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The Seven Seas Indonesia Liveaboard Adventure & Yacht Charter
Newsletter December 2018

My First Trip as Cruise Director – Windy Crossing

By Alex del Olmo.

The Seven Seas

I was very excited to start my first trip as a Cruise Director on the Seven Seas. I was already on board two times as a guest, then for two months supported Karl, and then cruised 15 days with Mark, learning from them all the time. Of course this is a job with a long learning curve. Learning a new language, the boat management, hundreds of dive sites, villages, hikes, boat and land tours, around Komodo, Banda Sea, Forgotten Islands, Raja Ampat. Filling those big empty shoes that Karl left on board is something that will take time and dedication. But there is something else we can only predict, but will never be able to control, and that is the weather.

All the weather reports were fine before departure and during our most recent trip, from the Forgotten Islands, through the Banda Sea, and up to Raja Ampat. But of course we can and will always expect the unexpected when it comes to the weather.



"The crew were fantastic taking care of all the little details that made a smooth, comfortable and enjoyable trip. The crew makes the Seven Seas a special adventure. Thanks to all! Congrats to Alex for leading a great first trip as solo dive manager. He did a great job. This was our second trip on the Seven Seas, we hope to come again!"

Jenny and Mike Semmens (Forgotten Islands, December 2018)

"Wonderful! This is our 4th time on the fabulous Seven Seas. The crew makes this boat shine. Diving was superb, food delicious and our friends and guests were a delight to see again! Some of the people we don't get to see except here. Sun rise, sun set o night sky magical. The palate of colours under water is like another world. Long live Seven Seas Crew and their families!"

Tom and Deb Bliss (Forgotten Islands, December 2018)

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A Winning Trip to Indonesia Aboard the Seven Seas Liveaboard

By Shane Gross.

East of Flores

If you're like me and enjoy daydreaming about winning the lottery—or winning a big photo competition - read on.

Earlier this year, I got an email I'll never forget. It read, "Congratulations! I am thrilled to tell you that two of your images have placed in the Our World Underwater 2018 Competition. For your winning images, I am very happy to present you with the top prize, a 12-day liveaboard trip for two on the Seven Seas "East of Flores" cruise, as well as..." Yes, it kept going, but that's enough bragging for now.

Naturally, I responded accordingly: "Is this some sort of cruel joke? Is there a camera on me right now?"

East of Flores East of Flores

I had never been to Indonesia before, but I knew enough to be excited. Few who dive haven't at least been made aware of this archipelago's prowess in delivering top-notch marine encounters. And the fact that I was able to share in the spoils of my win with my partner Anita made me 10 times more excited. That's what I tell everyone, anyway.

Researching the itinerary ahead of time gave me butterflies: The area of our exploration is a rarely dived swath of ocean between Alor and Flores. There is relatively little information out there about these locations. But through what limited photography I could find, I expected cool critters and hot reefs. That's exactly what we got. The boat was beautiful, the staff was professional and friendly, the food was delicious, the reefs were in stunning shape, and the critters were plentiful.


Creating an Amazing Experience

By Mike Jordan.

The Seven Seas

Over the last twenty years I have been on holidays all over the world, been on liveaboards, and dived in many locations. However none of those experiences compare with the Seven Seas Forgotten Islands cruise that I have just been on. Every single aspect of the trip was simply exceptional.

Often people will casually describe experiences as unforgettable or a trip of a lifetime – I can assure you that the memories of this trip will truly be with me forever. The incredible islands that we visited, the amazing coral gardens, the profusion of fish, and the true feeling of being able to disconnect from everyday life, too relax and recharge in one of the most mystical and enchanting regions on the planet.


Merry Christmas!

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