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Newsletter October 2016 (2)

The Journey East, October 2016

Trip Report by Wai-Ling Wong. Photos by Stuart Beckingham & Wai-Ling Wong.

After two and a half years working and diving in the lush and diverse waters of Komodo, the opportunity to explore waters further East has been high on the bucket list; and what better way to discover the area than to sail through with the Seven Seas.

The allure of the East of Flores trip is that it feels truly off the beaten track; for much of the time our magnificent vessel is the only boat around, apart from the few local fishing boats. The Seven Seas navigated through the rich waters and spectacular landscapes from Flores to Alor unaccompanied, under calm conditions and starry nights. It was a voyage that evoked the times when the Bugis pirates traversed these waters, a time of discovery and wonder.

Alcatraz Reef Wonderpus

The trip began with a personal jackpot win on the wreck at Wodong, a couple of hours from our departure port Maumere. I finally encountered the mimic octopus, a species that has managed to evade my presence time and time again, well not this time! This time I got to experience its hypnotic dance.


East of Flores Day by Day, September/October 2016

Trip Report by Diane R. Smith. Photos by Phil Burghard, Anders Osterballe, Carolyn Tyler & Lynn Morton.

The first day of diving in Maumere Bay was pretty good. We saw Orangutan crabs hiding in bubble coral, clown triggerfish, a large shark, a huge turtle, lots of schools of fish, and very healthy reefs. The second day of diving at Ipet Island was even better, with healthy, perfect, colorful reefs and huge schools of fish. And the third day, diving around Pulau Rusa, was completely spectacular. On a par with the best diving we have had anywhere. Everything was covered in the most intense colors of sponge and coral; orange, vibrant greens, deep burgundy red, bright yellow, black and white. Huge barrel and other sponges, some the size of houses, sea fans as big as cars, bright blue starfish, clouds of fish, all vibrant with color. The reefs here are fantastic! On that third day, we dove one of the most gorgeous sites in this area, Rainbow Reef. It is truly incredible. The colors and life are equal to anyplace we have ever dove. And completely pristine and unspoiled. It was overwhelmingly beautiful.

Rare octopus Mantis shrimp
Sea Eagle Reef

On the fourth day, the diving improved again. If that is possible. The reefs in the area of the Alcatraz dive site are simply beyond belief. Vibrant colors, perfect condition, everything in exuberant good health. It is a diver's paradise, even better than Raja Ampat. At the Alcatraz site, there is a "forest" of tall (maybe 6" high) soft, black coral that looks for all the world like a forest of black trees, with substantial trunks (maybe 6-8" diameter) and branch-like structures. These corals look exactly like trees. It is ethereal and surrealistic. It is difficult to describe how gorgeous this area is. We voted to spend the whole day diving here. When we were not diving, we watched eagles fishing. The beaches are exceptional, beautiful white or black sand, completely uninhabited. Rugged terrain, backed by volcanoes that sport vertical stripes due to old lava flows down their sides, which makes the area even more breathtaking.


East of Flores, September 2016

Trip Report & photos by the Brough family. Underwater photography by Victoria Bolotina.

As three relatively novice divers, Josh, Dan and Hope's concerns were put to rest very quickly on the Seven Seas. We were looked after impeccably and the enjoyment we took from this diving trip will be remembered for life. We are all coming away much improved with new, Enriched Air NITROX qualifications.

'The wildlife and coral life was so prolific, colourful and vast that you didn't know where to start the dives. Even the apparently rarest species were spotted by our eagle-eyed dive guides. One-hour seems never enough to soak up all the life below the drop off and the reef. Where else in the world can you experience the presence of four Frogfish, three Rhinopias and 2 Pygmy seahorses on a wall dive?'

'You have to try a night dive, switch off your torch and play with the phosphorescence! Being greeted on your return by hot face towels and steamy hot chocolate with Baileys is a dream.'

East of Flores East of Flores
East of Flores East of Flores

During the land tour to see the Abui Mountain tribe we had the option to share local tobacco and chew betelnut and lime for a buzz with the Abui people after a warm reception and a spectacularly musical dance. The local market was thriving with enticing sights and smells: what beautiful colours!

'It is fair to say that every person that we encountered on land was friendly and helpful'.


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