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Newsletter May 2015

Exploring beyond the East of Flores

By Mark Heighes. Photos by Foued Kaddachi.

Sunrise at Adunara Island

We're exploring once more the vast archipelago of islands and reefs East of Flores. Waking up at the island of Adunara at sunrise on day one, this is promising to become another great day on another great trip. Breathtaking views with one or more volcanoes on the horizon and some of the most diverse itineraries that Indonesia has to offer.

Silver Tip Dolphins
Critter Pamana Kecil

Sharks are on the way back. There seem to be a lot more sharks around on a number of sites East of Flores, in the last few years. Especially Silver Tips which I have seen on my last two trips out east, on some of the deeper sites. No photos of those, but plenty of Black Tips and White Tips in the shallows and not too camera shy either.


East of Flores, 29 Mar - 10 Apr 2015

"I have just returned from an extraordinary adventure with Seven Seas on the east of Flores Trip. This was my first experience on a live aboard dive boat. For years we have listened to reports from our friends David and Debby Beatty about their adventures with Seven Seas; this spring my husband and I had a chance to join them for 12 days exploring the islands east of Flores. Where to begin... the entire adventure was delightful. The ship, accommodation, ambience, and the diving!

Let me explain that while I have been a diver for two decades; most of my experience has been in the Caribbean and most under pretty closely "supervised" conditions... so I was slightly nervous that I might be a bit "out of my depth" on this trip. Right from the outset when we had our first "let's work out the kinks" dive, I realized that I was in the company of an extremely professional team of dive masters who were completely supportive. And as for the diving experience itself... let me say that I have never experienced such an abundance of underwater flora and fauna ever. True magic!

Seven Seas

Twelve days of blissful routine - delicious meals, lots of reading, and good conversation; punctuated by dives and occasional shore trips. Our hosts Karl and Linda were knowledgeable not just about the diving experience but also about Indonesia and the areas we visited.

Now that I am back home I am asked to report on highlights of the trip. Where to begin... the diving of course but also the evening we watched fruit bats (by the thousand) migrate for their nightly feeding against a backdrop of a full moon, and the erupting volcano complete with bursts of smoke and red hot coals. Then there was the shore visit to a whaling village where freshly killed whale meat was dryng on racks up and down the beach. So many remarkable experiences. Each evening at about 9pm when after dinner "en plein air" under a full moon we would hear from Karl the plans for the following day and I would retire thereafter to my cosy berth and fall asleep in anticipation of another wonderful day."

Susan Pigott, April 2015
Photos: Linda Johnston



"The best trip I made in many years. Diving, snorkeling, relaxing! A wonderful crew, always smiling, laughing and very helpful. Special thanks to Linda and Karl who made this trip a real experience. Somebody else to thank is Joost (Van Grieken), who organised a wonderful group around him. So, thanks all, and hopefully see you all next time!"

Ninky Oyevaar, Netherlands (East of Flores, April 2015)

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2016 Availabilities

Our 2015 schedule has filled up, as well as the first half of 2016 but we have six great charters left available in Komodo and East of Flores for the second half of 2016:

  • 2016: 31/07 - 12/08 (12 nights) Komodo National Park
  • 2016: 14/08 - 26/08 (12 nights) Komodo National Park
  • 2016: 28/08 - 09/09 (12 nights) Komodo National Park
  • 2016: 25/09 - 07/10 (12 nights) East of Flores
  • 2016: 09/10 - 21/10 (12 nights) East of Flores
  • 2016: 23/10 - 04/11 (12 nights) East of Flores

Please check our online schedule for more trips and detailed availability information, and contact us if you're interested in any of these trips.

The Seven Seas - by Bojan Tercon

Hunting whales with rowing boats and spears

Commercial whaling was banned in 1986, but a remote Indonesian village is one of the few places still hunting whales using traditional methods.


Whale hunting

Komba Island

By Bojan Tercon

Komba is a little unknown island some 50 km north of Lembata island. Isolated. Solitary in the middle of the sea. Deep sea, for in order to get to the island you need to traverse a trench that is 4000 m deep.

What makes this spot magical is that it's a volcanic island, the eastern part of the crater having been blown out some time ago. And it's active. Very active!

Every 20-30 minutes it has an eruption. Like clockwork. Night and day.

First you hear the sound of steam being released under the tremendous pressure from the crater. Then comes the ash cloud, puffed out with force and growing as it rises into the sky. While all this is going on, the volcano also erupts stones and rocks, which roll down the gravel sloped cone of the volcano, ending up in the deep blue water below. Splash!


Komba Island

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