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The Seven Seas Indonesia Liveaboard Adventure & Yacht Charter
Newsletter January 2019

Last Minute Availability Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat

  • 2019 February 3 to 15, Sorong to Sorong, 6 spots in 3 cabins
  • 2019 March 17 to 29, Sorong to Sorong, 6 spots in 3 cabins

Please contact us if you are interested.

See our live schedule for itineraries and available spaces until 2021.

Raja Ampat: Technicolor Symphony

By Sonia Goggel and her group.

Raja Ampat

You know it's a fantastic dive site when you can't see the sharks for the anchovies. Rivers of anchovies flashing silver and blue in the light -so dense we couldn't see each other at times, much less the patrolling grey reef sharks a bit further out in the blue. Once this fishy river was parted by streaking, predatory trevally, we could see the schools of fusiliers, masked surgeons, pennant butterfly fish, and rainbow runners just beyond them. Then the anchovies would regroup, coming down like rain upon our little party. It was like 'seeing' a symphony by Beethoven in color and movement. Due to this dense anchovy phenomenon, all the other fish would also come really close to us, which permitted an unusually detailed inspection of their gorgeous 'outfits'. And when it was over, you could focus once again on the splendid wall you'd been combing over, covered in technicolor soft corals, huge multicolored fans and black coral bushes.

Reef Wobbegong

Our dives at Raja Ampat were so filled with life and color and texture that it was really hard to remember it all to record in our logbooks. The macro life was really rich; tiny crabs and shrimp aplenty; Pygmy seahorses galore, of several varieties (including one fan that served as a stable for 9 or more little ponies). This was a Christmas trip, and some of us celebrated by spotting the rare Santa Claus pygmy seahorse on the purple fans. One needed the nudibranch encyclopedia to identify the more exotic varieties (not all were macro: we could have used an underwater scale to weigh some of the behemoths we found). Babies of every stripe and spot and color in fishy hard coral nurseries, and dappled light revealing batfish under the roots of fringing mangroves. Plenty of big stuff too, with no dives able to be simply classified as "wide or macro".



"WOW - it is difficult to fully describe the Seven Seas experience we have had over the past 4 weeks - yes - two back to back Raja Ampat trips! Greatly appreciated the variation from trip to trip and so it was still a unique experience.

Many thanks to captains Wahyu and Pai who are so very good at ensuring our safety to all times. The guides who took us to the dive sites, and explores and kayaking were great fun and exceptional. Thank you to Imam, Ardi, Didi, bad, Lexi, big John, Koro and Bakar. Totok and his team of Ardi, John, Niko, Yovin created outstanding meals and snacks day in day out. We specially loved the lunch time buffets and the opportunity to have more local food. Yovin is definitely a superb masseuse (and dancing queen!!). Our dives guides for the month, Jefri, Irwan and Sadat (aka Manado mafia) are outstanding in what they can find (I mean really... 10 pygmy seahorses on one fan??!!). And then of course, Alex the Cruise Director who got the job after Karl had been here for many years - it could have been a little intimidating especially as so many guest have known Karl. Alex is a fantastic Cruise Director and has the wonderful qualities of humour, adventure and professionalism, overplayed by a deep passion for diving. This was our 5th trip on the Seven Seas and we're already looking forward to cruising with you again in April 2020 (and beyond!).

A final BIG THANK YOU to the Seven Seas office crew - Candra and Guteri - who are so very patient with us and our lack of attention to detail. Special thanks to Guteri who worked amazing magic to sort out my mistake with airline flight bookings!!! Terima Kasih banyak!!"

Chris and Owen Hancock (Raja Ampat, December 2018)

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Forgotten Islands Highlights – From Maumere to Saumlaki

By Carolyn Tyler.

The Seven Seas at Sunset

The Seven Seas has been my live-aboard vessel of choice for many many years, and I have enjoyed cruising Raja Ampat, the Spice Islands, East of Flores, and Komodo more than anywhere else in the world. I suspected that our private charter for the Forgotten Islands would be the crème de la crème of dive itineraries and it was, indeed, beyond everyone’s expectations.

From our first dives after leaving Maumere (especially the dazzlingly lush and colorful Anemone City), our group knew we were in for a mind-boggling sensory experience. I think we all cried in our masks with gratitude, awe, and reverence more than once whilst beholding the pristine and dense coral cover and seductive walls of "Japanese floral arrangements".

Barracudas Pirate Party

Some of my group’s favorite highlights were: Drifting over the endless hectares of pastel patchwork quilts of bubble anemones and attendant clownfish in Anemone City, and the bumphead parrotfish at Kalapa. The variety of vistas, from macro to pelagic—adorable pregnant pygmy seahorses and swarms of schooling fish at “To Dai For”, and Gaudiesque structures created by never-before-seen types of corals, giving an impression of Fibonacci geometry. Not to mention the pristine crystalline beach adventures and above-water cultural experiences.

Other favorite memories: The utter darkness of the sky due to the lack of nearby civilization, giving the Milky Way the perfect velvety canvas from which to shine extra brightly. We had a full moon sing-along party with some of our resident musos, and a crazy fun Halloween party with full crew participation, borrowing our Burning Man costumes and joining in the hilarity. Captain Wayhu in his pirate cozzie, Irwan in his bustier and blonde braids, and Alex and Karl got their swashbuckler on. But “Little John” will forever be etched in our minds as “best cross-dresser” in my “Carmen Miranda” outfit (which he refused to part with at the end of the trip!).


Jellyfish Lake, Raja Ampat

Video by Alex del Olmo.

Palau and East Kalimantan are not the only places in the world where you can snorkel in a lake with non-stinging jellyfish. Check out this video by Alex del Olmo from our recent Raja Ampat cruise.

Jellyfish Lake

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