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Newsletter December 2019

Please note:
Just one cruise left available in Raja Ampat next season: 2021 January 30 to February 11.

Raja Ampat Colors

By Alex del Olmo.

We just finished an exciting adventure around the Forgotten Islands, cruised right through the Banda Sea with beautiful weather, and had a stop-over in the Spice Islands to visit Banda Neira, tasted the nutmeg in its different variation and learned a bit more about the story of these islands tightly woven with the commerce of the precious spices. At the end of the trip we finally reached the realm of the Four Kings: Raja Ampat. We spent four days in Misool, after leaving Koon. The first two days we dove Tank Rock, Whale Rock, the well named Nudi Rock, Boo East, famous Boo Windows and bewitching Karang Bayangan. The amount of fish was spectacular and we saw manta rays in different places, two in Boo East, one in Tank Rock and another couple, oceanic and reef mantas, as well as black tip sharks and grey reef sharks at Karang Bayangan. And of course, what I enjoy the most:

Raja Ampat

The wonderful corals of Raja Ampat. I really love the Fiabacet area for this reason. I love the colorful reefs, and vibrant soft corals in a sea fans landscape, where Jefri and Irwan, our eagle-eyed dive masters, spotted Denise pygmy seahorses. The third day we dove in Wayilbatan, Wedding cake, Four Kings, Neptune Fan Sea (note the pun: fan-cy ) and Barracuda Rock, the last one at night.

The current was running when we jumped in wedding cake. A profusion of fish was expecting us at the pressure point, the spot where the current seems to stay still before it splits in two different directions. Myriads of shiny silver sides were hunted by an army of blue fin and giant trevallies, and a mobula ray joined the feast as well. The soft corals were opened up during this current rush hour and the wall was all bright orange with them. In the shallows at the ridge: plentiful small reef fish (sergeant majors, spine-cheek anemonefish, fusiliers and a few scorpionfishes well camouflaged in the table corals). Four Kings was outstanding as usual. The swim through was crammed with sweepers and the population of fish specially in the first pinnacle was simply outstanding.


Sharks Pygmy Seahorse


"Dear Seven Seas,
There is no way to sum up in words what this trip has meant to me. It truly was the experience of a lifetime, and I can only hope I remember it all. Every single crew member was always warm and kind and made the trip that much better -but big shout out to Alex, Kerri and Irwan for making our underwater dreams come true and to Celi, Ardhi and John for making us feel at home. I hope that the Morris group in return brought you guys the joy (or at least laugher) that you brought to us. This was my first trip with the Seven Seas but definetly not my last! Terimah kasih!"

Tiffany Morris (Forgotten Islands, December 2019)

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Merry Christmas!
(Photo by Hayley Baillie)

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