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The Seven Seas Indonesia Liveaboard Adventure & Yacht Charter
Newsletter June 2016


Photo by Rainer Mohr

Arguably the best 2 periods of the year to dive our favorite destination on the planet are May-June and October-November in Komodo National Park. These 2 periods mark the change in seasons from the North West to the South East (in May-June) and back from the South East to North West (in October-November). With the nicest weather and water of the whole year, not too hot, not cold, good visibility in most places most of the time, every site in the Park is accessible now. And that helps a lot when you want to put the best possible all round Komodo itinerary together. Other than that, it is ACTION time in Komodo in those inter-monsoon periods. Vibrant reefs, fish in spawning aggregations at several sites and moon phases, FEEDING time especially during the time that we have some current on the hot spots, sharks, big fish and often dolphins active in the North, Manta Rays galore and lining up on the cleaning stations in the South. More often than not we're doubling up on mantas in those months with feeding aggregations of in the North. And in between the steroid dives, or for a fully focused macro cruise, critters and colorful super-diversity on the rocks and reefs of Rinca and Padar. Read the two Komodo trip reports in this Newsletter and you'll get an idea of the May bonanza this year. And then take your pick from our four 11-night cruises in Komodo that we have scheduled for you in May and October 2017. Just US$ 5,445 per person on any of these 4 Komodo cruises. Or put a group together and you'll have 1 FOC for a half charter, 2 FOC on a ¾ charter or even 3 FOC for a full charter on these trips:

  • 2017, May 14 to May 25, Komodo National Park.
  • 2017, May 27 to June 7, Komodo National Park.
  • 2017, October 9 to October 20, Komodo National Park.
  • 2017, October 22 to November 2, Komodo National Park.

Send your enquiry by email and we'll plan a trip for you or even book you for a back-to-back and make it 22 nights!

Always new adventures to be had in Komodo...

During the last cruise before dry dock this month, on June 5th of 2016, Mark Heighes texted from an exploratory trip in Komodo:
"We probably just did the best dive I have ever done in Indonesia. New site in Komodo – off the chart." (See trip report below!)
Wanna go check it out?

Komodo in May/June 2016

Trip Report by Mark Heighes. Photos by Foued Khaddachi.

We are back in my favorite haunt after rejoining the expanded fleet of dive liveaboards in Raja Ampat this last season. It was good to get back to Raja Ampat, even though we had much enjoyed our 2 year stint working South Komodo. We had so much great diving to ourselves down there from December to April, letting the rest of the fleet fight for sites in the Dampier strait and Misool. That was pretty much how it was up there this year as well. Yep... it's getting busy on the water these days! Everywhere you go, even the Forgotten Islands are not so forgotten anymore. The good thing about that is that the presence of the liveaboards keeps destructive fishers away from the sites. The odd thing about it is that everyone seems to be doing the same itinerary and same old sites and is basically busy following each other around.

Photo by Foued Kaddachi Photo by Foued Kaddachi
Photo by Foued Kaddachi Photo by Foued Kaddachi

All of the top dive destinations in Indonesia still have much more to be explored. The sheer number of vessels operating today only encourages me more to go out and off the beaten track, to be on our own, and to find new sites. Nothing gives me more pleasure than finding a new world class site and staying one step ahead of the rest of the fleet.

I've just joined the vessel in the not so sleepy anymore town of Labuan Bajo after 3 months back home in Aus. Seven Seas is looking good as usual. Even though it's our last trip before dry dock, the ever present and smiling crew has kept her looking good during the long voyage out to Raja Ampat and back.

The month is May which is a good time to be in Komodo. April-May-June and October-November are the best times to be here as it's the change of seasons and there is a lot going on underwater. Conditions can be excellent on all sites in both North and South Komodo.


Photo by Foued Kaddachi


"This was my first liveaboard but I am sure it will not be my last. EVERYTHING - from the hospitality, food, fantastic service to dive sites and weather were above and beyond anything that I could have imagined. I will never forget this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Karl and Linda, the entire crew and Seven Seas for making this a trip of a lifetime."

Trevor Enberg (Komodo, May 2016.)

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Komodo National Park on the Seven Seas

Trip Report by Sabine & Rainer Mohr.

After over 30 dive trips in the last years, many of them liveaboards, we were lucky enough to get the chance to visit Indonesia’s Komodo National Park on board the Seven Seas in May 2016. To take it away, it was one of the best trips we have done so far...

Photo by Rainer Mohr Photo by Rainer Mohr
Photo by Rainer Mohr Photo by Rainer Mohr

Arriving on the boat, we settled in in no time. The spacious Vessel has room for up to 16 guests in 8 cabins, all of them different in layout and bed type. All of them fitted with en-suite bathroom, air conditioning and lots of stowage space for personal belongings. The decks provide a lot of space for leisure, sunbathing and relaxing. An inside saloon provides drinks, snacks, a wonderful coffee machine, a camera setup area and tables for inside dining. Diving equipment is located on the front of the main deck, where gearing up and briefings take place. The top deck is fitted with sunbeds, shady areas and another dining area for scrumptious meals under the stars.

Everything is in good shape and is taken care of permanently by the amazing crew. It’s obvious, that they love their Seven Seas...

The marine life the Komodo National Park has to offer is simply mind-blowing! From tiny Pygmy Sea Horses to huge Manta Rays, from pristine reefs in clear, warm water to life-packed critter areas, the diversity is absolutely amazing. We have spotted so many new species on this trip, that our collection of pictures has grown more than on any other trip we have done so far.


Photo by Rainer Mohr

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