milestone birthday on the Seven Seas, diving in Komodo. That would put us in the waters there at an entirely different time of year. Why not give it a try??

We are just wrapping up that month long celebration and what a surprise to find that I am even more in awe of the wonders of this region!

These four weeks delivered endless dives in warmer, clearer waters than ever before! The fact that there were fewer commercial dive boats was a perk! The reefs were totally breathtaking in their abundance of soft and hard corals and I am certain that I saw every species of fish!

Cow fish Decorator crab

I have been diving in areas where there is so much evidence of destructive human interaction with the sea: dead reefs, fishless waters, 10-30 divers surrounding me at a time with no concern for conservation of the ocean or the culture supporting the region. This trip to Komodo has restored my faith in the fact that there are areas that flourish and thrive!! The crew of the Seven Seas delivered all of the positive experiences I could have imagined in this past month!


Deep South Komodo - Availabilities

For this season there are 2 cabins left on our Deep South Komodo cruise from 3rd to 15th March. Please send us a message if you are interested: [email protected].
After this we have more Deep South Komodo trips with available spaces in January and February 2015.

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