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The Seven Seas News - February 2017

Our Home away from Home

By Russ and Barbara van Aardt.

Barbara and I have only been diving for 10 years or so and filming commercially for even less than that. During this short time, we have been privileged to visit, dive and film in exotic destinations including, Isla de La Plata just off the coast of Ecuador, Cocos Island off Costa Rica, The Seychelles, Mauritius, Madagascar, Palau, The Red Sea, Lembongan Island - Indonesia, The Maldives, Bunaken Island and Lembeh Strait in North Sulawesi - Indonesia, South Komodo National Park - Indonesia and Raja Ampat in the West Papau area of Indonesia. Many of the above destinations have been visited on more than one occasion. All of these are covered in this Facebook link, this Blog link or on our website.

Batfish school

With all this work related travel, we have found that the company you keep, will make or break the spirit of the trip. A 16 day underwater film shoot, can be a hard tiring slog, no believe us it can, OR, if you are travelling on the Seven Seas, an uplifting, mind blowing adventure that is not only productive, but makes you want to return, sooner than later.

We have been fortunate to travel with our The Seven Seas family on 3 occasions, have another adventure booked for 2018 with them and are planning two more. This not only due to the fact that we love Indonesia's incredible oceans and Islands, but we just have a desire to keep going back to The Seven Seas. Go Figure!

One only has to read the monthly trip reports to understand just how amazing the The Seven Seas Liveaboard experience actually is and how many adventurers just keep going back, again and again. Not sure what they are putting in the food, even with our vegetarian requirements. He! He!

Our last trip on the majestic Seven Seas, was to Raja Ampat in January 2016. It was a particularly productive adventure, in all respects and as a result, the footage that we shot there, makes up the vast majority of our 2016 Tropical 4K Film Stock Showreel. The balance of the Showreel covers shark and Whale shark activity shot in Cocos and the Maldives in 2016. For those who may be interested, our 2015 Showreel included a lot of footage from our two trips, on the Seven Seas, to South Komodo.

We would like to give a huge shout out to the Seven Seas Team for the exemplary work that they are doing and service that they provide. THANK YOU!!!

Best wishes from us both

Russ and Barbara van Aardt
P.S. See you SOOOOON!

Russ and Barbara van Aardt

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