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The Seven Seas Indonesia Liveaboard Adventure & Yacht Charter
Newsletter October 2019

Availability for 2021 and 2022

Short notice availability on a Seven Seas cruise in Raja Ampat, this coming season. Early next year, 2020 February 2-14, we have one double cabin, one twin cabin, and 2 sharing spots (one male and one female) now available again. The double cabin is number 9, on the upper deck aft. Seven Seas is otherwise fully booked until January-February 2021, when we still have a few trips available in Raja Ampat. Check out also some remaining availability on a couple of trips to the Whale Sharks in Triton Bay in February and March of 2021. East of Flores, Komodo and Sumbawa combination cruises available again from May of 2021.

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Snorkeling Komodo with the Seven Seas

By Alex del Olmo.

This October I was leading a two weeks snorkeling trip all around Komodo and including a quick visit to Sumbawa. As many of our trips are dive trips or mixed trips (snorkeling-diving), this pure snorkeling trip was a new experience: I loved it.

Snorkeling with mantas, Komodo

As a consequence of being a passionate uw filmmaker, I more than often try to keep my dives shallow mainly because nothing can beat natural light when you are filming. And so it turned out that my extended experience in shallow water was a real asset for this snorkeling trip.

Sadly, it so often happens, in my opinion, that divers underestimate the beauty of shallow dives. I've seen it many times in many places. It seems shallow dives (from surface up to 5 m) are not "real" dives. Such a mistake... Many of my best dives are in shallow water and Komodo has a lot to offer in that sense.

So we went exploring Komodo and had a fantastic experience in Siaba, watching turtles breathing on the surface and going back down to get some food. In Fishbowl (aka Shotgun) we hanged out with a manta, sharks, snappers, giant trevallies and fusiliers... and because the wildlife was so abundant and we had so much fun drifting amongst all these marvelous creatures, we snorkeled the channel 4 times in a raw during that session! Can you imagine that while diving? Impossible.


Reef Komodo dragon


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"Thanks so much to all the crew of the Seven Seas for our spectacular Komodo voyage. The weather, the fish life, the corals were all above our expectations. A special thanks to Alex, Irwan and John for their in-water experience. Can't wait to return to Seven Seas approximately in one year!"

Dave and Tami (Komodo, October 2019)

"Thanks to all of the Seven Seas staff for making the Komodo excursion wonderful. Everyone was friendly and helpful. Food was good, specially enjoyed the soup in the evening. The snorkeling sites chosen offered a wide variety of viewing so many different kinds of underwater environments. Was able to see something new every day."

Dania Lynn Moss (Komodo, October 2019)

Snorkeling Raja Ampat in 2021

By Mark Heighes. Photos by Tommy Schultz.

Many of our trips to date have been operated mainly as dive trips with snorkeling on the side. The diving has often taken priority, and snorkelers were taken to the most suitable spots in the vicinity of our preferred dive sites. More recently though we have been getting groups of guests who just want to snorkel. Last year on a Raja Ampat trip we had one tender totally dedicated to a family of very keen snorkelers. We had the freedom to explore and found some new fantastic locations. I also found it quite exciting to go looking for new areas specifically for snorkeling.

Snorkeling Trips

So we are turning it around for the snorkelers and will be offering a few trips per year, in different parts of Indonesia, specifically geared to snorkeling, perhaps with diving on the side. Perhaps also offering an introduction to diving onboard for snorkelers who would like to progress to diving should there be interest to do so. But mainly just working on awesome snorkeling experiences, like we just did in Komodo on our last trip (see Alex's report above).


Tropical Orcas

By Mark Heighes.

In August this year while heading for Alor we had the privilege of sighting and following a pod of tropical orcas just south of Pantar Island, East of Flores. We stayed with the pod for over an hour. There were 2 males, 2 females and a calf. At one stage to our amazement, the orcas swam underneath the Seven Seas on their backs looking up at us. Very hard to describe the feeling of this incredibly beautiful Apex predator playing with us. Truly a highlight of the trip.


Orcas are the world's largest dolphin. Being an Apex predator means they have no natural predators. In cooler waters they feed on other marine mammals like whales and seals, as well as on penguins and fish. In the tropics it's sharks, fish and dolphins. They are not considered to be endangered, however it is extremely rare to see them in tropical areas. Of an estimated 50,000 individuals world-wide, some 2000 are thought to reside in the warmer waters of the Indo-Pacific.

All of my encounters with tropical orcas have been unforgettable. I can still see them all just like it was yesterday. My first encounter with tropical orcas was in Indonesia, 30 years ago, while I was on a small expedition ship travelling north of Sumbawa, not far from Moyo and Satonda islands. There were other dolphins in the area, feeding on fish.

Upon our approach, the Orcas actually came towards us and started to bow ride the ship. We ran up to the bow and when looking over we could see the pod clearly, with a huge-finned male directly below, bow riding, with a shark across his mouth firmly clenched in his Jaws forming a T-section. Wow! This orca was swimming at 14 knots with a good sized shark in his mouth like a dog running with a stick. Impressive indeed.


East of Flores & Komodo Video

Another short movie by Alex del Olmo from our recent cruises to East of Flores & Komodo. Click to watch!

Video by Alex del Olmo

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