Hiking Padar, by Hadrien Benk-Fortin

The Seven Seas News - August 2015

Another day in Paradise - Komodo Family Cruise 31st July � 7th August 2015

Trip Report by Aude Benk-Fortin.
Photos by Hadrien Benk-Fortin, Paul Fortin, Linda Johnston & Karl Klingeler.

"Another day in Paradise!" I heard someone say while watching the sun set over the breathtaking landscape in front of us. Nothing could be closer to the truth to describe the day, and every day before and since on the Seven Seas.

It is impossible to get bored. Every activity is quickly succeeded by another activity, which can be snorkelling, diving, hikes, beach walks... Anything, really. Seeing five Manta rays all together while snorkelling was definitely one of the highlights of the week, yet it is so hard to pinpoint exactly one favorite moment. The views from the hikes on the mountains of the archipelago were also absolutely stunning.

Manta Ray, by Hadrien Benk-Fortin
Manta Ray, by Hadrien Benk-Fortin
Snorkeling with Manta Rays, by Hadrien Benk-Fortin

Snorkeling at Batu Bolong, by Hadrien Benk-Fortin
Snorkeling at Batu Bolong, by Hadrien Benk-Fortin

I remember a specific moment, when we were out night snorkelling. We were swimming around, trying to stay together and flashing our torches at everything we saw. The fish and corals were incredible and completely different in the darkness. At some point, we turned onto our backs and found ourselves gazing at the night sky. We do not realize, living in a city or in a village, or just any place with light pollution, the quantity of stars and planets and galaxies visible to the human eye. There we were, just floating between two worlds: below us, the infinite vastness of the ocean ; above us, the infinite vastness of the universe.

The islands are just as interesting to explore as the underwater world. I can say it was the first time I have ever gone to a deserted island to watch the sunset, all the while sitting on the beach and eating a delicious snack. We'd wade into the sea, or climb up to the top of a "hill" - which, more often then not, turned out to be a mountain. And, why not? we'd also do a couple of hermit crab races.

Yellow wall o' Texas, by Hadrien Benk-Fortin
White tip reef shark, by Hadrien Benk-Fortin
Jumping off the boat, by Karl Klingeler
Hiking Gili Lawa Darat, by Paul Fortin
Crab racing, by Paul Fortin
Group shot, by Paul Fortin

The boat itself is a great place to explore. We would squeeze into the smallest nooks and crannies to find the hidden spots, finally finding the roof of the boat. It was the best place to overview all the activity, and at night, the best place to recline, to look at the stars and find the constellations. Jumping off the side of the ship was great as well - especially when we were joined by the crew.

It is hard now to think that it has only been one week since we first arrived on the Seven Seas. If possible, I would gladly have stayed longer. With a week like this, you really can feel that you are in Paradise.

Aude Benk-Fortin
August 2015

Skurfing, by Linda Johnston
Kayaking, by Hadrien Benk-Fortin
The kids on the roof, by Paul Fortin
The Seven Seas in Horseshoe Bay, by Hadrien Benk-Fortin
Komodo dragons Horseshoe Bay, by Hadrien Benk-Fortin
Loh Buaya hike, by Hadrien Benk-Fortin
Group on sandspit

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