The Seven Seas News - September 2016

Our fabulous days at the Seven Seas - Komodo Family Trip August 2016

Trip Report and photos by Danielle van Wees.

"Dear Lida, is being on the Seven Seas the definition of Happiness?" Just a part of the conversation on the Seven Seas. To give you already the answer, YES.

August in 2016, three families coming from different parts of the world, gathering at Labuan Bajo Flores Airport. The total trip was perfectly arranged and mentored by the Seven Seas team, and after landing we were directly transported to the boat. That is where the trip started. The group was really looking forward to this trip, knowing each other for almost 30 years, there cannot be a better reason to aboard the Seven Seas. The perfect place to actively have a perfect time together.

There was a bucket list, which was never ending. When you have checked the website of the Seven Seas you know they have an extensive list of Seven Seas Secrets. And secrets we found, not all of them on the bucket list, but that is not surprising when you don't know the overwhelming beauty of the dive & snorkeling spots and the fantastic coral and fish species you can see.

By Danielle van Wees
By Danielle van Wees

By Danielle van Wees

Let's just tick the box on some of the items of the list. Who did ever jump into the water, looked within a second with its snorkeling gear just on, into the massive 'face' of an approaching manta? And not one, make it 15 mantas' who were feeding themselves and just passing us. Jos and the diving staff of the Seven Seas brought us to the right place at the right moment.

Did anyone experience the fantastic sight of jumping dolphins next to the boat, when you were almost ready to aboard on a fantastic island to drink a beer and a wine? And watch the sunset. Have you ever experienced watching in the water turtles passing by, and a diving instructor just scratching his back for his convenience?

And for the snorkeling part we can continue for some time; we saw fantastic coral inhabited by the most wonderful fishes. From the well-known Nemo to all the species you can imagine including the riff-shark. There is only one answer to the question why we did see all these beautiful coral and fishes; the quality and knowledge of the Seven Seas staff who were trained by the best in this field.

By Danielle van Wees
By Danielle van Wees
By Danielle van Wees
By Danielle van Wees

That was only the snorkeling part. Being on the Seven Seas gives you a fulltime program and an all-inclusive arrangement. We experienced the early morning Pilatus lessons, and we landed on an island where we climbed to the mountain top. A steep walk, and after this exercise the reward of a fantastic view over the bay and the Seven Seas somewhere below on the water, waiting for us.

The program provided in a visit to the famous Komodo Island where we made a walk and found the Komodo Dragons. We were guarded by the rangers and we were able to see the dragons from very young, hiding in a tree, up to an old dragon who was heading for the river to drink some water. What an impressive sight. What an experience.

But what is a holiday diving & snorkeling trip without food and beverage? One thing to remember when you embark the Seven Seas; the cook is magnificent, the waiters are fast and bring you all you need. A list of the best (Australian) wines till Champagne and beers to push away the thirst after a dive. And having all this food and drinks inside the restaurant area or on top of the deck and have the magnificent view of the surroundings. We know how it feels to imagine you are the captain of the Seven Seas and can travel in these fantastic Indonesian archipelago.

And to close the day and this short summary of our endeavors, the sleeping rooms are good, air-conditioned when needed, own shower and toilet; a little hotel on sea. And sleep is what you need. The views, the fish, the food, the drinks, the exercise, the 'everything' is so overwhelming that at a certain moment you just lay your head and think about another wonderful day at the Seven Seas. Sleep will take you soon and the next morning you will wake up again in dreamland again; being on the Seven Seas, snorkeling on the most fantastic places, great excursions, great staff & instructors and good food and drinks. What else is there to wish?

Thanks again to Jos & Lida, the Seven Seas Staff and Carl & Linda.

Eva, Luc, Catherine and Pieter Verheul (Naarden, The Netherlands).
And Danielle and Kees-Jan van Wees (Singapore)
August 2016

Guests & crew

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