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Newsletter August 2015

Komodo Family Cruise, 22nd - 29th July 2015 (by Joris Romijn)


Day 1:

With a very early rise the voyage to the seven seas began, the alarm set at 4:30 and a cab ride through Kuta that was the quickest ever due to a total lack of other traffic at this time. An early flight to Flores followed after which we were picked up by the crew and transported to the boat. Later this early rise turned out to be very luckily as just hours after our flight Denpasar airport closed again due to vulcanic activity.

Once we arrived there we were met with breakfast of excellent quality, when everyone had a satisfactory meal it was time to go test gear, this was under comment of jos about the ridiculously low pace. Luckily there was still plenty of time left for a first day dive at the seven seas's secret spot, unfortunately the location of this spot can not be disclosed.

Kids Diving Komodo

During this dive there was a lot of communication between Laura and Karl, first part of the dive this was exclusively about the under water adventures however this changed quickly when Karl realised that there would be Spaghetti bolognese for lunch, after this realisation the dive was ended and the divers were transported at top speed back to the boat. And after tasting the bolognese the expectations were definitly met.



"Thank you for the most amazing trip ever!! Diving and snorkeling was a blast. The sea is so beautiful and all the different spots are great. Not one day was the same. A big, big thanks to the crew!!! Every day they were standing with a smile!! The food and drinks were perfect! We will miss everyone and everything and we hope to see you all again!! Very big thanks!!"

Eva and Joris (Komodo, July 2015)

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Komodo Family Cruise, 31st July 7th August 2015 (by Aude Benk-Fortin)


"Another day in Paradise!" I heard someone say while watching the sun set over the breathtaking landscape in front of us. Nothing could be closer to the truth to describe the day, and every day before and since on the Seven Seas.

It is impossible to get bored. Every activity is quickly succeeded by another activity, which can be snorkelling, diving, hikes, beach walks... Anything, really. Seeing five Manta rays all together while snorkelling was definitely one of the highlights of the week, yet it is so hard to pinpoint exactly one favorite moment. The views from the hikes on the mountains of the archipelago were also absolutely stunning.

Kayaking Snorkeling at Batu Bolong

I remember a specific moment, when we were out night snorkelling. We were swimming around, trying to stay together and flashing our torches at everything we saw. The fish and corals were incredible and completely different in the darkness. At some point, we turned onto our backs and found ourselves gazing at the night sky. We do not realize, living in a city or in a village, or just any place with light pollution, the quantity of stars and planets and galaxies visible to the human eye. There we were, just floating between two worlds: below us, the infinite vastness of the ocean ; above us, the infinite vastness of the universe.


Komodo Family Cruise, 31st July 7th August 2015 (by Claudia Morawetz)


Three families catered to for a week by seventeen crew members on a luxury sea vessel, what could be a more idyllic way to melt away from the real world? Each day, four underwater or land activities were bookended by a surfeit of tempting food (a second breakfast anyone? fresh bread and donuts?). We were sultans at sea, our every need anticipated.

Snorkeling or diving - each time our choice - was spectacular: the most memorable dive around Batubolong rock displayed an assortment of colourful corals, sponges, anemones, huge schools of anthias and large dogfish tuna, trevallys and sweet lips, with visibility more than 200 feet. The sharp-eyed divemasters pointed out hidden eels and camouflaged scorpion fish, and our teenager was ebullient after a sunset snorkel where she snapped photos of mandarin fish, box shrimp and a two foot long jellyfish. The adrenalin rush came from following graceful manta rays whose curiosity occasionally rewarded us with exceptional video footage as they chose a head-on collision course towards us before veering away.

The Seven Seas in Horseshoe Bay White tip reef shark


Komodo Family Cruise - Video

Komodo Family Cruise video

UPDATE: Remaining Availability on 2016 Cruises

  • 2016 May 15-27, Komodo National Park, 7 spots available
  • 2016 Aug 14-26, Komodo National Park, 10 spots available
  • 2016 Sep 25 to Oct 7, East of Flores, 4 spots available
  • 2016 Oct 25 to Nov 3, Komodo, Full Boat available (9 nights)
  • 2016 Dec 12-24, Banda Sea & Raja Ampat, Full Boat available

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