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Newsletter July 2015

The Seven Seas has gone through her routine annual dry docking, inspection and maintenance again over the past 6 weeks. She is in great shape and ready for another action packed season, due to the high quality of original design and building, as well as due to the great care and continuous maintenance by her excellent crew and technical support teams. The owners are currently enjoying their annual family cruises in Komodo as traditional season openers the schedule is fully booked already for the rest of 2015.

Seven Seas

A good time therefore to do a quick inventory of remaining availability for next calendar year, January through December of 2016. Pretty full schedule already but still some great openings for charters as well as for individual bookings. Complete cruise schedule with availability information is always available on the Seven Seas website of course but here’s a summary of what’s still open in 2016 (and note that includes one twin cabin on a March cruise in our upcoming Raja Ampat season!):

  1. 2016 March 13-25 (12 nights), Raja Ampat, from/to Sorong, 2 available.
  2. 2016 May 15-27 (12 nights), Komodo National Park, from/to Bajo, 9 available.
  3. 2016 May 29 to June 10 (12 nights), Komodo National Park, from/to Bajo, OPEN.
  4. 2016 July 31 to August 12 (12 nights), Komodo National Park, from/to Bajo, OPEN.
  5. 2016 August 14 to 26 (12 nights), Komodo National Park, from/to Bajo, OPEN.
  6. 2016 September 25 to October 7 (12 nights), East of Flores, from/to Maumere, 6 available.
  7. 2016 October 25 to November 4 (10 nights), Komodo and Flores, Bajo to Maumere, OPEN.
  8. 2016 December 12-24 (12 nights), Banda Sea & Raja Ampat, Ambon to Sorong, OPEN.

For the most recent updates on availability feel free to email us any time or just check here:

Looking forward to have you (back) on board with us soon!

The Seven Seas Team.

Kids Diving Komodo
Diving Komodo dragon

Komodo Family Cruise video
Komodo Family Cruise video (2013)

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