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The Seven Seas Indonesia Liveaboard Adventure & Yacht Charter
Newsletter April 2016

Raja Ampat: "Your Inner Child"

By Marty Hood. Photos by Linda Johnston & guests.

For those in this particular story of adventure, it actually begins in North America in the year 1945 when a baby girl was born. Over the next 50 years, from California to New York, 15 other babies came into the world. Far away in England and Sweden, two baby girls were born and joined this group of characters. And "characters," they were.

Far away on the other side of the world in the beautiful country of Indonesia in the year 1965, a baby boy joined the world. Soon, 12 boys and 2 girls came into the world and joined this story as well.

Blenny, by Linda Johnston Clam, by Linda Johnston

All 36 of these babies grew and grew and became divers, drivers, healers and teachers. They became engineers, chefs, engine experts, concierges and cell phone specialists. They were doctors, movie makers and master divers. There were accountants, developers and captains of ships.

They became "responsible" and did their jobs, paid their bills and took care of those they loved. Some of these adults became responsible out of necessity and for some it was much too early. Others avoided it, but could not escape what had to be done. And sometimes it seemed just too much.


Boat & guests Manta


"Our Seven Seas experience was amazing! Thanks to Karl and Linda and the entire crew!! We will cherish the many incredible dives, cave snorkeling, meals, service, knowledge and numerous adventures to paradise islands. Thanks for making our 12 days on the boat an experience of a lifetime - we really appreciate you all!!"

Cris, Judge & David (Raja Ampat, April 2016)

"When the hawksbill climbed over the ridge and looked into my soul for 3 minutes - my heart melted and I realized the special environment of Raja Ampat that I was privileged to experience. Besides the diving, I cannot praise the entire staff enough for a seamless 12 days - so much happening behind the scenes that we, the guests, were oblivious to. Can't wait to book the next trip."

Kate (Raja Ampat, April 2016)

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Seven Seas' New Raja Ampat Video

Our new video: "Raja Ampat Highlights" from April 2016. Watch it here!

New Raja Ampat video

Raja Ampat Impressions by Michael Leone

Raja Ampat Impressions

I embarked upon our journey to Indonesia with much intrepidation. We had only 2 months ago, taken our family on a cruise through the Galapagos Islands and I felt another opulent adventure aboard a liveaboard sailboat was just too frivolous an endeavor at this time. My wife, Kathleen, was deadset on going with or without me and as the weeks wore on, I reluctantly organized and secured my travel plans to Sorong, where we boarded the Seven Seas liveaboard dive boat excursion and with a group of new-found friends, made our way through the azure waters of the Indonesian islands to Raja Ampat, where we enjoyed some of the most amazingly, spectacular scuba diving mother nature has to offer.

Karl & Linda proved to be the consummate hosts, and along with their hardworking, friendly and competent crew, provided one of the most breathtaking, relaxing and adventurous excursions I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy. One ring of the bell from the ship's bridge and we scurried down to the mess hall for a deliciously prepared gourmet meal. Two rings of the bell and we were suiting up and grabbing our gear for any one of the day's 4 spectacular dives. Also dispersed amongst this wonderfully planned and predictable schedule of daily activities were additional adventures, including visits to island villages, jungle hikes, underwater sea cave excursions and open water kayaking.



New Raja Ampat video

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