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Newsletter October 2016

Seven Seas puts East of Flores on the Map

Our trips to the islands East of Flores are fast becoming one of our favorite cruising destinations both above and below the surface. Over the past 20 years, starting well before we operated the Seven Seas, on every trip we have been adding new dive sites and activities to the list of "have to include". After 2 decades of pioneering by the Seven Seas, the few dozen islands East of Flores are now recognized as one of Asia's top ten dive destinations. This area ranges from the Eastern tip of Flores itself, in the West, via the islands of Adunara, Solor, Lembata and Pantar, plus numerous smaller islands in between, to the Island of Alor in the East of the Nusa Tenggara Timor island chain. Not only World Class muck diving in Lembata and Pantar, not only the classical walls and coral reefs that made this area famous, but now also plenty of high voltage diving on rocky corners, islets and pinnacles along the Southern shores and in the straits between these islands.

East of Flores - Paradise Found
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On some of our more recent exploratory cruises, between 2013 and 2016, we have discovered some great new high adrenalin & big fish dives in an area that is still very much unexplored, and where the potential for finding more untouched sites is still very good. Ipet consistently delivers the best black tip and white tip shark action in our region, while Eagle rays and sharks, including the occasional greater hammerhead circle of the point of Tanjung Lusitobi. Dogtooth Tuna and “everyone else” are always there at the amazing structures of Rusa Pinacle and Watu Balu and you’ll experience the thrill of a lifetime with the schools of fish inside the Jaws (…) and at the “Deep South Stunner” at Alcatraz.

Diving East of Flores

In Lembata we have a fantastic new site claimed to be the latest and greatest muck dive recently discovered in this region. At this site we have found the rare and sought after Rhinopias or "weedy" scorpionfish on every visit to date. Also numerous other rare and unusual forms of marine life are found here, such as frog fish and various species of octopus. Combined with existing critter sites at Maumere, the Brewery at Lembata, Beang Abeng in Pantar, Clownfish Alley at Pura and Ghost Town and Mucky Mosk in Alor we can offer a wide range of sites and custom build an itinerary to suit your interests. Pioneering muck diving East of Flores never stops to produce new exciting finds!

Diving East of Flores

Highly diverse habitats are what makes it all happen here, with hard coral dominated reefs, pinnacles and walls covered in combinations of hard and soft corals and other invertebrates, various types of sandy habitats (volcanic black, reef white), sea grass beds and even some blue water mangroves! And last but not least, out in the blue some of the very best cetacean diversity and abundance. This area forms a migrating and feeding area for several great whales (sperm and blue whales but also frequently sighted orcas and pilot whales) as well as a preferred habitat for many species of dolphins that occur here in staggering numbers. Too much to do and see but do take the time also for some cultural trips in these remote and interesting islands, with arguable the most stunning volcanic scenery in the entire Ring of Fire.

Diving East of Flores

The area offers without a doubt the most complete all round adventure cruise experience that Indonesia has to offer. From the breathtaking erupting volcano of Komba with a fireworks display at night that has to be seen to be believed, to spectacular tranquil lagoon anchorages surrounded by towering volcanoes. Seven Seas does it again, showing the way to the rest of the fleet, like we did before in Komodo, the Forgotten Islands and Raja Ampat. After many exploratory cruises and never dropping the pioneering spirit, the now perfected Seven Seas “East of Flores” itinerary has certainly become the latest “MUST DO” in Indonesia. Amazing above and below the waves, East of Flores is an exciting new frontier for adventuresome divers. Join the Seven Seas for a 12-night voyage, as soon as you can!

Your Seven Seas Team

Sperm Whales and Seven Seas

Scuba Diving in Flores and Alor, Indonesia

Check out this Sport Diver Magazine article with fabulous images by underwater photographer and writer Brandon Cole. As Brandon puts it simply, including his choice of liveaboard of course: "Amazing above and below the waves, East of Flores is an exciting new frontier for adventuresome divers. Fly from Bali to Flores and board the Seven Seas for a 12-night voyage..."

Scuba Diving in Flores and Alor

A new hotspot: Indonesia's Alor archipelago

Full story by Brandon Cole on his East of Flores cruise with the Seven Seas in DAN Alert Diver Magazine. More information on the hottest new dive sites and most amazing new itinerary put on the map by the Seven Seas team.

Indonesia's Alor archipelago

EVEN IN GERMANY: East of Flores with the Seven Seas

Östlich von Flores und bis nach Alor in Indonesien erstreckt sich ein besonders abwechslungsreiches Tauchgebiet. Profi-Fotograf Brandon Cole entdeckte ein neues Lieblingsziel: » Zum Artikel.

Einfach zum Verlieben

Mapping the Dive Sites East of Flores with the Seven Seas

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