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The Seven Seas Indonesia Liveaboard Adventure & Yacht Charter
Newsletter February 2016

Short cruise option Raja Ampat!

Have you been thinking about going on a dive liveaboard cruise with the Seven Seas for a long time but never been able to join one of the 12 night cruises due to scheduling issues or financial reasons?

Well, here's your chance! Seven Seas has scheduled a trial 4-night cruise in Raja Ampat 2017 January 9-13. This is a *guaranteed* departure, regardless of occupancy. Maximum 16 guests as usual.

Come join us for a quick one! Enquiries to [email protected].

Looking forward to welcoming you on board!

The Seven Seas Team

Seven Seas Short Cruise

Raja Ampat: Biodiversity hotspot in the Coral Triangle

Trip Report by Rili Djohani. Photos by Bojan Tercon & Linda Johnston.

What a joy to be back in Raja Ampat after 10 years! Situated in the heart of the Coral Triangle region, it is fabulous to see that the network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in Raja Ampat is operational and the marine ecosystems are striving. Diving in Misool was mesmerizing surrounded by schools of colorful fish and large fish such as the Bumphead and Napoleons wrasses, groupers, and the playful clown trigger fish. So much abundance of fish whilst diving has become rare in Indonesia.

Topped by close encounters with reef and oceanic mantas, hawksbill turtles, dolphins and the numerous critter dives with such variety of nudibranchs, flat-and tube worms, mantis shrimps, tunicates and sponges. Diving anywhere else in the world doesn't get much better than in Raja Ampat.

Hawksbill turtle Scads

The diving in the north at Fam and Waigeo was also beautiful with the most extensive and diverse coral gardens. So spectacular to have mantas swimming next to you and above and in the next dive spotting the Wobbegong sharks in the sand. I was in awe when one came up swimming right to me! It was fun to see the pygmy seahorses in the beautiful coral fans and observe numerous juvenile fish such as the peacock razor fish and the spotted parrot fish in the shallow areas.

Raja Ampat is still so pristine, so beautiful and remote. The bottom up approach to establish the MPA network in Raja Ampat with full engagement and support of the local communities early on has been pivotal for its success. The local government with support of international NGOs such as The Nature Conservancy and Conservation International and a number of other smaller international and local NGOs as well as the eco-resorts and live-aboard vessels in Raja Ampat are all working together to keep this area well preserved.


Tomolol cave The Seven Seas


"This was my second trip with the Seven Seas. And from the very first moment it feels like coming home: all the kind people of the crew, Karl at the airport, Linda, the lovely Linda ... And then: all the spectacular scenes under and above the water. Raja Ampat, the most beautiful place of the Coral Triangle. Special thanks to Karl: the way he took us to all the snorkel places as if even for him it was the first time!"

Arnoud & Marion (Raja Ampat, January 2016)

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Return to Raja Ampat, by Ed Warner

In August, 2014, we took our fourth Seven Seas voyage, this time "East of Flores". Sitting around during the second half of the cruise, the Sundowner conversation brought up the topic of 'if and when' we might return to sail again on the Seven Seas. Carl, of the Carl and Linda tag team who run the boat, was standing near the railing of the dining deck which is directly in front of the bridge. Jackie, my wife and diving partner said "what about we return to Raja Ampat?" RA was our first cruise on the Seven Seas in 2007, a year after the boat was commissioned.

Photo by Edward Lang

Carl piped up, "Sorry Ed, but the boat is fully booked. You won't get a charter to Raja Ampat before 2017.

I looked up at him aghast. "Huh?" I'm quite articulate in a crisis. "Huh? The boat is filled for two years?"

Carl grinned. "Hold on Ed. There's a guy who hasn't paid his deposit on time, maybe Jos is ready to turn the charter over to you."


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