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The Seven Seas Indonesia Liveaboard Adventure & Yacht Charter
Newsletter November 2017

Commanding the Seven Seas

The Seven Seas and its operations are run by a wonderful Indonesian crew plus 2 western Cruise Directors. The 2 Captains and 2 Cruise Directors have led liveaboard adventures in Indonesia for close to 2 decades on various vessels. They remain as committed and enthusiastic as they were on the very first trips. With many years of experience and formal nautical and dive education, they are well trained, professional, attentive and extremely safety conscious.

Mr. Wahyudin Ismail and Mr. Abdul Rifai H. Djudje are our captains. They were part of the team well before the Seven Seas was first conceived. They were both involved with the construction of the Seven Seas resulting in them knowing and taking ownership over every piece of timber and equipment on this boat. Captains “Wahyu” and “Pai” have gone through all the formal education, in various stages throughout their careers, plus years of experience and additional training at sea, to be currently recognized as two of the most experienced captains in the fleet of Indonesian liveaboards.

Mr. Wahyudin Ismail Mr. Abdul Rifai H. Djudje

The crew onboard consists of a team of hand-picked individuals that work together as a team. Some of the key crew members, just like our two Captains, have been working with Mark for over twenty years. They are more like family to us than employees. Many of the other crew members have been onboard since the launching of Seven Seas. We are very proud of our crew and take time to concentrate on group dynamics, morale and their general wellbeing. One of the first things you will notice onboard is how professional and safety conscious our crew are as they go about their daily routine. You will not find a more loyal, experienced, or happier, crew anywhere in Indonesia.

Our cruise directors are Mark Heighes and Karl Klingeler.


Karl Klingeler Mark Heighes & Valerie Taylor


"Dear Jos and Mark,

I hope this email finds you well and in good health!! Thank you ever so much for all your emails and runs for my domestic tickets, Jos, but the very efficient ladies in the office worked their magic again ;-) I hope Candra is feeling better!!! I decided not to change my flights to Denpasar on 3rd December ;-) I hope Agung keeps his low profile......

Just to let you two great gentlemen know, that YET AGAIN, we had the most MAGICAL SUPERCALLIFRAGILISTIC AWESOME PERFECT DREAMY trip on the BEST ever liveaboard (Seven Seas of course) with the BESTEST CREW EVER EVER EVER in the whole universe and the most SH Diving EVER EVER EVER in the world!!! I simply LOVE the Forgortten Islands, and I have to agree with Mark, that Dai is to DIE for and that all the diving in the area is SHD.... yeepee!!!!! We all had a most fabulous time, and my Seven Seas family is simply the best ever, so professional, kind, gentle, genuine and all with such golden hearts and the greatest Team work ever, they are all very good friends and so kind to each other and also have a lot of fun with each other, simply the greatest atmosphere on board!!! Also Seven Seas is definitely my home in indonesia!!!

Thank you again immensely!!!!!! And... so so so happy that I will be back AGAIN in Feb with the South African Team, yeepee!!!! Cant wait!!!! This just now was my 10th trip on Seven Seas ;-) Take good care and wishing Mark a blast on board for the next two trips!!! You will LOVE it!!! It is simply perfect diving!!!

Lots of sea hugs and much love,"

Sonia Goggel (Forgotten Islands, November 2017)

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Mt. Agung Update

Due to current eruptions and resulting ash clouds surrounding Mount Agung in Bali, the Denpasar Airport was closed on November 27. More disruptions are expected for flights to and from Bali. To prevent any problems with reaching your departure ports for Seven Seas cruises in a timely manner, the Seven Seas team advises all guests to avoid Bali and travel via Jakarta or other airports in Indonesia (Manado, Makassar, Kupang, etc) to the port of your cruise departure. The office team is standing by to help with this and will be contacting all guests for upcoming cruises.

There is a risk at any time now of cancelled or delayed flights via Bali, when wind direction shifts and brings ash clouds from Agung (from current or future eruptions) over Denpasar Airport. The Seven Seas team advises all guests to avoid Bali in your travel itinerary to the port of departure for all cruises in the coming 6 months, until further notice, or until other information on an improving situation becomes available. This advise has already been shared with all guests on our current cruises and everyone has been able to make their cruise due to timely re-routing. Nobody got left behind!

Brilliantly Led by a Master of the Sea - Komodo 2017

By Jeff Herten and Deborah Lyon. Photos by Tommy Schultz.

Komodo is a small island, a link in a chain of islands beginning with Bali, extending eastward, bounded on the west by Sumbawa Island and on the east by Rinca and Flores Island. Komodo is famous for its dragons, and some of the most challenging and beautiful scuba diving under the ocean. Cold nutrient-rich water from the Indian Ocean flows north to meet warm water from the Flores Sea, setting the stage for one of richest and most diverse habitats anywhere.

It is here we came on the Indonesian-style boat the Seven Seas to see the wonders of this magical place. We dove 12 days, logging 34 dives, seeing nearly all the species that we had hoped to.

There were spectacularly beautiful dives like “Tiny Bubbles” off the shore of the twin-topped, still active volcano, Sangeang Api, where magma-heated water percolates up through black sand. The contrast of the brilliant yellow, red, and violet soft corals left an indelible imprint.


The Seven Seas - Pertokoan Simpang Siur (Kuta Poleng) C1 - Jl. Setiabudi
Kuta, Badung 80361 - Bali - Indonesia

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