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UPDATE: Temporary Covid Terms

Dec 3, 2020 | General, Around the Boat

Covid Terms

Dear Shipmates,

As there is still no information regarding the Indonesian Government’s plans for the reopening of the country to International tourism, we have decided to further extend our “Covid Terms” to June of 2021. In the meantime we are very hopeful that the great news about vaccines will help us all return to normality by the middle of next year.

As soon as the Indonesian Government has announced an official opening date for International tourism we will be taking steps to return to our original terms and conditions. However, recognizing the need for everyone to deal with the remaining uncertainty and at the same time make plans for the coming 6 months, we will allow for final payments for all trips up to June 2021 to be deferred to just 1 month prior to departure date.

If you are an International tourists, without visa for Indonesia, and you have a cruise booked prior to June 2021, you are probably thinking already about rescheduling your trip to later in 2021 or in 2022, or even in early 2023. Therefore Seven Seas has opened up a schedule for the first half of 2023 to accommodate re-scheduling of your trips: www.thesevenseas.net/schedule.

Guests with affected bookings (before June 2021) will be allowed to carry over 50% of deposits to replacement cruises on future dates up to June of 2023. Refunds remain impossible but for now guests will not lose all deposits on cancellation. Instead they will receive a discount on the deposit for a new booking in the amount of 50% of the deposit paid for any cancelled trip.

In cases where cancellations and re-scheduling of trips in 2020 have been inevitable, guests have been very supportive and understanding of the situation. Unlike in many other countries, where the governments are assisting companies in the tourism sector, we are left to fend for ourselves and keep the Seven Seas afloat. Fortunately, our guests have been helping already to save the Seven Seas by agreeing to share the pain. The livelihoods of our crew and staff are depending on your support.

Although these extended “Covid Terms” will no doubt mean significant further losses to Seven Seas, we feel it is important to maintain a healthy relationship with all our loyal customers. We are securing outside financing to make all this possible, and with a little help from all of you, friends of the Seven Seas, we may survive the crisis and maintain our reputation as one of the finest live aboard operations in Indonesia.

We will be working on replacement bookings in chronological order, currently finalizing the month of December 2020 and just starting on January 2021. Please look at our schedule for optional replacement trips if your current booking is affected, and we will then work with you on that once your trip comes up.

With many thanks for your continued support and cooperation.

The Seven Seas Management


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