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Newsletter Christmas 2014

The Forgotten Islands, Gallery by Christian Hörl

Forgotten Islands

Take a look at Christian Hörl's excellent photo gallery from our Forgotten Islands cruise in November/December.

We are offering two expeditions to the Forgotten Islands each year in November/December. There are still spaces for 2016 and 2017 but 2015 is already sold out. Contact us if you are interested.

Forgotten Islands Forgotten Islands


"To the Seven Seas Crew:
Once again, a massive thank you to the Captains, the Crew and our Guardian Angels: Karl & Linda. From scaling heights to find a lost tribe to diving deep to enjoy and appreciate the world beneath the waves. We, as always, have spent fourteen wonderful days being pampered and spoilt beyond belief. Thanks to all of you for another wonderful trip."

Richard Ironside (Forgotten Islands, December 2014)

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Komodo: The Underwater Laboratory

By Janice Nigro, janikiInk

Volcanic gas bubbles were percolating from the sandy bottom below me. Yellow particles of sulfur that had precipitated out of these gases from Sangeang Volcano, dusted the perfectly black sand, and the sand was warm to the touch. I thought, it is a good thing that I have my underwater "safety goggles" on, as it was my first sense that in the sea in Komodo a delicate (or perhaps explosive) experiment was still in progress. There in front of me I felt like I had an eyewitness view below the surface of the ocean to the basic ingredients necessary to cook-up life.

Komodo Komodo

Komodo lies in Indonesia within the Coral Triangle, where the richest biodiversity in marine life resides. However, Komodo probably made an unforgettable first impression on me, like most kids growing up in the Midwest, through the images of a land animal, the Komodo dragon. I could not have imagined then, mesmerized in front of the TV, that it would be through scuba diving that I would get there.

As a dive destination, Komodo is known for its swift currents and cool thermoclines. Based on these characteristics, I was somewhat reluctant to dive Komodo. Furthermore, reading about diver mishaps in Komodo, which is easy to do because of the Internet, did not settle the issue. A culmination of a diver's worst nightmare in Komodo was actually a true story: divers had been both swept away and had to fight off Komodo dragons after finding refuge on an island. I am not in for that much adventure (or effort), but what I discovered, is that divers in Komodo who are most vulnerable to these incidents are the ones from liveaboards without dedicated boat tenders. I decided then that for my Komodo experience, I would take the Seven Seas, a big boat, with an attentive crew, that is well known for establishing underwater exploration of the area as a dive destination.


Old Prices in the New Year

Last chance to book a trip in 2015 at old prices. Limited availability on the following cruises only:

  • 2015 July 31 to August 7, Komodo National Park.
    Full charter or partial charter or individual spots and cabins available.
  • 2015 August 9 to 21, Komodo National Park.
    Half charter or 4 cabins available for 8 persons. Individual bookings also welcome.
  • 2015 September 6 to 18, East of Flores.
    Three quarter charter or 6 cabins available for 12 persons. Individual bookings also welcome.

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Season's Greetings

Season's Greetings
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