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Newsletter February 2015

Remaining Availability 2015/2016 and Schedule Changes 2016 & 2017

Limited remaining availability for 2015 and first half of 2016, just 5 cruises left until docking 2016:

  • 2015 July 31 to August 7: Komodo (8 places or half charter available).
  • 2015 August 9-21: Komodo (8 places or half charter available).
  • 2015 August 23 to September 4: Komodo OR East of Flores (full boat).
  • 2015 September 6 to 18: East of Flores (12 places or charter).
  • 2016 May 15 to 27: Komodo (10 places or charter plus 1 cabin).

More availability again in the second half of 2016, please refer to our online schedule for the details. Please note several recent changes in our schedule and availability for 2016 and 2017.

"Play it again, Sam" - South Komodo

Trip Report by Sonia Goggel. Photos and videos by David George.

The Seven Seas at Horseshoe Bay

Being a nomad has quite some advantages ;-) for one, one may choose where in the wide and beautiful world one calls 'Home' and ... one may choose to call several places 'Home' ... all the places where one's human and fishy twin souls live, or a place (or several) one particularly feels attached to, hence feels at Home ... of course, the Seven Seas definitely qualifies as one of these Home places... All in all, being a nomad is a very fortunate state of being I can highly recommend ;-)

I cannot believe a year has gone by already since we last set foot on our Seven Seas Home and hugged our Seven Seas smiley and gentle Family. Needless to say, it is AWESOME to be back for some more Seven Seas love and magnificent South Komodo diving in the company of dear friends, almost the same dear friends, who met last year for the same trip ... South Komodo is so full of magic, we just had to come back for some more ... "Play it again, Sam" ;-)

So here we were, cinematographer Tom Campbell and his hard working elflike partner Beth Davidow, and many more dear friends from Australia, South Africa, Scotland and the USA, geared up with many cameras of all sizes and shapes, ready for another unforgettable South Komodo experience, and unforgettable it definitely was, yet again!!

Blue Ribbon Eel Bargibanti Pygmy Seahorse
Clownfish Crinoids and Tubastrea

Once all the camera gear, drones included, was safely on board, we departed for our South Komodo adventure, clockwise around this time. Our first stop was to be Wainilu at North Rinca, where a good omen welcomed us in the form of a tiny, orange painted frogfish, spotted masterfully by Chris, the Giant Nemofish.

As the current was right, we surfed through the majestic and very narrow Selat Molo Passage between Rinca and Flores, at almost twice the normal Seven Seas cruising speed, definitely an exhilarating experience.


Komodo Dragons, filmed from a drone
Komodo Dragons, filmed from a drone


"Words cannot express the magnificence & wonder of the dive experiences of the past 2 weeks - never have I started to cry underwater from being overwhelmed by the beauty of all that was around me. Wonderful, wonderful experience - what a great crew - thank you so much for helping me learn more Indonesian - your generosity of spirit and kindness will remain with me. Amazing food (too good to say no to), fantastic help and everything. Long live bebek karet or the skoci gambing."

Chris (South Komodo, February 2014)

"Thank you Karl and Linda and crew for a great trip - one of the best run boats I have been on in my 40+ years of diving - great smiles, always very helpful with anything and everything. See you soon."

Tom Lathrop (South Komodo, February 2014)

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One Full Charter Available in 2015 on the Seven Seas

Due to cancellation:

One full charter available in 2015 on the Seven Seas.

Your choice of itinerary: East of Flores or Komodo National Park.

Dates: 2015 August 23 to September 4 (12 nights).

Please contact us for details.

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