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Newsletter October 2015

Raja Ampat: Places available from 28 February to 11 March 2016

Raja Ampat

Message from Peter Schulze, Travel Specialist:

"Need a short, but intense break from your busy schedule? Some high quality time to withdraw and restore? Well, that's exactly why we chartered the MSY Seven Seas: As the perfect diver's retreat! Worldclass diving. Excellent service. No other 'to do' than immersing into spectacular nature, clearing the mind and recharging the batteries. We invite you to join us at our Raja Ampat cruise from 28th February to 11th March 2016. Please contact [email protected] in English or German for more info and to secure your spot. The cost per person for this cruise is US$ 5445."

PS: If you can carve out an extra week to extend your 'off mode', our choice is Papua Paradise Resort after the dive cruise. You're most welcome to join!

East of Flores on Steroids

Trip Report by Mark Heighes. Photos by Bill McGee, ZB Indelak & Robert Delfs.

October is without a doubt one of the best months to be underwater in Indonesia. The dry season is drawing to an end. The fact that it has not rained for the last 4 or 5 months means that we're having very little "run off effect". The easing of South East Trade Winds delivers calmer seas in general, and all this contributes to the fact that the underwater visibility is about as good as it's going to get all year.

Topside is another story as I look out into the haze. Right now everyone ashore seems to be setting fire to their islands and the whole country seems to be on fire. An annual event that I'm still struggling to understand, and probably never will.

The good news is fires don't burn underwater!

Right now the underwater environment is at its peak. All the inhabitants seem to be out and about busily preparing for the wet. The coral seems more vibrant and healthy and there just seems to be a lot more going on. Unusual critters seem more abundant at this time of the year and if you are into watching behavior and interaction it's all happening now.

Photo by ZB Indelak Photo by ZB Indelak
Photo by ZB Indelak

It feels good to be back onboard in what must be the World's most amazing destination for divers, Indonesia. Due to a recent ear operation and doctors orders I am not permitted to enter the sea myself for another 4 weeks, so everything you are about to read regarding the diving on this trip is feedback directly from all divers onboard.


Mola Mola, by Robert Delfs


"We have just disembarked from 15 incredible days aboard Seven Seas. All our guests are thrilled with the experience. Thank you for all your fine arrangements! I am looking at another full boat charter 2017 December 09-22 Banda Sea and Raja Ampat. I look forward to another trip aboard Seven Seas soon!
Mark: What an awesome trip report! You write so well. Your essay makes me want to do the trip all over again!
Candra: Thank you, again, for the wonderful experience. Your land arrangements were impeccable, as always!"

Nancy McGee (East of Flores, October 2015)

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East of Flores, 20 September - 02 October 2016

Trip Report & Photos by Robert Wilpernig

Komba Island, 60 km, off Flores - in the back of beyond (22nd September 2015)

It's at day break, when we get sight of the 748 m high Batu Tara. Still with sleepy eyes, we actually all get to witness the spectacle of an erupting volcano for the first time of our lives. Boom!, and the mountain ahead of us spits fire! The strombolian eruption skyrockets the lava.

The explosions shoot red-hot basaltic lava into the sky, followed by a huge ashcloud in shape of a mushroom. Some of the lava rocks crash down on the steep slopes just about a couple of hundred meters away from where we anchor. They're rolling and sliding down into the ocean, while the ash cloud start looming over the islands. It can easily reach as high as air traffic and has the power to disrupt modern life.

Komba Island

Then the diving at ‚Alice in Wonderland', which we would re-name into "Gorgonian Wonderland".


East of Flores teaser video by Robert Wilpernig

No words needed...just click and enjoy! :)

East of Flores video

East of Flores: Places available from 11 to 23 September 2016

Message from Robert Wilpernig, Underwater Photographer, Drone Pilot, Dive Connoisseur:

"Diving the world is my passion and breadwinning. This September, I dove East of Flores for the first time...and it left me truly awe-struck! The Seven Seas is a class of its own spoiling us already spoilt divers. And so is the diving, the volcanos, the fauna and flora of East of Flores. If you like to explore a hidden treasure, little-known (yet) to the dive world, you're most welcome to join our second charter, which is from 11th - 23rd September 2016. Price is US$ 5940 for the 12 night cruise.
Please contact myself via [email protected] or Peter Schulze at [email protected] / +49 (0) 8761 724 8000 for further information; we'll be happy to assist, also in English."

East of Flores - Tuna, Tuna, Tuna (By Lida Pet Soede)

The stunning volcanic archipelago East of Flores is rapidly becoming famous for its outstanding black sand critter diving, stunning reef formations and walls, and of course, the potential to encounter large marine wildlife up close. Last month on our own trip our group saw Mola-Mola or Ocean Sun fish, we were kayaking with blue whales and sperm whales and some swam with hammer head sharks. This time we were also lucky to have a male, female and calf Orca bow ride with the Seven Seas for a good part of one morning!

Already happy with a super-hit of a trip within the first week, I was keen to see some tuna underwater. The local tuna fisheries of North Alor and Lembata has been around for decades and it's exciting to jump in the open water and swim around a FAD. On this trip, Karl, Jos and me took the chance to jump in at a rocky outcrop in the strait between Lembata and Pantar when we saw there was a good current running there. As we swam down finning hard to the spot where the current plit, a good school of rainbow runners swarmed around us and just behind their shiny forms I started seeing some bigger fish coming up As we kicked hard to get closer, it turned out that a large school of dogtooth tunas had also found the sweet spot. Hanging completely still next to them at about 30m was almost a meditational experience. I had plenty time and light to use my little Sony action camera. The bigger individuals would move their bullet-shape body ever so slightly and come hang with me. They checked me out and let me almost touch them before gliding elegantly away with a little movement of their strong tails. I did not want to leave but as I was closing in upon deco status on my computer, we slowly came up and let ourselves be swept by the current around the rocks in an exciting swoosh of our own bubbles mixed with surgeonfish, snappers and fuseliers. Better than the top ride in Disney World!

Tuna East of Flores - Video

If you want to see big fish in Indonesia, you surely can. You will have to be comfortable with diving up-current of major structures, right when it's cranking. That's where the big fish come up to hunt. Taking my little cheap Sony action camera along was so worth it: the shots are sharp, the camera folds completely in my hand, and its super easy to operate. When you hit it right, it's the most exciting underwater experience you can get. And who says there's no tuna East of Flores?!


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