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Newsletter September 2014

Time to make a plan for your Seven Seas Adventures in the next 2 years!

There are just 3 cruises left open between today and the summer of 2016:

  • 2015 July 26 to August 7, Komodo National Park or East of Flores (flexible)
  • 2015 August 9 to 21, Komodo or East of Flores (flexible)
  • 2015 September 6 to 18, East of Flores or Komodo (flexible)

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East of Flores, August/September 2014 - By Linda Johnston

Big John & The Titanium Titanettes

Photos by Karen Tan, Rob Sternlieb, Peter Traeger, Linda Johnston & Karl Klingeler

My first trip back to work on the Seven Seas after a Total Hip Replacement in May this year could not have been a better one to ease myself back into the saddle. I was snorkeling with 4 lovely ladies who all had Titanium implants of their own!! We had a full boat of passengers, so the 2 fibre glass speedboats were taken by the divers and we snorkelers were given the zodiac, which we lovingly refer to on board as "the rubber ducky". However, as it does not have a ladder, none of us were able to get back in the boat unaided, so we solved this problem by requesting that "Big John" (the largest & strongest crew member) always be in the zodiac to help pull us out of the water, which worked just fine. He would lift each one of us out of the water onto the side of the boat, whereupon we slithered head first onto our bellies, liked beached whales! It doesn't sound like fun but how we laughed and laughed ...... we named ourselves "The Titanium Titanettes"!


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"Awesome, awesome, awesome. My second time on the Seven Seas - and I will be back. Visual overload above and below. Diving is out of this world."

Tim Witt (East of Flores, September 2014)

"The crew, the boat and the diving were all fantastic. I'll definitely be back for more trips. Don't skip the night dives!!!"

Rob Sternlieb (East of Flores, September 2014)

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East of Flores, August 2014 - By Ed Warner

Ili Wariran

Photos by Alan Robinson, Gerry McCormick Ray, Linda Johnston & Karl Klingeler

Well, here we are, another year another trip on the Seven Seas. Maybe not every year, but we're pretty lucky at that. Last time was the Banda Sea - "The Forgotten Islands", a trip not to forget. This time we sailed from Maumere in central Flores, eastward to Adonara. "East of Flores" could be renamed "The Smoking Volcanoes". For those of you with a geological interest, Flores has a whole lot of active volcanoes, mostly of the explosive andesitic variety. We anchored in nearly circular features, the first three days at Adonara and Lembata surrounded by near and distant volcanoes. The biggest, Ili Wariran, recently erupted, white and yellow (sulfur) ash from the crest to the flanks. The diving was typical of the "Coral Triangle" - many species of the more common fish like butterfly fish and angelfish. Plus, the exotics like ghost pipefish and pygmy seahorses (bring a magnifying glass) and crocodilefish. Then, look out into the blue for the passing pelagics like dogtooth tuna, Spanish mackerel, hoards of fusiliers and other baitfish. If you're lucky, sharks, and more sharks - reef sharks and others.

I suppose I could describe a typical series of dives. Last night we did a night dive in the Pantar Strait, a muck dive. I saw 12 tiny shortfin lionfish, one octopus, what must be the world's largest nudibranch, at least 25 cm long, a cockatoo waspfish, dark red in color. This morning, getting ready for the first dive of the day we encountered hundreds of spinner dolphins. Someone shouted "thar she blows" and off we went in the dinghies chasing two blue whales. Our boat had the closest encounter. We could see the pale bluish-grey skin and the pattern of spots. Returning to the boat we got ready for 'anemone city.' An extraordinary dive along the edge of the strait where the bottom was covered by millions of large and small anemone. The typical anemone fish was Clarke's. I found one with beautiful tomato anemone fish.


Dolphin & Whale watching in the Pantar Strait Blue Whale in the Pantar Strait
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