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The team

Well trained, professional, attentive and safety conscious

The vessel and its operations are run by a wonderful Indonesian crew of 19 plus 2 Western Cruise Directors who have led liveaboard adventures in these waters for more than a decade on various vessels. Yet they remain as committed and enthusiastic as they were on the very first trips. With many years of experience with organizing and implementing adventure cruises both in Indonesia and on the World’s Oceans they are well trained, professional, attentive and safety conscious. The best crew around, as many of our thousands of guests have told us.

With over 300 trips and 150,000 dives successfully completed since launching The Seven Seas, we take particular pride in our Dive Safety Record. Everyone in the team is at all times, first foremost, focused on ensuring the safety of all guests onboard. Conditions on all dive sites are checked prior to the dive to ensure the safety of all involved.

The crew onboard consists of a team of hand-picked individuals that work together like a well-oiled machine. Some of the key crew members, including the vessels two Captains, have been working with Mark for over twenty years. They are more like family to us than employees. Many of the other crew members have been onboard since the launching of Seven Seas. We are very proud of our crew and take time to concentrate on group dynamics, morale and their general wellbeing. One of the first thing you will notice onboard is how professional and safety conscious our crew are as they go about their daily routine. You will not find a more loyal, experienced, or happier, crew anywhere in Indonesia.

Mr. Wahyudin Ismail and Mr. Abdul Rifai H. Djudje are our very experienced captains. Their team includes:

  • Ardyansah – First Mate
  • Eric Esau Riupassa – Second Mate
  • Tobias Lamagali (Big John) – Deck Crew
  • Bakru – Deck Crew
  • Sudirman – Deck Crew
  • Marwan – Deck Crew
  • Sumartono – First Engineer
  • Yosef Uje Keraf – Second Engineer
  • Radin Baskoro – Third Engineer
  • Imam Subali – Oil Man
  • Totok Sugiharto – Chef
  • Luluk Handayani – Kitchen Helper
  • Yohannes Save (Little John) – Waiter
  • Fitri Ani – Waitress
  • Nikolaus Ranti – House Keeper
  • Irwan Andriani Endey – Dive Guide
  • Jefry Dotulong – Dive Guide

Our cruise directors are Mark Heighes and Alex del Olmo.

Mark first travelled to Indonesia in as a dive guide in 1982. By the mid 1980s he was leading trips across the Banda Sea from Bali to Ambon and back. He is regarded as one of the true pioneers of diving in Indonesia and has probably discovered more sites in Eastern Indonesia than anyone else in the business. He is responsible for all onboard operations and his experience in the region is second to none.

Alex has taken a long term break from his current position in Spain where he worked as Professor teaching Camera Operations, Film Narrative and Editing at the TecnoCampus of University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. He has a PhD in Audiovisual Communication and he is certified as a PADI and SSI instructor as well as underwater videographer, and he has been working for several television companies in Spain over the last 12 years. Click here for more information about Alex.

Our previous great cruise director Karl Klingeler is currently taking some time off to see more of the world with his lovely wife Linda.

Office Team:

  • Guteri Ganggus – Logistic and Admin Coordinator
  • Candra Dewi – Operational Director
  • Mansuetus Muta – Logistic Officer
  • Jos Pet – Cruise Advisor


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