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The Seven Seas Indonesia Liveaboard Adventure & Yacht Charter
Newsletter May 2017

Remaining Availability 2017 - All Destinations

The Seven Seas is docking in June. For the remainder of 2017 we have a few free spaces. There's something for everyone:

  • August 9-23, East of Flores, 2 available.
  • September 24 to October 6, East of Flores, 10 available.
  • October 8-20, Komodo National Park, 8 available.
  • November 22 to December 7, Forgotten Islands, 2 available.
  • December 24 to January 5, Raja Ampat, 8 available.

Please contact us if you are interested in any of these trips.

Seven Seas

East of Flores - From An Underwater Photographer's Perspective

Trip Report & photos by Renee Grinnell Capozzola.

As I boarded the plane to start the long journey to Flores, I knew I was about to start a new and exciting adventure, -- but what I didn't know was how amazingly diverse the experience and immaculate the reefs would be on the Seven Seas liveaboard. I was joining the "East of Flores" trip, which includes several remote islands between east Flores and Alor and features numerous dive sites that are both completely unspoiled and unknown to most people. It is entirely off the beaten path with the Seven Seas vessel being the only boat around, apart from a few local fishing boats. In additional to spectacular diving and snorkeling, we also had the opportunity to visit several fascinating villages and some breathtaking beaches. In sum, the Seven Seas is the finest ship I have ever sailed on and the best organized dive trip I have taken out of my 13 years of diving around the world!

After arriving in Maumere, we were picked up by Karl, the friendly and outgoing cruise director along with several crew who quickly picked up our bags and shuttled us to the ship, which we all were anxiously awaiting to board. The Seven Seas is an impressive and traditionally built Buginese schooner, custom-designed to accommodate up to 16 guests in 8 air conditioned cabins with large public areas over three decks. As a photographer, I really appreciated the large camera table on the spacious dive deck as well as another working area inside the dining area with several outlets to charge all my camera gear. If that wasn't already enough, there were additional global power strips in each stateroom. I also was pleased to find the roomy area provided to store our dive gear and dry our swim wear. Finally, the upstairs dining and lounging area was a really nice way to finish the day with a glass of wine, the sunset, and then dinner under the stars.



"Every day on this trip was a new adventure, from volcanic islands to whaling villages, to beautiful coral reefs. My expectations were high for this first trip on the Seven Seas but the crew and team totally surpassed them. Trip of a lifetime is the only description that adequately describes how amazing the past ten days have been. Everyone on the boat is at the top of their profession and truly committed to making the Seven Seas the best liveaboard in the world. Thanks so much to Karl also for always putting us in exactly the right spot at exactly the right time to experience the best of Eastern Indonesia and thanks so much to Jos & Lida for giving me the chance to experience the magic of a Seven Seas trip!!!."

Tommy Schultz (East of Flores, May 2017)

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My Fourth Beautiful Trip on the Seven Seas

Trip Report by Joost Van Grieken. Photos by Tommy Schultz.

My fourth beautiful trip on the boat! Because of some last minute cancellations, the group on board this time was made up of only seven guests. Three of the guests appeared to be serious underwater photographers with their impressive camera equipment, two normal divers and another gentleman was, like me, 'just a snorkeler'.

Flying from Bali to Maumere, East Flores, was already an eye-pleasing experience, while passing so many beautiful islands. A smooth, organized pick-up from the airport, a short drive to the harbour, where the Seven Seas boat was in view: 'our home' for the coming days! A fast speed boat transfer and we were on board. Nice to meet again Captain Wahyu, Cruise Director Karl and the extensive crew. We left the small industrial harbour of Maumere and after only two hours sailing, we stopped for lunch and our first snorkel trip. From now on, views of green islands, blue seas, no other boats or people, pure nature!

This whole stay on the boat was so pleasant and relaxing for me, not only because of the amazing snorkel trips, but also because of the absence of emails, phone calls and work pressure. Time to read books, working on sketches, dreaming away with stunning vistas, only changing a seat from the lounges of the front to the back deck.


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